right now

right now

Jun 16, 2009

This is WAR!

Ok, so I fell of the organic wagon and broke out the Roundup. This bed is only a month old, several layers of cardboard, and 3-4 inches of mulch! Ugh, the nightmare that is Bermudagrass. As anyone that lives in the south can tell you, it's horrid stuff. I call it "bamboo grass", since it spreads by rhizomes underground and this chain-like crap above ground. The first pic is a closeup, the second pic is my border and how much of it I had to kill. At least I didn't use it near the veggies. And the worst part is that it will be back in just a week or so. Several treatments hopefully will do it. Expensive problem, though...will be trying a less expensive brand for the next round. I am on a self-imposed deadline of Thursday to be done weeding all of it, since today and tomorrow are only supposed to be in the 70's, which is incredible weather for this time of year to being doing hard chores.

On to better things...I pulled the shallots the other night! I am having to hang them inside since it is so humid most days outside I am afraid they might rot.

Here's Loch harvesting a carrot that he surely will not eat...

Loch & Finn posing with their harvest of carrots

I feel bad (kind of) that the first batch of homebrew that Sailor/Farmer/Husband made will not wait until he gets back for the first taste...I had to "test" it and make sure it was aging properly - it is :) !! It was absolutely fantastic and I wanted to open another tonight and "test it" again but I forgot to put one in the chiller, so I am settling for a glass of wine instead. Now we need to name it...

I am now officially the "crazy chick"... with bags all over my grape bunches! My son was watching me from his sandbox for a long while when I finally asked "What are you looking at, Loch?" (knowing the answer!), and he said "I'm not sure, Mom", followed by "are those lunch bags?", and finally "are you tired of packing sandwiches for my lunch?". Wow, I had been having a trying afternoon with the kids, but I could no longer contain my laughter at that point. Just when you think you can't take anymore headaches from kids, they come out with a gem and it makes you realize how awesome it is to be a parent.

I could go on and on about the garden chores this week, but if I don't quit now, I will not have any relax time catching up on the DVR tonight! By the way...any of you seen the new A & E show Obsessed? For a type A, anxiety ridden, OCD person such as myself, gotta say I love it!! Kind of fun to watch what might happen to me if I let myself slip over the edge :)


  1. Bermuda grass isn't only a problem in the south, Erin. I'm in Eastern Washington, and have to keep my spray bottle of Roundup handy at all times! I did get the cheaper brand, and it pays to get the strong stuff and dilute it yourself. I'm fighting a losing battle, nonetheless. It crept over from my neighbor's yard, and short of killing out half my back lawn, there's not much I can do now. At least it's out of the garden (knock on wood).

  2. Found your blog via Annie's Granny. Love what I've read so far. I was an Army wife for a number of years, so I can sympathize and understand.
    I think Bermuda grass is like cockroaches...probably survive a nuclear blast! Good luck with that.
    The beer looks good, sure could use one right about now.

  3. cockroaches....EXACTLY! This will be the groundcover of choice after the blast! Maybe they will find a way to create fuel from it so I can make some money for the pain in the butt (or heart attack - if I keep trying to pull it by hand!!!)

  4. What to name the home brew huh? B.G.A.- Burmuda Grass Ale since you will need a bottle (or two) to quench your thirst after all the weeding. 8) Too funny about the boys and lunch, I love reading those kind of stories.

    Oh, and your carrots are to die for! What type of soil mix are you growing them in? They do not appear to be deformed/crooked/forked.

  5. okay, B.G.A. sounds like a go! (Seriously, since the Ale recipe it came from was labeled as a "lawnmower ale", meaning light enough to be enjoyed in the afternoon, LOL!) I'll see what hubby thinks :). And the carrots...well, this is the first year they actually grew in my beds without coming out horrid looking, so I am as surprised as you! I have 3 year old 100% compost filled raised beds, only adding more as the soil level gets low. This year I dug in some chicken manure pellets and some bone meal. The seeds I used are called 'St. Valery', an heirloom variety I actually recieved as a free packet from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Good thing, too, since the ones I actually paid for-the "Little Finger' carrots didn't impress me much!!

  6. "Are you tired of packing sandwiches for my lunch?" HAHAHAHAH!!
    That is hysterical Erin! We are so lucky to have our kids. :)

  7. Love the sandwich story. Don't feel bad about the round-up. I, too, have fallen this year. And to look around the new place you couldn't even tell. sigh
    Just keep telling ourselves- it will all pay off in the end....

  8. Is the round-up working? Hoping so!

  9. I so hear you. The dreaded bermuda grass has gotten into my strawberry bed. I'm ready to spit fireballs! I'd use round up too if I could right there.

    Love the photos and it is okay to be the crazy chick with the paper bags. Being the crazy gardening chick is in right now, didn't you know? ::grin::

    Hmm...that beer sounds miiiighty tasty.