right now

right now

Mar 1, 2009


Well, here it is....welcome to my empty blog!  That is about to change.  I had a thought while talking to myself last night, and imagined a place where I could rant about what excites me, the things that I love, and wouldn't be interrupted by a 4 year old asking for a snack.  It occurred to me, this place exists!  And here I am.  Forgive me for taking a little extra time to get the blog up and running, but in between taking care of my childrens' demands it will happen!  I am a mom to 2 young boys and have been gardening seriously for about 3 years, and with each year that my children grow more independent I have been getting more involved with my hobby.  This year brings new challenges and demands upon my time, due to my husband Charlie's upcoming deployment to the Middle East.  My hope is that I can accomplish more this deployment than the last, and that my accountability to this blog will help me do that!  I believe that it is important for kids to see and experience the joys and tastes of a home garden, just as I did growing up, and while being a military family presents its own set of difficulties due to locations and transfers, it can be done!  Please bear with me while I set up the page with photos and posts, and check back, I would love to hear from other moms and how they get nature into their kids' diets!

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