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right now

Dec 11, 2010

Merry Christmas at the hangar!

Today was our squadron's Christmas party for the kids!  We decided to have it in the hangar to let the kids feel a bit closer to their deployed parent for a few hours... they had a blast and ate the required amount of sugar!

Pulling up to the squadron...

Finnegan "posing"

Posing again!  The place is a ghost town since they are deployed!

I'm not sure what's behind the locked door, but since hubby was promoted to First Class, he is now a member of the 1st Class Mess... so what goes on in there?  LOL

Upon walking into the hangar, we were overcome by the smell of JP-5 in the air, and for once, instead of cursing that smell and demanding hubby leaves his clothes and boots out on the porch, the smell made us miss him more!

Plenty of "trip and bust your teeth out" floor to run on!

stroller parking fore, jets aft

when was the last time you told your kids, "hey, stay this side of the bombs, okay?"  or... "we don't pet the bombs sweetie..."  LOL

Luckily the hangar doors were closed keeping it plenty warm inside, but were open a crack so the kids could keep a lookout for Santa.  Santa always arrives in a SuperHornet instead of a sleigh 'round these parts, we do it Navy Style!

Kids craft table, making signs for homecoming

Cookie Decorating

Yep, even Navy kids require vast amounts of sugar during the holidays!

mecca for little boys in here...


Santa has arrived!  Kids anxiously awaiting to see what's in his bag!


Saved the best for last...


See why I'm not getting anything done around here?  Too busy!  They had a great time though, I just can't wait until their bedtime tonight, I've got stuff to DO!


  1. That was GREAT! What a wonderful 'place' to have a Christmas party for the little kiddies! Laughed my butt off thinking of kids not even batting an eye at the bombs!!! HA! Good Navy kids!

    I've never seen the inside of a Naval Hangar! So that was a real treat for us too! Thanks Erin!

  2. Now all they need for Christmas is their DADDY! Have you told the boys the date that their dad will be getting home?

  3. Love the bomb comments. Too funny. I hope Santa brought lots of goodies in his bag.
    Hope you get lots done tonight.

  4. That was such a great place to have a party for the kiddies!! Hope all of the Dads are home soon :)

  5. Beyond fantastic. BEYOND! What a wonderful way to bring up children. It does take a village or in this case a squadron.

  6. APG, it's empty now, usually there are dozens of jets in there, and then multiply that by more than a dozen squadrons/hangars, lots of activity when they are around!''

    Mama Pea, they know, and I shouldn't have told them because they are making me crazy now!

    Judy, Santa went to the dollar store, LOL! We didn't want any kids to have "more" than another so Santa set a $5 rule :)

    Robin, it was fun, I think it did them good to be in there, even an old pro like me gets a bit emotional being in the hangar!

    Ribbit, it certainly does take all of us - it's nice to have others who are in the same boat (pun intended!) to commiserate with and who understand the toll it takes on our kids, the kids don't feel left out like in school, since this group of kids are all missing a parent right now.

  7. Great day had by all it seems, I would love to go in that hangar- Christmas cookies or not!! ;)

  8. How wonderful for all the little ones!

  9. Sounds like you guys had a great day! What a place to have the Christmas party, the boys must have been in heaven! Don't pet the bombs... that's funny...
    I bet the boys are counting down the days and driving you crazy. Mine used to do the same thing. I saw this idea on a blog (fuoriburgo, I believe) where the Mom made a paper chain for her daughter to use as a countdown. The daughter got to tear one link off every day and count down the days until Dad returns. Hopefully you won't have to much longer and then you'll be able to get some rest.
    Have a great Sunday,

  10. What a fun day! So neat for the kids to see all the stuff.
    I thought the stroller parking was especially cute.

  11. How cool! It's not everyday you get to have a party in a hangar. In fact, I don't think I've ever been in one.

  12. Looks like a fun party. I'm sure the kids had a blast!