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right now

Feb 26, 2011

Better than a quilt show!

First thing this morning the boys started in fighting, arguing, talking back and just general mayhem, so I decided that going to the quilt show at the convention center with everyone was a bad idea, plus it would have cost $40 for the admission for us!  Instead, I went alone to the coffee shop and fabric store and spent the money on "enriching my stash"!  

One funny side note:  I can't believe that the quilt show actually made the news last night!  It seems there was a quilt on display of a woman sans clothing, showing a fetus in her womb, inside a cardboard box.  The designer was apparently using the art as a way of showing that so many are just a step away from poverty.  This is where it gets interesting - some of you may know we are not only a VERY conservative state (no reflection on me, but I'm not from here!), but our city is also home to Pat Robertson and The 700 Club... yeah, that guy!  Well, they are all over the news saying the quilt must be removed from display, it's "morally hurting" the population, yada, yada, yada...  

I personally think what took everyone by surprise is the medium for the art, being a quilt.  I think that if this same depiction was done in say, a painting, people might not have liked it and shook their heads, but would have just walked on.  We seem used to shrugging off things we don't like on canvas, but apparently the quilt has shaken the foundation of all things morally right and good (rolling eyes here).  What do you think?  I have seen it and I must say I don't like it, but not because of the depiction, but only because I think it's ugly LOL.  I don't want to copy any photos since it's a current news item, but you can see it here.

Moving on, here's what got added to my stash today.  The top fabric is destined to become a sundress or skirt, but the others I just liked and will work into a quilt or something, who knows?  It's nice to just be able to shop for fabric I like with no particular project in mind - "inspiration fabrics"!

The kids must have known I was more than a little upset with them, since when I arrived home after 3 blissful hours alone with coffee and fabric, they were very nice to mommy :)

I even had time to sew today, since it was too chilly for outside work again.  I have a kitchen cart that I wanted to use to store fabric since I can roll it right next to where I am working, but due to lack of space it has to be out in the open all the time - voila!  A "Cart Skirt"!  It stays in the living room area so I picked a fabric that matched the walls that I had on hand already, and chose to make flat panels instead of anything ruffles, since our house is very modern in decorating style.  We'll see how modern it looks in a year of me sewing LOL... any bets on when my house will officially turn "shabby chic"?!

Most of my fabric resides behind the curtain now instead of hidden away in a closet.  If I can see it, I'll use it - that's the idea anyway.

Hubby made sushi for dinner tonight.  His dinners always involve lots of prep work and long hours keeping the kids out of my hair.  I happily cleaned up his mess afterwards as a thank you for that!

This is only one of the platters, he made 3 and we ate all but half of one platter, yum!  Finn already eats sushi, but in hopes of getting our "meatarian" Loch excited we made these with strip steak, avocado, carrot, cuke, parsnip & scallions.  He kind of picked through the veggies, but at least he ate quietly with no complaints!

One last thing before I sign off...  my only niece and only little girl in the family is turning 2 today!

Happy Birthday, Nora!  

(I can never get her to look at the camera!)


  1. Mmm... sushi.....
    And I agree with you- that is an ugly quilt. I don't object to the subject matter but it wasn't very striking. It could have been so much more....

  2. That's one butt ugly quilt! I could almost give it a pass, if only the woman had been positioned a with a bit less exposure, but open legged, full on nudity? Nuh-uh.

    I have never eaten sushi. I lead such a sheltered life.

    Happy birthday, Nora!

  3. I love love love sushi! You are so lucky to have a husband who likes it and makes it. Beautiful fabric.

  4. Great job on the cart skirt and I love your fabric choices.

  5. See-you're smarter than me---I would have made the boys go to the quilt show as a punishment. You-smarty girl, got Quiet Time, New Fabric, and well-behaved boys after a nice morning out (did hubby beat them with a wet noodle?) Sigh. That's why I never get ahead in life. Think outside the box!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the new fabrics. And yes, good inspiration!

  6. Oh, the good old days listening to the children bicker :) Well, you had some great alone time!!

    It's so nice to have a hubby that cooks even if you have to clean up!!

    Happy Birthday Nora!!

  7. I'll second the "Mmmm...Sushi!" And I agree, that's one ugly-a$$ quilt, regardless of the message!

  8. I am so jealous right now - your hubby makes sushi for you guys... It is my all time favorite food, but sadly nobody else in my family likes it. :-(
    The quilt is pretty ugly, but I don't really have a problem with the subject matter or nudity. I guess being from Germany, I'm used to nudity on TV, in magazines...
    Love the fabric you bought!

  9. It may not be the 'prettiest' quilt, but you have to respect the fact it was very difficult to make. It really is art whether it is pretty or not. But my biggest problem is this IS America. Why on earth would someone protest this? If you don't like it- don't look at it. We have real problems in this world and this is not it.

  10. Jane, that's pretty much what I thought, "America, get over yourselves" LOL! But being the headquarters for CBN, I guess they like it when their soapbox material shows up in their own backyard!

    I AM pretty lucky hubby makes sushi, but why is it that all the "man dinners" here involve such a huge mess?! Sushi, pizza, smoked meats, the mess goes on and on!

    Sue, the thought crossed my mind, but I had been down that path before... if the admission was free I would have made them come!

  11. I agree with the comment about the position of the woman, but then how are you supposed to sit in a box. Maybe if it had just shown the baby and not so many internal organs. As far as difficulty, it's pretty good, but like so many things in our wonderful country poverty it ugly, and maybe the quilt was not supposed to be pretty. As far as protesting, unfortunately it adds to the free publicity..... Usually those on both sides of the issue, any issue, do nothing more than spout off ideas and fly home in a private jet, I say start walking and stop talking.

    Please post more on your cart skirt, I have a cart just like that I keep my cake decorating supplies in and it tends to get dusty here, I would love to make one for it.

  12. Thanks for the link to the quilt. It is powerful, although not the usual 'topic' for a quilt. As the middle class disappears, it's good for people to face some of these issues.

    Ooops. Sorry to get political. I love your fabric cart---so convenient. I 'hide' my yarn in antique hat boxes scattered around the house.

  13. Oooh, that sushi looks delicious! I love the new fabric stash you got at the store. So pretty! I love also how you cleverly used the fabric on the cart to hide the shelves!