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May 30, 2010

kinderGardens Week 7 Update!


Not much action this week, just slow and steady growth! The plants are doing well on the "green roof" project, although are just now sending out tendrils to cling to their trellisses. The big plants you see in the planter box are Amaranthus, or if you remember, plants that will "spill blood over the side", LOL, boys....

The peanuts the kids sowed have very spotty germination, although I think I may have pulled a few early on...ooops, they kind of look like a weed at this stage, and since we planted them into compost, I assumed it was a weed sprouting! I'll probably have them stick a few more in there to see if they germinate, I have no idea how old the seed is since it was from a seed swap party, but I have plenty so there's nothing to lose!

Finnegan was very observant in that he beat me to finding the first shelling peas ready for picking! He eats most of them out in the pea patch, but I made him save some to bring to his class and share, apparently they were a hit even with some non-veggie eating kids. The teacher told me he did a great job standing in front of the class, telling them it was "garden candy" and showing them how to "unzipper" them.

Speaking of observant kids, while I was hanging laundry out on the line, Loch pointed out an area of spilled sand near the sandbox - some folks see the Virgin Mary in a cornflake, we see dogs in sand! It's always all about the dogs around here!

The kids pointed out that they never got to plant sunflowers this year, so (after I had washed and put away all the seed flats, grrrr) I happily let them plant a bunch. Not sure what we will do with them this year, I am thinking just to cover up an eyesore of a metal shed that we have in the yard. Of course, they asked for another "hooch" but honestly I am too tired to even think about that thing this year, and don't want to mow around it!

For those that missed the "hooch" from years past, here it is again:
It was called "the hooch" because it started out covered in desert camo netting while the sunflowers grew. I think they only want it back because daddy is on deployment again, and that was the case when I made this one originally. They wanted a "fort" but I lack their daddy's building prowess, but I can grow things that might look sorta-kinda like a fort!

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Happy kinderGardening!


  1. That sand splotch sure DOES look like a dog!

    I'm right along with your kiddlies in wanting sunflowers. But I planted them right in the field garden soil. So far, no show but it's early yet. My seeds were old so I shouldn't be too surprised to not get very good germination. (But I'll still cry.)

  2. Oh, Loch...yes, I definitely see the sand dog! Your crops are growing beautifully. I sure wish I had some of those peas to eat :-)

  3. The old sunflowers look fantastic -- no wonder they want more.

    They're learning a lot.

  4. I actually did plant sunflowers about 6 weeks ago, but it was old seed and didn't do anythiing, and then I remembered the bird massacre from last year, so I put them in a flat - and forgot to cover them last night. I just went out and saw that just about every cell sprouted in 2 days and birds had taken all the tops! Good thing I have more seed! I will have to find something to cover them with that they won't cook in today!

  5. I love that the peas are "unzippered" at your house, too! That's how I explained getting to the peas to one of my younger neighbors (one of the group of 8-year-old-boys that we refer to as "the little rascals").