right now

right now

Jun 12, 2009

June Gardening

So now that hubby is gone, I can shake myself off and start again! Thanks to all your kind words and a "me night" last night, today was a better day. Last night I vegged out in front of the TV, painted my toenails, gave myself the "gardeners manicure" (short cut, dig out dirt, sugar scrub, cornhuskers lotion, lol!), had a glass of wine and enjoyed the quiet after the kids went to bed. Today I didn't do much outside since it was hot as hell and humid, but I got my kitchen organized, which I had been putting off since it has been nice out up until now. The past week and last weekend were very busy, however, and we got alot done although much of it was overdue chores and general cleanup. I ripped out the peas the other day and am so in love with the empty clean raised bed that I haven't put my edamame in there yet! This weekend I will do that.

One beautiful not-overgrown raised bed in the foreground...Enjoy while you can!

Shallots are like a toaster when they are done! I will pull them this evening...

Here's a pic of the purple grapes which due to the birds, I am sure that I will not get to see turn purple...
And, as promised...the torched Rose Finn Fingerling Potatoes... oh, yes - this was an "accident"! Sailor/Husband thought he would help me weed by using his flame thrower around the cages FILLED WITH STRAW!!!!! I may have to send him to some kind of basic training for gardeners, right after he finishes fire safety class...! I will let them be and have camera in hand when I try and harvest. Who knew you could grow BAKED Potatoes??? This is one of those things that definitely was not funny when it happened, but thinking about his face when I saw what he had done makes me chuckle now - he was a'scared of me that night.
Here's the gates hubby finally finished. Yay! There's another set just like it on the other side of the house. He built a big overhang so I can grow hops or some other vine up and over it. Kinda reminds me of "Southfork"! Ooops, there I go showing my age again...
And here is the border I finally finished along the fenceline. I planted some evergreen Clematis that should provide complete coverage/privacy by next year. This time I was smart and used landscape fabric instead of just cardboard. The BermudaGrass here is awful and will grow through almost anything.

So now I am going to get those kids in bed. I am going to go out to the garden armed with a glass of wine and bug spray and pull those shallots...


  1. Everything is looking good! I love the way you did your potatoes. I was going to grow mine in tubs or bags this year but popped them in the garden last minute, I like your idea even better (torching aside). How much soil did you start off with in the bottom?

  2. Kelly,
    Actually, the entire bin is straw except for a small amount of compost! I started with 1/3 bin of straw, put 1 or 2 buckets (2 gal?) of compost spread out, then laid the potatoes in. Covered with about 5 inches of straw - then periodically add straw as the plants grow. Supposedly I will be able to lift off the chicken wire and the potatoes will be clean and easy to find from growing in straw! This is a Scandinavian method that is popular back home in MN, my first time trying it. I debated about doing buckets, but I was afraid in our heat they would cook too much (turns out they got cooked anyway, lol), but I already had extra chicken wire laying around. I will take pics at harvest time!

  3. Very interesting. I am going to fill in with straw if I can squeeze it in between the plants for the rest of the season, forget making up that soil mix! Some of mine are just starting to flower, I hope you get a nice harvest to show off......it looks like you have lots of height going in the bins.

    What did I do before 'coffee and blogs' in the morning?? 8)

  4. Hi Erin, came over here from Kate's blog to have a look-see. :)

    Great blog and great plantings you've got!

  5. Hi-

    I found your blog through a round about link trail. I was just looking at a bag of fingerling potatos in my pantry that had started to sprout and thinking, how can I grow these without taking up too much space. You have solved my problem. I will be making potato cages this weekend. Thanks!

  6. This is a great blog. It shows how hard you work and how much you care, traits I admire in a person. Peace for all