right now

right now

May 16, 2011

A photo day...

I got nothing done today except a trip to the vet for the dogs' annual vaccines, so random pictures are the only thing happening!

The Colonnade Apple Trees surprised me!  They are just 5 ft tall and 1 ft wide, amazing fruit set for such tiny trees!

Anyone know what this is?  I didn't plant it, and they are smack dab in the middle of this grassy weedy stuff that pops up under the bird feeder every year.  They almost look like they came from a bulb, although I haven't dug down, but I didn't plant them!

The bottom of the plant looks like this...

Below are some more things I "weeded around" because they looked like "something", but now they are getting huge and I didn't plant them?

Love, love this shot of a bush bean sprouting - there is no better thing to show the kiddos when it comes to botany 101 !

Speaking of things growing... my sourdough starter is now about 3 weeks old, and is really developing some great flavor.  I'm still working on getting the loaf just right, but so far the flavor is there and the crust is a wonderful chewy texture, but my loaves are still a lot heavier than I would like.

The other night hubby brought home a Luna moth that he had found in the aircraft hangar bay, not doing too well apparently... he boxed it up and rode home on his bike with this lovely specimen to show the kids - complete chaos ensued!


  I don't get it - the kids were terrified of this beautiful moth, I guess because it was inside the house?  They love butterflies, beetles, worms, etc but when I opened the box to peek at the moth, it flew out and around the house and they looked like they had seen a ghost.  We removed it to the back deck since apparently it was indeed healthy after buzzing the living room, but that night after they went to bed they laid awake for quite sometime worried that it was inside the house.  Weird kids, they think nothing of keeping lightning bugs in their room though...

The below pic better shows the cool leaf-looking antennae...

A bit of "Miscellany Monday" for you...

What is up with this guy?  That's the Canadian flag flying high while the American flag is down hanging limp on the other side?!  I'm all about the Canucks, I'd probably be one by now if they'd let me in LOL, but come on now, you are in the USA - fly them at the same height or don't fly them at all!

(as an FYI, that is proper etiquette for flag flying - when 2 countries are flown, they should never be flown on the same staff, and never one higher than another.  To have a country, foreign or our own flown lower than the other is a sign of disrespect.  So when flying 2 or more countries, always fly at the same height, different staffs, equal size flags to show respect to all and indicate that we are at peacetime and not war with the other.)


  1. Look at those apples! I'm so jealous. Will you be doing anything to protect the fruit?

    How often do you feed your starter?

  2. Well, my goodness! You covered so much ground in this post I can't decide what to comment on!

    The boys' reaction to the moth is a little mystifying . . . ?? Guess it just goes to show that we as parents can never get too cocky about predicting what our kids will do and/or think!

    Thanks for the update on what's happenin' around the homestead!

  3. Your apples look wonderful. I really want an apple tree and if we had the room I'd plant a couple.
    That is one amazing moth! funny how your boys reacted to it though.
    Bad etiquette flag flying! I'm sure the person was not aware there was such a thing or if he was maybe he's a Canucks fan? No excuse though, just bad manners really.

  4. Thomas, not sure yet what to do about those apples! I feed my starter once a day if it's out on the counter, and I would feed it every week or two if it was in the fridge, but since I've been making bread every day I end up feeding it every day right now to replenish it!

    Mama Pea, Mondays are insanely random with me, LOL

    Sparkless, these apple trees are very small, they are designed to go on a deck or patio in containers - google Colonnade Apple Trees and you can get an idea of what they look like!

  5. I've looked at those trees for years in catalogs but didn't figure they'd produce worth a darn. Leave it to Erin to prove it could be done! They look great and I'm thinking they would be so easy to take care of (keeping the bugs off!) at that size. Neato!

    And I'm saying it again-I'm glad you have insanely random Mondays-it's neat seeing a bunch of different stuff. Like that moth!

  6. my grandkids would have acted the same on the moth story. yesterday they had a cow over a wasp that got in.

  7. The amount of people that disrespect the flag is unbelievable. If you go by the rules there should not be flag bathing suits and flag beach towels. Or how many ratty flags do you see flopping around in someones yard, never taken down or lit at night. And there most certainly should not be flags made in China. This one irks me.

  8. Is that the apple tree you harvested before last years big storm too? It's a keeper! The moth is amazing! I have never seen one like that. So ok, I admit -if I saw that thing come at me I would jump too!

    I would love to have a flag pole and have it lit up. Thank you for the proper info.

  9. Your columnar apple trees give me hope! We planted three last year and even though we had some blooms, we never got any fruit. Not even any blooms this year - yet... The largest tree might be 4 ft tall and the smallest maybe 2 1/2 ft, so hopefully there will be apples in our future.

  10. That moth is amazing - and scary, too! Looks like Mothra, LOL, and about the same size - but so beautiful. I envy your sourdough starter - I am to AADD to keep one going. I may keep that talent for retirement. In about 60 years...I love your miscellaneous Mondays! And thanks for the flag etiquette. I always remember to bring mine in AND I was sure it was NOT made in China. As if.

  11. Sue, they are easy when it comes to spraying them, that's for sure! I'm sure the regular varieties are better tasting, but here in the south we can't grow regular apple trees so these do nicely for a little snack!
    Judy, I hate wasps too!
    Jane, that's too funny - I actually had another paragraph in my rant that said exactly that about the "wearing", but I deleted it at the last minute for fear that y'all would think I was just a crazy b*** LOL! I should have known y'all would understand :)

  12. APG, those apple trees are indeed the same ones! You are right about the lights, you can leave your flag up 24 hrs a day if it is uplit, good girl!
    Anke, I hope your trees do well! FYI, I had mine in containers the first year as they were the tiny sticks they send you, then last year they looked pretty healthy and I "felt bad" for them and put them in the ground and they really put the blossoms on and I got about 12 decent apples between the 3 trees. This year is year 3.
    Susan, Mothra LOL! When you are ready to retire (HA!) I'll send you some starter! Isn't that crazy about the flags made in China?

    I'll put this out there too, because I had a friend ask about us burning flags - that is a proper way for disposal! We aren't talking about the people waving a burning flag of course... but when we have a flag that has reached the end of its useful life, hubby & I fold it military style, and it gets burned in the fire quickly to show respect, since obviously throwing it in the trash or letting it rot would NOT be good!