right now

right now

Mar 15, 2010

If the first step is admitting you have a problem and need help...


My seed flats are now officially staging a hostile takeover. It wasn't bad this past weekend with temps in the 60's and sunshine some were spending the days outside and it didn't seem so crowded - so I started more...

Then the rains came and now some of the cold hardy plants that could go outside are camped in my kitchen again and they are literally on every available flat space, even perched on stools!

Today has been busy with a sick kid and seedling chores:
Like this. Is there any of us that doesn't cry inside a bit when we have to thin out seedlings? No, I'm not crazy enough to have put a bunch of extra tomatoes in the cells, they are all tiny seed herb thinnings! A highlight was that I had enough Thyme trimmings from legginess to use for chicken tonight!

Lemon Balm, Verbena

One of only 2 Artichokes that I got to sprout this year - I hope it lives!

Don't you just love those little "mitten" leaves on tomatoes?

That's all for now, I am now heading over to wintersown.org and see what they know, LOL! My fire code for vegetation limit has been reached - I think I will be doing this for all my marigolds and more stuff I haven't even started yet... I WANNA GREENHOUSE!!!!! (she says like a whiny 2 year old...)


  1. I tried some tomatoes and basil utilizing the Wintersown method, if it works well next year's garden just got a whole lot easier for me as well!

    You do need a greenhouse, maybe even one of those enclosed shelf units for the porch.

  2. I am about to have a similar problem. Later this week, when I bump up all those seedlings into bigger pots (and then start more!), it is going to start getting very crowded in my dining room!

    Your seedlings look very healthy, even if they ARE overtaking the house. Maybe someday we will both get greenhouses.

  3. Don't you know it! I've the one light and could use more, but it keeps me grounded - or rather limited on what I can reasonably grow.

    HOwever, my tomatoes aren't looking good....I had so much hope. :(

  4. Oh, my...you should have seen me trying to get one teeny-tiny lemon basil seed into each soil block this morning! With most seeds, one per block is doable, but the herb seeds are killers. My seedlings to be took over my laundry room today. Once they sprout, they will be moved to the garden shed....to make room for the next round of planting to be kept in the laundry room Heck, who needs to do laundry anyway?!!

  5. If there is anyone who would make good use of a greenhouse, it's YOU!!

    (But on the other hand, you'd probably kill yourself doing waaay too much!)

  6. My seedling habit is currently under control... but, I can plant just. one. more...... twitch...twitch....
    Honestly, I'm just getting ready to start the bulk of my seedlings. Fortunately, I got a new wire shelf system that is easy to hang lights on... I've got 4 shelves... stop me before it's too late!!!

  7. Some day, you'll have a greenhouse! I need to get downstairs and mess with the seedlings. And prepare the potato bed. And and and. . .

  8. ...I want to own a nursery.

    Maybe I should work at one, first? :P

  9. Everything looks awesome Erin! I hate to thin myself...It always feels like such a waste.

    I'm getting overwhelmed space-wise myself...It's these times that I wish I had a large greenhouse. I love the picture of all of your seedlings though. It's how a room SHOULD look like this time of year!