right now

right now

Sep 1, 2010

NOT storm related!

Cosmo eradication part 2!

Yet another part of my yard completely taken over by these beasts! You would never know there are pole beans and an apple tree in there. Needless to say, no beans have been harvested in there.

The bumbles were not happy with me that day.

How did I ever get along without a stirrup hoe? Note to self: may want to use that hoe BEFORE the cosmos are 8 feet tall and need pruning shears!

After: look - an apple tree, and there's apples on it!

Tomorrow we'll be eating peanut butter off the grid I'm sure, so I made a big garden dinner last night! I NEVER get sick of stir-fry.

Of course you must be subjected to yet another photo of yard long beans, my new love affair! Too bad it's hard to see them here, they are beautiful in person! Unfortunately we will have to say goodbye to them tomorrow, there is no way that structure will survive the next few days. Also, the one remaining full bed left is the jalapenos which still have really not been dealt with this year and probably won't be since I am kind of busy with other things right now!

Bye yard long beans... until the next planting!

Warning, my next post will be a long video this evening if I can get it to load! That one will be storm related and you will get to see one of my multiple personalities "the prepper"!


  1. Oh Erin, your stir-fry looks delish! Do you have a favorite sauce that you use?

    I am worried about you all down there, what is the latest on Earl where you are?

  2. LOL! There really WAS an apple tree in there!

  3. Hey Kelly so far so good! We are officially "prepared" on the inside at least. I'm posting video tonight about our Prepping, should be good for a snicker!
    I am currently leading the Family Support Group for hubby's squadron so we are having a meeting tonight to make sure everyone is ready (some of the spouses have never lived on the coast before!) and I did the prep video kind of for them so I will post it tonight!

    Honestly, the only thing I use for sauce is Chili Garlic Paste and some soy...

    Melissa, I better get those apples off the tree before Earl takes them LOL! Thanks for reminding me :)

  4. Sounds good, I must try that combo.

    I am looking forward to your video, I am sure it will be very helpful to many of the women in your group.

  5. Wow, your cosmos is so prolific! Mine grew so slowly this year. I really have to grow yard beans next year!

  6. I just bigified your photo! Wow, those beans are so cool!

  7. Your yard is looking great! And I can't wait to meet the other "You's" hiding out in there!

  8. Wow, what a difference. Who new that Cosmos got some big? Mine are only about 3 ft tall.

    I can't believe you have apples on that little tree! How long have you had it and did you give it a hard prune to get it to be so compact?