right now

right now

Feb 21, 2011

his and hers...

...weekends, that is!  Hubby just returned from a 4 day trip on the Appalachian Trail, I'm happy to report that he brought my camera back in one piece.  Here's some photos from his weekend:

hubby's on the left

 Below is the cabin they hiked in to, they hiked approximately 25 miles total.  Not exactly roughing it, but a nice perk - the members of the Appalachian Trail Club (ATC) that are responsible for trail maintenance are able to use these cabins owned by the ATC.  No running water or anything, but it has a cookstove and fireplace so it makes for a nice destination for a winter hike.  The house was built from materials scavenged around the area since there are no roads in - which means the heavy cookstove and cast iron cookware and primitive furniture was all hauled in over time by ATC members... pretty cool!

Fireplace inside cabin

the white blaze indicates the Appalachian Trail

Vista from Spy Rock, a little bleak this time of year!

Unshaven and unshowered, but he's all mine - I'm sure this beats the heck out of deployment to the Middle East any day.

he also came home with a few random video clips on my camera:
someone new to the cookstove thing...

feats of strength!

spring melt

What about me?  This was my weekend...

Friday started off great, my toes got to see the sun!

True to my word, I had a glass of wine outside with my new quilt/table topper, temps stayed very comfortable that night.

Saturday came and with it, the WIND!  I know lots of us are in the same boat with this, what - do we live on Neptune now?  Sustained winds at 45 mph meant the whole day was spent inside working on the quilt.  It almost looks like a real sewing diva lives here with all the tools strewn around-  looks are deceiving!  :)

Happy times with my new machine - spent all day Sunday too finishing the quilt.  Still windy...

 Finished quilt for my niece has been bagged up just in time and is on it's way to Minnesota right now.  With the big snowstorm they have had the past couple of days, I hope it brightens up her day with the spring colors.

And lest you think I am still running around in flip flops, don't worry - one last evening of grilling steaks outside and we are expecting snow/sleet tomorrow!  What is this crazy weather all about?  74º one day, 33º the next!


  1. What a neat cabin. Much better than a tent. Your weekend seems a little more to my liking about now. The quilt looks great.

  2. Oh, your hubby looks so happy!! I'm sure that the trip was just what he needed after that long deployment (except for you!!)

    I love the quilt...great job and great colors!! Nice toe nails too!!

  3. Looks like so much fun hiking. Do you hike?

  4. Jane, thanks! I like tents but I agree that cabin looks pretty good during the winter!

    Robin, as soon as I was able to break out the flip flops the nail polish went on the toes LOL. I never ever paint my fingernails and keep them super short but love to have polish on the toes.

    Sue, I LOVE hiking & backpacking - sadly we can't do much of it as a family yet since the kids aren't old enough to carry much gear so we have to carry ours plus theirs AND they are soooooo slow LOL!

  5. Your hubby may be skinny, but he's STRONG! (I have a feeling you've already put a little meat on his bones though since he's been home and is getting fed real food!)

    GREAT, great, great job on the quilt, you speedy quilt queen, you.

    Send the boys up here for a couple of weeks this summer and we'll toughen 'em up so they'll be ahead of you two on the trails. ;o)

  6. Mama Pea, that's funny you said that, I just grilled steaks, potatoes, huge salad, bread AND a little pasta salad & some wine - he gobbled it up! I think the kids want to go back right now and try out Chicken Mama's luge course LOL!

  7. What a pretty quilt. Cute hubby, too. Hey! grannies can look, can't they? I'm harmless ;-)

  8. Gran, LOL heck yes grannies can look! If not, what do I have to look forward to? :)

  9. Looks like the men folk had a great time.

    Your quilt is beautiful. I'm sure your niece will love it.

    Glad to hear you took full advantage of some good weather. Your toes thank you.

  10. Looks like a fun weekend! What a nice cabin! I am loving the quilt! You are getting so good at it!

  11. That is one beautiful quilt! She is gonna treasure it forever.

  12. It's been beautiful here too. You know that means we're in for it. Just love the quilting!

  13. Your quilt turned out really, really pretty and I see we share the same taste in wine... ;-) It's not warm enough to wear flip flops yet, but I'm looking forward to it. That and wearing nail-polish - since I never wear any on my fingernails.

  14. Sparkless, Meems & Dani, thank you!

    Ribbit, no kidding we're in for it.... it's COLD here now with a windchill of about 19 LOL

    Anke, if we can't BE barefoot yet, we can at least drink it! I started with that brand back in the early 90's, I know a person who got the label contract for them and when I passed through CA I got a case of it from them along with the standard burlap bag FULL of pistachios LOL... it's a very good wine for the $... yes, us gardeners like our pretty toe polish but it's strictly business with our hands :) - can you imagine trying to degunk those several times a day?!