right now

right now

Jul 9, 2010

Friday Fotos

With this unbearable heat wave, what could there possibly be to smile about?

It's easy to forget when swamped with chores and sweat, that there are...

Happy Summer Things!

Ladybugs make me very happy!

Moving the poor fish up onto the shady deck where I can sit and enjoy them is a happy thing!

Kids' art takes on a nature theme

A delivery of summer reading makes me happy!

My boys' enthusiasm for fresh summer caught seafood never gets old!

"Finn" definitely lives up to his name when it comes to eating fish

Smiles instead of whining always makes for a happy day

Gardening in a dress makes me happy!

Marley the Wonder-Dog makes me VERY HAPPY! There's nothing better than a happy, sandy dog.
She just turned 8 years old, Happy Birthday Mars!

One more happy thought: tonight is my 3 hours per month without kids - what should I do? Was thinking of seeing Eclipse, but I may wait on that, there will still be throngs of angst ridden teenagers there tonight. Maybe the bookstore? Maybe gardening by myself? Choices...


  1. Don't garden. Get out and away into a different environment so that you feel refreshed coming back home! Wishing you a MAH-VELOUS three hours!

  2. Yup, I second that! I also love to garden in skirts. Neighbors probably think I am nuts, but it is much cooler. Have a great "alone" time.

  3. Fantastic photos! Like a dummy I have ventured out a ton during the heat wave and I'm sure I've done more damage than good. Happy to have found your blog. Stay cool!

  4. Ooh..Eclipse is tempting. Haven't gone yet for the same reason! Hit the bookstore and keep cool maybe? Whatever it is, you will have deserved it!

  5. Mama Pea, I am going to take your advice! Even though it would be nice to garden without having to keep and eye on the kids, it's terribly hot and humid out this evening. I am going to drop the kids off at the Y, go to Panera and have a Breadbowl French Onion soup, then go next door to Borders and get lost in books, which is something I am never able to do with kids in tow! Probably get an iced latte while I'm there! Not exactly an exciting Friday night, but relaxing which is exactly what I need.

    Lorie, my thoughts exactly! My $5 t-shirt dresses are my new garden outfit!

    Welcome Dirt Digger! I WISH I could find the energy to go out in the heat more often, my garden shows I haven't been!

    Hi Apple Pie Gal! I know, I (almost) wish I had a teenage girl to go take to see Eclipse so I could chaperone and not be watching a movie by myself, LOL! My kids go to summer camp for 2 nights soon, so I will probably try and see it then, maybe the crowds will have thinned out. Funny thing is that my husband will probably get to see it on the ship before I will get to - although he won't admit to liking it (but he does :))

  6. Your blog always makes me happy! Seeing the smiles on your children's faces make me happy! Marley's pictures always make me happy (happy birthday, Marley)! If I had that platter of seafood sitting in front of me, my happy grin would be just as big as Finn's!

  7. Where do find $5 T-shirt dresses?

    Your night out sounds like heaven...the book store is hwere I escape to when feeling especially frazled, but mine (Barnes & Noble) does not have a coffee shop. Very, very unfortunate.

    Love the smiling seafood & shower pictures, that platter has me mouth a waterin'!! (What is it about fried seafood? It is just so darn good.)

  8. My apoligies for the 19 spelling errors, should have proof-read that one.

  9. What a lot of lady bugs! Did you grow some? It looks like some awesome summer reading books. Have you read any of them yet? What do you think of them if you have? I'd like to read the country know how and the living without money one!

  10. Oh, if we lived closer, you could take my teenager to see Eclipse. But, the bookstore without children sounds heavenly. I hope you have fun!

  11. What amazing pictures. I need to stop and appreciate my kids more often.

    A book store...all by yourself...with no purpose, just time to peruse? That's decadence.

  12. We do love our fresh seafood out here! Kelly, $5 dollar t-shirt tank dresses at W@lmart! I found them on the clearance rack and flung 4 in the cart, 2 black, a brown, and a navy! They are pretty cute too, plain wide tank straps and come just to above the knee, they are perfect and loose for this hot weather.
    I'm back already, and I actually got caught in the craft store next door to Borders also, ooops, more yarn! I thought winter was knitting season, but with all this heat I need something productive to do inside besides clean, I get really tired of that!
    The author, we started a few years ago getting a shipment of lady bugs the beginning of summer, but this year we have oodles of wintered over ladybugs, they like it here I guess! Alas, my kids got used to their ladybugs arriving in the mail and insisted on continuing the tradition... hopefully there were plenty of aphids for them all! Hubby wanted the country wisdom book, I haven't gotten into that one yet, Possum Living is actually kind of amusing, it's a cult classic from the 70's that just went back into print - she definitely lives on no money, I'll say that! (Like she raises animals in her BASEMENT, lol!) I really can't wait to start the Armageddon book, it's about the "regular-people survivalists", the ones that aren't militant and many people wouldn't even realize they are "preppers", kind of like we are starting to be. I'll post about that one when I finish it!

  13. Ohhhh...I like your reading selections. I've seen all of them at the local Borders. Let me know if you like them.

    Fried seafood....Yummmm....I have the worst addition to fried anything.