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Sep 3, 2010

Hurricane Summary - kinderGARDENS Week 21

Inadvertent Farmer

Sadly, this will have to suffice for my kinderGARDENS Update this week: it pretty much involved child labor outdoors prepping for a storm, and we will all be back working this evening putting the yard back together again! While waiting for Earl last night instead of watching the Panic Channel (The Weather Channel!) we opted instead to spend the down time planning the fall garden. Hopefully we will get our seedlings and some of the fall seeds planted this weekend.

Here's a summary of the past 12 hours, I promise no more lazy video blogging after this! Looks like this is a non-event for us, so it was a good drill for the kids at least. We still have power, yay! So the following are the before, during & after weather videos. Looks like it will continue to weaken and hopefully the northeast will be spared any damage.

The above turned out to be a very breezy evening with the storm approaching, and since we were prepared for the worst already, were able to sit outside with neighbors for awhile enjoying a glass of wine while the kids played in the yard. You'd never realize watching this that Nags Head and the Outer Banks is a mere 80 minute drive via road and only about 45 if you took the beach!

This morning... Earl isn't so big and bad, after all. I heard that he diverted to Judy's homestead in Iowa of "My Freezer is Full" in the form of her daughter's messy room! She is also a participant of the kinderGARDENS contest and her teen daughter is doing a "Goth Garden" - cool idea, isn't it?!

Below is the garden walkthrough... apparently the only damage was pretty much to things that were already scheduled for removal! - I still have those horrid cosmos on the brain obviously, every time you hear "cosmos" I mean ZINNIAS! Zinnias-good, Cosmos-bad LOL. I should have a swear jar in the garden only I have to pay every time I say "cosmos".

Here's a gem for you: apparently we have a storm related death here already this morning. I would call it stupidity related. Just watched a news video with his girlfriend, she states they wanted to "go for a swim" at 1:00 a.m. and he yelled at her that he was caught and she watched him drown. Very tragic, but really-a swim? It gets better, she had her 10 year old with them! At least the child is apparently fine and did not go in the water. Smart kid!

I guess we should expect no less from a storm with a lame name like "Earl". What we need is a Hurricane Bubba, but I'm sure the NWS people would never name a storm that for fear of encouraging partying of the commoners!

I didn't have time the past two days to comment on all of your blogs, but I read them all, sounds like everyone is getting "fall fever" if there is such a thing! I may take a day or so off from the blog to get the fall garden in, you are relieved to hear that, aren't you?! :)

I'm headed over to the Inadvertent Farmer who hosts the kinderGARDENS contest and see what real gardening the other participants did with their kids this week!


  1. Glad to hear all is well! Take a deep breath and try to relax a little now.

  2. Erin! I don't know how I missed this this morning! You are all we have been talking about and I missed this!!!! So glad that it all ended well with minimal damage! Whew!!

    SO Glad for you! Another Whew!

  3. Erin, you are too funny.

    I fail to understand people sometimes. Is it awful that I don't have much sympathy for the guy either? I mean, it just sounds too stupid to get worked up over. Now the people who text while driving on the other hand, I have plenty of HATE for them!

    If I could name a one, it would be called "Hurricane Sister Rose Anthony". There were plenty of awful nuns during my catholic school years but she was the MEANEST (and ugliest) of the bunch.

  4. Oh, "The Panic Channel" - LOL, I love it!

    It seems the only news worth mentioning these days is bad news...they might as well just call it "More Bad News at 11."

  5. Cindy, Definitely taking a break today! Going to do absolutely nothing this evening except maybe read a book, then tomorrow when the ground dries out will start the fall work in the garden

    Apple Pie Gal, looks like everyone on the coast is going to make out well on this one.

    Thomas, those Weather Channel guys are going to have a serious crack withdrawl/detox from anxiety when this is over LOL

  6. Wow, I must really be tired - I just noticed that the first video in this post is an old one from another storm, I had it named the same! Deleted it and the correct one from last night is now up!

  7. Glad to hear that Earl wasn't too bad. That's good news. Why would anyone go swimming when there is a hurricane. That is so dumb!

  8. Glad to see you made it just fine. I bet that's because it got scared of your preparedness!

  9. I'm glad that everything ended up ok there. I will be interested to see what your winter garden will be like.