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right now

Jul 6, 2011

What's YOUR Mess?

With daily downpours, thunderstorms and high winds taking their toll on the tomatoes, I'm wasting no time in putting up all I can while I can, I have no idea how long they will keep going out there, but I fear I won't be canning "excess" tomatoes in September like usual.  The cucumbers were staggered plantings, so I'm only getting a handful at a time, perfect for refrigerator pickles.  Refrigerator pickles last a year, so there is no need can those here.  I would if I had a huge amount to worry about, but since nutritionally they are just fluff LOL, I save the pantry space for more healthful veggies.  I figure if the power goes out and the fridge goes down, well, it was just pickles in there :)

Japanese Climbing Cucumber

Dilly Jar O'Fun - this jar has a few beans and peppers as well as Japanese Climbing Cukes and Parisian Pickling Cucumbers, fresh dill, peppercorn, garlic and fresh grape leaves on the bottom for crispness.  You never know what you might grab when you stick your hand in the jar!

I've been keeping a "largest Brandywine tracker" on my sidebar this year, and yesterday's took the prize, this one is bigger by several ounces than the "bigger than my head" photo of a few weeks ago - this one came in at 1.89 lbs!  

You know, cooking and canning all day is really boring for children.  I'm noticing that the noise and naughtiness levels rise in accordance with how long and involved my particular tasks are. I couldn't think straight at all with the constant clomping that was going on all day yesterday... Finnegan decided he would wear daddy's "Heelys" all day long, ugh!  School can start any time now...

That brings me to my tomato sauce - ever get sick of looking at nice luscious ripe tomatoes and pretty things like this in gardener's posts?  (Thomas, do you hear me?!) You are thinking, wow!  She's so "together"... come ON, we all know it's not always as it seems in photos...

I have a challenge for you -  Post what's not in the photo!  Yep, I want to see your garbage bowls, arms covered in pulp, goggles and gloves when peeling those hot peppers, juice spattered on the dog, walls, sink full of unwashed dishes, you know the drill!  (Remember the refrigerator challenge from last year?)

Here's my "rest of the story" for yesterday :)

So what are you currently putting up?  What's your mess? 


  1. I totally JUST finished cleaning up my mess from canning salsa this morning...wait! I may have some dishes left over after all.

  2. hey,is that a new recipe-veg, soup with wine including glass or was that clean up with wine glass ,including glass jk

  3. No you didnt dump out wine in the garbage! That's unspeakable!

    I pretty much think my whole homestead is in some form of a mess. Pile here, mess there, unfinished project over there. But I do have my milk house that is full of mess, and I do believe I have finally found some poor souls to help clean it tonight, so I will be sure to get a picture for you. It might make you type A's pass out. Just warning you now.

  4. Ribbit, I knew you'd be up for it! Just saw your post LOL.
    Judy & Jane, NO way would I waste wine! That was a glass and bottle that I was alternately drinking from to escape the children screaming and pouring into my sauce LOL. When I finished my glass I was afraid I'd knock it over while messing with my canner so I just safely stuffed it in there :)

  5. Ha-ha, I just cleaned up my entire house for our family get-together, and have managed to keep it clean up to, and including, today! I'm not yet preserving anything from the garden, so no mess there. Of course, I could show you my junk drawer or the hall closet. They're unbelievably messy.

  6. Love it! I always look at all the pictures and wonder how they do it all.

  7. Ooo, I'll be off for a few days soon. I'll be sure to post some mess photos. But then, my house is usually a mess. We may be breaking out the dehydrator this weekend so that's usually good for a mess or two.

  8. lalalalalalalalala (I'm holding my ears!) I refuse to accept pictures of garbage bowls. Though I would've had an awesome picture to share today. I made a lobster corn chowder from scratch and my hands were covered in cooked lobster guts. Bet you would have loved to see that!

    Oh and Erin, you need to invest in a food mill. I use a cheapo OXO Good Grips one and it makes making tomato sauce a breeze. I used to scald, peel and de-seed by hand but no more. And there's very little waste. It's great if you like a sauce with a smooth consistency.

  9. Assume there is mess behind every single photo and you're probably right. Dog hair, dropped articles, dust, clutter. I wish it weren't so, but 'tis.

  10. Oh my---I wish I had been able to read this yesterday. The grandson is visiting and OH MY GOD you should see my floors. THINK SAND. HOLY CRAP--my mop is going a thousand times a day. The dishes. The spilled Juice. The spilled Milk. The endless dishes from cooking. I'm half insane. And so in love with that little monster!
    And in the middle of all that, I'm STILL dealing with 2 pans of berries a day. Sheesh!

  11. Sorry Erin, missed this one till MP pointed it out :( But hey, Amish store was calling me!

    Ok, so I have shown the cold hard truth before and frankly, if I had anything to can...I'd gladly make your wine/garbage bowl look all sorts of typeA again! You'd simply pass out! Or go into fits. Or get in your car and come fix me...now on second thought... :)

    I have to plant Brandywines next year, WOW!