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right now

Feb 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Loch!

I've had 2 sewing projects in 2 days to blog about, but hold on... this post is all about Thing 1 !

Happy Birthday, Lochlann!
8 years old today

Present Day

The first one...

When you were brand new...

Aside from the 1st birthday disaster, Loch was happy about everything, almost all of the time.

Your independence started very early

Eager to learn the family pizza recipe at an early age!

Loved the garden from the beginning

Your first fish!

And then came a brother...

you are a fantastic brother, so eager to share everything you have already figured out about the world

Loch, he may not always show it, but your brother loves you to the moon and back!  He thinks you are the coolest, smartest guy in the world, and you will be best friends always... if you don't believe your mom, ask your uncles!


 Thanks for not getting mad when we put you in here and told you it was a time machine :)

When daddy had to leave on deployment and there was no time for a camping trip, you had the great idea to "pretend" you were camping and eat breakfast outside on that cold morning... it looks like you really made Finn happy, he'll remember that!

So intense in every thing you do...

you endure much more than most little boys should have to, and you do it proudly without complaint, even though you have every right to!

thank you for playing outdoors like all little boys should!

When daddy was deployed, you dared be seen accompanying me to a Hall and Oates concert knowing I didn't want to go alone, - you will be able to play that card for the rest of your life!  That was pretty cool :)

Thanks for allowing me to look at quilting books for way too long, even though I bribed you!

Loch, thanks for being ours.  You are the the smartest, coolest, most independent kid a parent could ask for.  You are thoughtful, kind, creative, and I can't wait to see what new things you come up with everyday.  You are a different kind of kid, and I want you to remember that different is another word for great!

I wish you a long lifetime of brother moments just like this one...

  It's uncanny, isn't it?  I'll just say the resemblance isn't just in appearance, we're both a little intense LOL, we can learn a lot from your brother & dad's easygoing ways!

That's my Loch.


  1. Well, ya did it again. You have a way of doing these picture and prose tributes that leave me dabbing the tear drops off my keyboard. Sweet, funny, true and beautiful. Just beautiful.


  2. Happy Birthday to Thing 1!! 8 is a wonderful age.
    Have a great year.

  3. Happy Birthday Loch! Love the pictures. Those two boys are so adorable.

  4. Happy Birthday Loch!! Hope it's the best one yet and there were lots of things that made you smile.

  5. Happy birthday, Loch! I'm having such a wonderful time, watching as you grow and learn. Thanks to your Mom for sharing you with us.

  6. Oh my goodness, he hasn't changed a bit! Love the side by side. Happy Birthday Loch! The boy here woul love to play a skype game of chess if you could.

  7. Happy Birthday Loch! Your post brought tears to my eyes. The reason for that is my own little man had a birthday today too! He's 15 now.

    I can't believe our kids share a birthdate, cool.

  8. Those are wonderful photos and memories. Happy Birthday to Loch!

  9. What a wonderful post. Happy birthday Loch!

  10. Happy Birthday to the coolest little boy I know!

  11. Your post warmed my heart. So wonderful to see such lively, delightful boys. Thanks for sharing. You have a beautiful way with words and pictures. Ann

  12. Happy Birthday Loch! Love those First Birthday covered-in-frosting photos!

  13. Happy Birthday to you, Loch! Have the most wonderful year and enjoy 8! Wonderful post and pictures, Erin.

  14. Loch was excited to see all your birthday wishes! Ribbit, he's intrigued now about "skype chess" LOL

    Sparkless, Happy Birthday to your son, too! And congrats for making it to the teenage years and still going strong, mama - I dread those years :)

  15. It would take some good camera work, but I think they'd like it. Pen pals, to get them writing more letters and learning how to write letters, address envelopes, suggest books and such wouldn't be such a bad idea either!

    email me if you're truly interested.

  16. I, too, am in tears. What a beautiful tribute to a special boy! Thanks for sharing him with us. Happy birthday, Loch!!!

  17. Holy moly does he look like you! That last shot is just priceless! Loved'em all! Happy Belated Birthday, Loch!