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right now

Feb 28, 2011



Birds!  Every stinkin' year... 

I had been wondering why my peas hadn't germinated yet so I took a closer look at the beds... looks like they are riddled with shotgun holes where I planted each pea!  I only blame myself - they did the same thing last year but I stupidly thought maybe they wouldn't bother them this year since I hadn't seen many birds in the yard yet.  Today the birds were perched on the fence laughing at me and my rubber snakes all over.  I hate bird netting with a passion, it seems more likely that I will die some horrible tangled death 'Alaskan Crab Fishing' style in that stuff than that it would work for its intended purpose, but I admit defeat.  Tomorrow, I buy more peas, grumbling since I don't want to have to buy them from Joe's Big Box Store, and bird netting.

On to other things:  we made Mama Pea's Oatmeal Bread yesterday, and we rushed it!  Don't get me wrong, the flavor & crust was very good, we didn't let it rise enough so it came out too dense and weighed about 10 lbs LOL.  We will definitely be doing this again and not cutting any corners because the flavor was delicious and well worth figuring out this dough thing!  Maybe it's because we used the stand mixer?  I hear lots of you prefer to do it by hand instead, I think I need to try that.

Some of the more mature seedlings were allowed outside today, don't throw things at your computer screen and boo/hiss.... but it was 77ยบ here today.  (duck!)  Temporary though, back to the 40's tomorrow.

Checked to see how the dormant goldfish are, they are definitely out and about and ready to eat!  The pond needs to be cleaned on the next nice weekend, but they all fared well through the winter.  Mine are going on 3 years, but if you remember my "rescued goldfish" from the hoarder next door LOL? - they did fine!

 I have so much to do outside and feel so behind, but I have to keep reminding myself it's only February (for another day!) and there is plenty of time for chores yet.  Seems rushed since our nice days have been coming more frequently than in other years, and much warmer than the usual "nice days" in early Spring.

Pathways around the beds and the berry beds outside the fenced garden were weeded and mulched.  I have only mulched once since the garden was built several years ago, so it looks very pristine compared to the  spotty mulch and weeds that were there last year.

One little bright spot is now growing on the patio:  overwintered flowers are blooming once again and I planted Sweet Peas in the container as well, they will grow up a suppport behind them.

I had a request for a tutorial on the cart skirt I posted the other day - I will try!  It made me giggle since I can't even read a pattern, but all your nice comments gives my confidence a boost!  It does seem crazy that I am quilting but have yet to sew a skirt or bag... I really want to learn but I'm intimidated about cutting out paper patterns.  I can't explain it, but quilting is "different" - I don't really follow a pattern, yet it is very exact, I don't quite understand how I'm doing it and enjoying it so much, maybe it's best left unpondered LOL!

State of the Seedlings:

All tomatoes have germinated, about half of the peppers!


  1. Ah yes, the frustration of the birds. I try to come to a compromise with them. They get every cherry on the tree but must leave the blueberries alone. Some years they agree, some years they laugh and then poop blueberries all over the car.

  2. My goodness girl....your seedlings look wonderful!! I'm throwing virtual objects at the computer screen!! :)

    Before you make another quilt, you must get a very basic pattern, cut it out and sew it!! I was making my own clothes from patterns at the age of 6!!! I'm not kidding....if a six year old can do it...YOU CAN TOO!!! I have faith in you :)

  3. Ooo, another one throwing virtual items at the computer screen. We had a 2 hour delay on school this morning due to ice. BAH! But it did get above freezing this afternoon (barely).
    As for birds- my garden partner of years ago tied old bad CDs and DVDs up onto the trellis with fishing line. The random twirling and flashing seemed to work- at least a little.
    Good luck with the bird battle.

  4. ahhh...I love seeing your "sproutlings", still being in the throes of winter here. Ryan and I were just talking about the wildlife and that something will get you no matter where you live....geese on the lake, deer in the woods, crows in the open fields, racoons in the fish pond, neighbor kids in the towns...All your stuff looks great to me!

  5. I've decided to nail up a board over the entrance to the birdhouse this year, and cut down the lilac tree that's directly over my lettuce bed. I'll foil those darned sparrows yet!

    I'm already peeking at my seeds that I planted yesterday. I might be a bit too anxious, ya think?

  6. Oh, how frustrating to have the birds dig up your newly planted seeds! When you're spreading the bird netting tomorrow, think of us doing it last fall over the apples trees to try to keep the blue jays from the apples. That was a job and a half!

    I've never used my mixer for bread although I always wonder if it would be a whole heckuva lot easier. Hope the bread was edible even though resembling hardtack!

    Your seedlings and little plants look WONDERFUL. So healthy. I could almost smell the potting soil.

  7. oh my goodness, I am so jealous of your weather! Wow!

  8. Devil, thy name is bird.

    However, I've got to love the only other woman I know who can use the word 'duck' as an interjection.

  9. What do you mean - BACK down to 40? Here comes my shoe - duck! I doubt if we will see the ground until the end of April at this rate. I really do sympathize with you on bird netting. I think they should quit regular torture emthods and just take terrorists and wrap them in the stuff and leave them in a room - they'll be singing in seconds! My bugaboo is the chipmunk. I plant my sunflowers, and they trail behind, eating the seeds. Stinkers.

  10. Darn those birds! I hate them! They are always eating my peas and my neighbors grapes and then pooping them all over my car! I have taken to chasing them down and making crazy noises to get them to go away (for a minute) and then the neighbors just look at me funny... Yeah... Birds are my arch nemesis!

    Lovely weather you are having! Its a balmy 30 here in Cleveland today :(

  11. Your garden is like a breath of fresh air for me. Your garden snakes made me smile. I've never heard of that one before.

  12. good suggestions, everyone!

    Robin, I'm working on that pattern thing... I bought one for a simple tank sundress, but now I'm afraid to go any further :)

    Ribbit, those of us in the south always have to duck when we post those garden photos while everyone else is still stuck in the white stuff!

    Tiny, my neighbors already think I'm the crazy chick LOL

    Sparkless, those snakes make my birds laugh, too! There was a time when they worked, maybe 3 years ago!

  13. When I have trouble with birds getting into the seedlings, I put out tulle instead of bird netting, because that's what I have. I use tulle instead of row-cover to keep out assorted parents-of-crop-eating-caterpillars, too. Seems to work just fine, and it's pretty cheap if you can wait for a coupon for the nearest fabric store.

    Good luck thwarting the birds!

  14. AGWH, a GREAT IDEA! Can you believe I just got home from buying a roll of that stupid bird stuff - maybe I'll return it! I can totally see how tulle would be great, and if I got a darker color I bed it would make a good shade cloth for my lettuces in the heat of summer - you ROCK!