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right now

Mar 10, 2009

Fish on a Wall!

With all the work on our rental unit, the weekend flew by!  Luckily, we finished putting the new floor in and all the miscellaneous things to be done just in time, and our new tenants arrived about 3 hours later.  They have come all the way from Seattle, and in this economy we feel lucky that they chose our house to rent and cannot wait to start getting rental income again.  We only went 6 weeks without a tenant, but it couldn't be helped because we had a lot of work to do on the house and needed every minute of that time!  We chose to install a new floor called "Allure", it looks like wood laminate but is actually a floating VINYL floor (hopefully perfect for a rental property)!  It was extremely easy to lay compared to the laminate we have in our house and looks like this:   
Nothing big happening on the garden front yet...peas outside haven't sprouted yet and my seedlings are still coming along under the lights.  There was only about 4 seeds that never sprouted and they were all True Black Brandywine tomatoes, but I still got enough of those that did... glad I planted more than I needed!  So the tomato seedlings consist of several heirloom types (Brandywine, True Black Brandywine, Black Krim) Black Truffle and Black Pearl Hybrids.  The peppers are Jalapeno Gigante, Ancho Chile, Red Poppers and Pinot Noir Bell.  Eggplant consist of heirloom Thai Yellow and Purple Rain hybrid.  Next I will be starting herbs, but many of those can be direct seeded so they aren't as fussy!  As of today, the babies are just starting to develop their first true leaves after the cotyledons:

And finally, it's fish on a wall...

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