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right now

Mar 6, 2009


The spring planting is officially underway!  I had good intentions of getting those peas in earlier this year, like February, and it is now March...but I feel good because last year it wasn't until April and the year before that in May!  Needless to say, the year I planted peas in May was completely ridiculous, since they wilted in the 90 degree heat as soon as they were about 12 inches high!  I blame that season on the fact that I had a 3 year old and 1 year old and still had not regenerated the brain cells lost in childbirth.  My best friend is only into her 2nd season gardening and had her act together, peas and all, before me...the nerve!  Anyway, after a week of sub-freezing temps and snow, we woke up this morning to a beautiful day, with highs in the 60's, and set about soaking our peas.  By afternoon, the kids were placing them gently, or should I say "chucking" them into the bed willy-nilly and getting as dirty as all little boys should be!  They are very proud and made sure I grabbed some shots of them planting the first crops of spring.  Here they are in all their glory-

We also are finally seeing bulbs!  I had never planted bulbs before, so last fall I ordered a bunch and Loch and I dug them all in, not really knowing what to expect...well, a few are up and I have no idea which ones they are or where the next one will pop up!  I didn't make notes on this particular venture, so all I know is there are a bunch of alliums somewhere...and "some other stuff".  It's fun every morning to "walk the estate" and look for these surprises! More photos to come on that...

We are finishing up readying the rental property this weekend, we have new tenants moving here from WA next week, so I may not post again for a few days.  A busy weekend filled with boring painting and cleaning up, but eagerly awaiting the return of rental income!

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