right now

right now

Apr 25, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

Time sure flew by this weekend - I didn't get any of my seedlings planted yet! Last night I had a pretty good turnout for the Seed Swap Party, but instead of saying bon voyage to a bunch of seedlings, I ended up having more than before, lol! We all did swap and got some great stuff, but all of the extras were left here instead of going back home to their respective growers! It will work out great though, since I will be able to take them to the Master Gardener Plant Sale and thus their seedlings will go towards raising money for a valuable educational resource for local gardeners!

Of course, I completely forgot to take pictures of the event, but we ended up with 19 guests including all the children that came too! Below are photos of my seedlings before the event, now imagine that I still have that many flats only a couple more now, although the ones I set out have gone to new homes! Everyone did something different, which was nice. We had veggie and flower seeds, vegetable, herb, flower seedlings and some perennial cuttings from others' own yards.

A couple of highlights of the evening were provided by the children:
- Random children running around the yard in the dark planting unknown seeds they had squirreled away from the seed table into all my beds and who knows where else, that will be interesting!!
- At one point a few of us were inside talking when Loch quietly came inside the house, marshmallow on a stick in one hand, and pouring a draft beer out of the keg with the other hand... "It's for Daddy" he calmly announced and walked back out like it was the most normal thing a 7 year old could do!
- The drawing for a garden book & pair of gloves went like this: Me- "All the GROWNUPS have put their name in the drawing right? No kids, right?" ...to which everyone replies yes. I then proceed to pick the youngest child to do the drawing, who happened to be the Samster, he's almost 4. I say "okay Sam, pull out a piece of paper and give it to me"... he does and I unfold and read it and it says "SAM", LOL.... I think he rigged it! That was pretty cute.

As of now, the party aftermath is all picked up, dishes are done, and I just sent hubby out of the house with a 7 layer dip headed to watch "After Armageddon" in a garage... can you tell it's a guy's night out? They are probably in survivalist mode right now, talking of hunting and guns all while eating the food that the WOMAN made, hahahaha! Me? I'm putting the kids to bed early and going to veg out in front of the TV and knit - thank goodness we still have the regular networks! Hope you all had a productive weekend and for those of you in the south, I was thinking about you and hope your gardens and families are all ok after those storms...


  1. It sounds just wonderful!

    The storms were fierce and lasted all stinkin' day, but everyone here was fine.

  2. Very cool meeting you, your family and touring the homestead. If you are interested, I have posted oragami seed packets and a link to how to create your own seed packets (plain and with patterns).

    Thought I would share!

    thanks for the heirloom tomato plant!! Thanks for hosting the party as well. I am sure that was alot of work :)

  3. Ooo, it sounds like a good time was had by all! Have fun with the guerilla seeds! It could be interesting.

  4. That sounds like so much fun! I wish we lived closer to one another. I would have loved to participate!

    Everything looks great by the way.

  5. That sounds like terrific fun. Enjoy the "bonus" seeds.

  6. It definitely would have been fun having all of you bloggers over for a garden party, maybe then I could actually use my new hammock and sip a drink while you all run around and fix all my mistakes in the garden! BackBayBotanicals, so nice to meet you the other evening and I think I will put that link you sent up on the next post - I am sure people would love it! Now today, I really need to get my kinderGarden update posted!

  7. Sounds like a great day. And what a great way to encourage the growing of good food! Can't wait to hear what comes up around the yard from the kid-sown seeds.