right now

right now

Dec 5, 2010

things bugging me today...

As I suspected, the snow was gone by 8 a.m. this morning!  But it is really cold with all this wind we are having.  I'd rather have about 20 degrees colder as long as we didn't have this winter long gale force wind that blows in off the ocean, brrrr!

Below, new tires are on, I filled up the squirter thingie with some freeze your butt off bug juice, changed the oil, and we are ready to roll!

Here's what's currently driving me insane...

This is hubby's new smartphone.  He has always had the crappiest, cheapest phone available since he does have a history of dropping them, sending them through the wash, etc.  I was having a "good wife" moment and thought in honor of his promotion and he will most likely be in charge of his shop and need to keep in all forms of contact with his "peeps" he deserved a decent phone when he got back.  I was thinking of getting a new iphone and just giving him my old 1st generation iphone but it's so big that he would never carry it around in his pocket, rendering it useless if he doesn't carry it!  So I selected this little one, the Flipout from Motorola.  Nice size, pain in the ass to set up!  It's not just the phone, it's my husband's fault too!  Started out by me having to manually enter in ALL our contacts since it's not very compatible with our iLife (read: everything is apple in this house!) - AND I couldn't ask for his SIM card since his phone broke on deployment and I believe the SIM card is sitting somewhere on the bottom of the Arabian Sea.  

Next comes trying to sync all his email and other random accounts.  They are a mess!  In an effort to stay in some sort of communication with us (heart's in the right place LOL), he sets up accounts as needed (nightmare!) depending on where he is and what he is able to access from that location.  He's got ship's email, squadron email, home internet provider email, Skype, iGoogle, Google Talk, Yahoo Chat, Google Chat, 2 Gmail accounts, Facebook... there's probably more I don't even know about, and all have DIFFERENT passwords that he can't remember half the time and I'm doing this from half a world away.  UGH!  I've been at it since 5 am today and have it all done except the most necessary:  "smart"phone won't sync the email!  Smartphone, indeed.... I will stick with Apple, completely seamless from my desktop and every thing I've run into in the 4 years I've had it!  Okay, I'll move on now...

Here's what Finn was up to last night!

The kids have been driving me completely insane this week, I won't sugarcoat it - I'm sure part of it has to do with the imminent arrival of daddy, but come on, give a mama a break!  Loch is Mr. Backtalk lately, and Finn goes into tantrum hysterics over everything these days.  I get the feeling that when hubby gets home I am just going to fall out from exhaustion and emotional upheaval from making sure they had a "mom" every day, when there were times the past 7 months where I had fleeting fantasies of walking out and taking a road trip to anywhere but here!  Not much longer, though.  I keep meaning to do a post about what life is really like for us left back home, the good and bad, but somehow always find it easier to ignore the white elephant and keep on keepin' on!

One thing I WILL do, is share what I found on the internet last night... this object is currently the focus of my daydreams....  :)


  1. I have another friend who's husband went on deployment for a year! She had two young sons to take care of all on her own too. It was very difficult for her. And there was a huge adjustment period when he came home.

    I'm sure your kids and you are excited to get your husband and daddy home plus with Christmas coming, well that's just too much excitement all at once.

    WTG on the knitting Fin! I tried to teach my daughter who's 12 and she couldn't get it and gave up.

    Love that knitting keeper!

  2. hahaha...Jonathan is starting to develop some terrible-three tendencies. I'm not looking forward to the "talk-back" phase. He's mastering the art of the "whine and scream" (which he is doing as I type).

    P.S. - I hope you're doing well Erin! I'm so behind in my blog reading.

  3. Hang on. Sometimes that's all we can do! Cold and winter never ever help as far as I'm concerned, though.

  4. You probably should use us for your rant and rave outlet. We all have broad shoulders and we love you so you can depend on us. I've said many times before I don't know how you do it by yourself. It's just not normal for families to be split up for long periods of time. Bound to produce lots of stresses of one kind or another. I'm sure we'd all have even more respect and gratitude for military families if we knew the realities of what you deal with.

    Have you dropped any hints to Santa regarding the "focus of your daydreams?"

  5. Your husband sounds like mine with cellphones. The last two new cellphones my husband had fell in the "toilet" when he was at work. I was like, how did you do that, and he said it was in his jacket pocket. Men! It's all Apple in our house too. I refuse to deal with PCs of any sort. However, I do have one for work and I use a Droid phone because I was too cheap to get an iphone. I like the Droid a lot thank goodness. Sorry to hear that the kids are acting up, I'm sure it's just because they are excited about their dad being home soon. Oh and wow, that knitting bag thing-a-majig looks totally awesome.

  6. Talk- back and tantrums...what are those? Just you wait until you've got teenagers- you ain't seen nothing yet. But don't worry- it has it's perks too.
    Hang in there. Hubby will come home and you'll see real snow before too long.
    We're forecast for wind chills in the single digits to 15 below for the next three days. BRRR... I could do without that wind as well.

  7. whoa! Ain't she pretty!

    What a whirlwind....excitement, anxiety, busy, busy, planning...whew! I am impressed by how you keep it all together. very nice job!

  8. Technology stinks when it wont do things our way! Sounds like hubs will be home just in time for a goog old fashioned hissy fit. I say let her rip and tell us all about it tho! Why not? I am betting everyone is on edge with anticipation.

    Looooved the video! You are such a good mom, even if they make you nuts!

    Hope today is better for you!

  9. Wow, nice tote! Keep dreaming until it is yours Erin, you deserve it.

    Kids sole purpose some days is to drive us to the point of insanity, I swear it is. I would be locked up for one reason or another if I was on my own for 7 months, and I am not just saying that to be kind. I really would be. Handling stress is not something I do well.....you on the other hand have mastered juggling it all. I know you have had little choice, but you are a special woman. (((hugs)))

  10. you all are too nice! Kelly, there are days I dream of voluntarily "checking in" to the local psych unit for some R & R LOL.

    Judy, nice to know there are other moms who keep it real! It's so easy to think in the blogosphere that others are always doing it "better" , but I want everyone to know I have my great moments, but most days, I'm "just a mom" LOL

    That bag is discontinued and only two places still have it to order and the only color is red (not my color)... I'm really on the fence about it because although it's nice, I'm thinking that would be a great thing to sew once I figure it out!

    Speaking of sewing... stay tuned!