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right now

Jun 13, 2011

More weekend stuff...

Here's some random nice things from the weekend that didn't make it into my weekend posts - 

We needed eggs so we headed out Saturday to pick some up from Gina, or "Miss Gina" as the kids call her.  They were able to collect the eggs themselves, so the kids were ecstatic!

Here's Finn reaching for the eggs...

And one of the girls saying, "oh, I don't think so"!  

They were able to collect quite a few that morning, a great experience for them.  They know the chickens our eggs come from, but have never gotten to do the best part :)

more shots of the ladies...

After that we drove out to one of the kayak launches we use near Gina's place to just have a look.

Then headed out to a small shop in the boonies for ice cream.  There is a little country shop that opened up that has had some trouble with vandals and someone repeatedly calling the city for groundless code inspections and they have had a hard go of it getting their little mom & pop country store off to a start.  You can read about it on the owner's blog here, but basically the most recent problem was unfounded and the city gave them the ability to be fully operational again. I might add that the local community rallying helped attract the attention of the local news station that did a nice story on them which helped I think.  I really have to wonder about people, whether they are are afraid of competition or just plain mean.  It is small stores like this that I truly enjoy going to, and code compliance is getting so out of hand that it's beyond difficult to run a business anymore.  They sell beachy antique country items, jewelry by local artists, handmade soaps as well as coffee, ice cream, and fresh farm eggs, you can even hitch up your horse to a post while you shop!  They are way out in the country, and I figure if you are out shopping in the country, that's what you would hope to find! - I guess not everyone agrees.  Anyways, we wanted to show our support by spending some of our own hard-earned cash there and showing the kids why it's important that we do so.  If you live locally, head out to Southern Fried Studio & Shop in Pungo and do the same, we need to support our local small businesses, and it's a peaceful drive out there, too - combine it with stops to the numerous roadside farm stands and berry picking fields and you have a fantastic outing!  They also have a Facebook page if you want to check it out and show your support.

One last thing, I actually did finish hubby's shirt on Friday, here it is... 


  1. Dont even get me started on how some of these code violations go. Having a Husband with his own business that is considered a food business (yes Ice is a food) we have seen our share of inspections. Once, a long time employee was fired for stealing and he called every organization known to man to try to get us in trouble. OSHA, USDA, EPA, Health Department. It worked out well, because the business was up to code and it was an education of somethings we never knew, but it goes to show you that one idiot can really inflict a lot of trouble. This is why so many small business fail, to much government and expense. And it gets worse all the time.

  2. So cool that the boys got to collect eggs. They are going to be so excited when you finally get your own hens.

    Kudos to you for going out of your way to support the small business. With the insane tax laws (and everything else) these days, it is almost impossible for enterprising people who want to work for themselves to make it. Great educational lesson for the boys to be taught why it is important to support folks like that.

    Lastly, wa-hoo good lookin' shirt! Wa-hoo good lookin' hubby!!

  3. Boy, that chicken's got some maaaaaajor attitude! LOL.

    I like the shirt! You did a great job. Marc won't even wear that scarves that I've made him. Some people are soooo picky.

  4. Jane, I had no idea your husband owns his own business, that's fantastic and I wish you continued success, it's quite an accomplishment! You are right, the large corporations will continue to rule regulation since they have the most $$ and influence, it's a sad state for small & family run businesses that rely on quality and word of mouth rather than flashy advertising and bully tactics.
    Mama Pea, they boys had so much fun! The fact that they got to pick the eggs and went home to an egg dinner was pretty cool - they were arguing over whose egg belonged to each, but they were already fried on the plate! Hubby seems to like the shirt, I'm sure he's laughing that all my fabrics look like something Marsha or Jan Brady would pick :)
    Thomas, I think that chicken just might survive my boys and Sprocket the Wonder Dog - we would definitely need chickens that can dish it out! I have a sick sense of humor but if I were you I would drape the scarves all over him and take photos LOL, I'm sure they are wonderful! I'm lucky in that hubby will wear anything I make, even if it's awful! I knitted him a hat but got sick of it and never took care of the loose ends of yarn at the end, he wore it anyways and looked like a total goof!

  5. I LOVE the picture of the hen with her foot quite firmly placed on her egg! And, that final picture of C in his new shirt? Ohmigawd, it's Loch in 20 years . . . complete with mussed hair!! :)