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right now

Jul 8, 2010

kinderGARDENS Week 13: "I Believe!"

Kim at The Inadvertent Farmer, who's hosting the kinderGARDENS Contest, asked what we "believe" right now in our gardens. In spite of the weather, disease, insects, etc... we always believe in something more, don't we? It's what keeps us going! In honor of the random manic-depressive type of gardening going on here lately, I present random photos!

Thanks to the bee-u-tiful triple digit temps we have been having...

I believe the "green roof" is dead!

I want to believe that eventually the Japanese Beetles will become extinct!

I believe I will never acclimate to the sheer horror that is the Tomato Hornworm!

I believe that my mockingbirds will be evicted very soon from their luxurious digs in the arbor. They are behaving badly and are not at all appreciative of my hospitality thus far.

I believe every child should know where their Thanksgiving Dinner comes from, and run from it if necessary!

I believe that there aren't enough potato sack races anymore...

On to the good...

I believe my garden trellising system will look like this someday, and that my kids will help build it!

I believe that we don't go crabbing nearly enough!

Finally, I believe that in spite of the heat, humidity, bugs and frustration, we will be rewarded with this!

Happy Gardening! Now get those kids in the garden, get them dirty and make them do chores, I believe they'll thank you one day!


  1. I BELIEVE you write one of the best blogs around.

  2. I BELIEVE you are one great mom!

  3. I BELIEVE you are right... and both of the above!


  4. I believe that the world is a better place because of gardeners and moms like you...

    I know my world is a little better having 'met' you! Kim

  5. awwwww.... you are all sweet! But that's because you don't get a ringside seat to my ranting and "pick up those &^%*ing Legos, right NOW" orders, although I really do try to leave the colorful language silent in my own head LOL!

    So, now I'm thinking we should have potato sack races at our annual "Harvest Party" at Halloween, but am afraid someone will trip and sue me... that's a pretty pathetic statement about our society today, isn't it?!

  6. I vote for running.

    And you're right. There's nothing remotely attractive about a horn worm. They're just terrifying even when you know you're looking for one.

  7. That! That trellis system!! It's perfection -- just what I try to do every year. I'll do it again, and again, and again, until I get it right.

    Good luck with the mockingbirds. They can get pretty feisty.

  8. I wish you were my mom, what a wonderful life you are making for your world. Thanks for sharing, peace

  9. Mr. Turkey was very impressive!! I want one!
    Maybe next year your green roof will work out!

  10. Oh my god! Look at that spread!

    Yes, I agree with you on all counts, especially the potato sack races.

    This is my first year growing tomatoes. I hope I don't jump that the first sight of a horn worm. I dare you to eat one! :)

  11. Ribbit, my kids finally got the whole "stay back" thing last week when geese came after them after I warned them not to feed them!

    Stefaneener, that trellis is from the Master Gardener Heirloom Garden at one of the historic civil war homes here, it is fantastic, I get more ogling done than work when I go there! Mockingbirds....hmmmph! He was watching me trying to cover my bean seedlings with burlap and laughing at me this morning.

    Rose, likewise! You have a fantastic thing going up there!

    Hi Cathryn! I am actually going to tear out the green roof this weekend
    and try replanting with something that can take the heat in a container... not sure what yet, LOL! Weeds???!!!

    Thomas, if anyone could find an attractive way to prepare a hornworm, it would be you! Would be a funny post anyways! That harvest is from last summer, I had the same pic every 3-4 days, it was out of control since hubby was gone most of the summer, I had way too much and gave most of it away. Warning though if you are growing jalapenos - I only had 6 plants and I got several lbs of them every few days, total insanity. I did it again this year, I couldn't stop myself, and now I will be complaining about them again soon! If only I could grow LETTUCE in the summer, something I actually need!!

  12. Love the photo with the turkey! The kiddos look amazed and a little in awe...

  13. I beleive my daughter aimee (adventures in urban homesteading blog) and I came up with the best bean trellis system. We created 6 6' x 8' frames with cedar 2 x 4's, strung up garden twine on them, then stood them up in pairs A-frame style, and while she held them, I put another 2x4 across the top and screwed it in to hold them. Two more pairs later, we had a bean tunnel - A-frame style. Bean are climbing up it now. the reason I did this is to have something for my granddaughter to run through. In the heat of summer, we will have a shaded place for her to play, although there is clover growing in there now and we have to keep her away when the bees are out. we should be able to pick a lot of the beans in the shade. And it makes such a nice statement to the neighborhood - it screams urban farming ( we put the 8' side up so it is pretty tall. Aimee took pictures while she was here, not sure why she didn't post them on her blog.

    Robin Buchholz - Salem, Oregon