right now

right now

Jun 10, 2009

I'm Gonna Hurt Somebody....!

Ok, don't laugh, but... does anyone know how to get rid of Bermudagrass creeping all over my beds?  Ugh!  I prepped the beds with about 4 layers of cardboard, then about 3 inches of mulch.  Now, can't even see the mulch through the damn weeds!  I thought of using Roundup even, but the stuff is too close to my veggies and plants.  Anyone tried vinegar?  I torched the ones furthest from the veggies with the "flame-thrower", and am now hand pulling them.  It's 90 degrees, I'm on my third change of sweat soaked clothes, holes in 2 pairs of gardening gloves, and trying to entertain a 4 year old.  You get the picture!  I am ready to throw in the towel, or pruners, as it may be!  So sorry to be bitchy and vent, but if anyone would understand, it's you lovely readers...  maybe it's because I am coming off a rough weekend...maybe it really is the Bermudagrass, LOL!  I hope to post updates of the weekend this evening, after the weather (and I) cool off a bit  :)

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  1. At the National Arboretum, they placed a large tarp over the entire area for a season or so, weighted down by bricks. The lack of light/increased heat killed most of it, for now. (Luckily the rhubarb was a few inches away from the end of the tarp, yummy!)

    Other than that, I don't really have any experience with the stuff... But I do hope you can get rid of it all!