right now

right now

Apr 29, 2010

What's Growing on Here

I can finally see the light at the end of the seedling tunnel! They are almost all planted out now. It's not that the last ones can't go in yet, but rather that I haven't had time and I need to get creative with the remaining 8 tomato plants that I promised to be a good parent to when I conceived them! My seedling rack outside looks bulging still, but most of those flats will leave in the next week when I can transport them to the MG plant sale next weekend. All I have left on there for our family is the remaining tomatoes, some basil that need pots, and a flat of flower seedlings.

As for the garden, here are some photos of what's growing right now:

Val d'Orges Lettuce, Mesclun, Carrots, Radishes

Overflow from the garlic bed, Mizuna Greens (I REALLY need these garlic to vacate the premises, I need this space!) The pansies are no problem, they are almost done and ready to be ripped out anyways.

One of the potato bins, this is what I used my drainage pipe find in the neighbor's yard for!

This bed has all the garlic, onions and shallots in it, the shallots are already popping out of the ground but my onions are just starting to bulb and redden, it will be awhile before I can use this bed for a new crop.

More potato cages. I am growing Red Pontiac, Rose Finn, and Red LaSoda

Below are shots of "Tomato Alley". All my tomatoes are going in containers this year so I can free up bed space. I have 2 Hybrids I am growing this year, "4th of July" & "Orange Wellington", they are on the other side of the yard, and Tomato Alley has all my Heirlooms. It's my first year growing hybrids, and so far I am unimpressed, they are yellow looking and not growing nearly as robustly as the Heirlooms, I thought they were supposed to be easier?!

The hand-me-down unidentified Polish Heirloom, supposed to put out huge fruit

"Vorlon" - I felt like going Sci-Fi, I just like the name, LOL

The dependable and tasty Brandywine

Paul Robeson - supposed to be very tasty and surpass Brandywine?!

True Black Brandywine (these leaves are huge!)

So that's what's growing here. I have been so busy lately it seems like I haven't updated the actual state of growth out there in awhile. Hopefully tomorrow Finnegan will get his first harvest of 2010 - 2 strawberries! I saw them tucked under the leaves while walking around this morning, and can't wait until he finds them! All our local strawberry fields are opening up over the next week or two, which seems earlier than usual, but I haven't checked to see if that's true. I feel a day of picking and jam making approaching soon. As usual, I'm not ready...


  1. Tomato Alley....I LOVE it! I have a tomato alley, too! Here's hoping our alleys do well ;-)

  2. Things are lookin' good! That's a huge drainage pipe, put to great use!

  3. As usual, your garden looks beautiful. The tomaters look especially healthy and robust. I love the way you interspersed the pansies in the beds. Could it look any more attractive? Your garden could/should be featured in a magazine. (I think I've just made the decision to not show any pictures of my garden this year.)

  4. VERY PRETTY Erin. I love the interplantings of flowers and veggies.

    I think I'll end up growing a large chunk of my tomatoes in pots as well as I don't know if I'll have room for them anywhere else. What size pots do you use?

  5. I do like the way the pansies turned out now, but they looked pretty bleak from fall thru March, then exploded into color. Those were a big box store moment of weakness... the flats looked atrocious and they were on clearance for 2.00 per huge flat, so I bought about 10 flats! After WATERING them, they perked right up, LOL. MamaPea, you are too nice, notice the close-up of the pretty beds, but no pictures of the beds with the bean tops all eaten off by critters! Thomas, I didn't measure, but I think my pots for the tomatoes are about 16" in all directions. They are the cheap square large plastic pots from WalMart, I pick up a couple every year at 10.00 apiece. They aren't the prettiest things but they have held up for 4 years now and you can't see them anyways once the tomatoes start going crazy. Look for the biggest pots they have at Walmart, at our store these were tucked outside next to the potting soil, not displayed with the prettier stone and plaster pots. I even had apple trees in them until this year, they are good sized.

  6. Looks good Erin, ("tomato alley" here too). The pansies are quite gorgeous mixed in there.