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right now

May 8, 2014

Homecoming Day in Pictures…


Things are settling down around here (besides the upcoming move!) and it's time to try and get back into a routine that involves Sailor Husband being present and accounted for…. for the next 3 years, believe it or not!  He has been on sea duty for 6 straight years, I don't even want to get too comfortable thinking about a 3 year tour of shore duty for him since I know it can be yanked out from under us at any time, but we have to try and think positively.  Homecoming Day is now a memory, so here are some long overdue photos of the event.

Weather:   Cold with 50 mph wind gusts, but no rain thankfully!

Bright and early, stuck in homecoming traffic!

An hour later, first glimpse of the USS Harry S. Truman

She is powered by a fleet of tugboats coming in, they are responsible for porting her safely from about a mile out at least.  This whole process takes hours.

A little closer…



Finn not remembering how darn big that boat is!

Close enough to see random sailors being really, really happy!

Quick video of "Shift Colors".  This is a big deal, when ship's colors (flag) goes up, they are tied up and officially IN PORT!

The boys looking small while waiting.  This is the worst part, waiting up to several hours for lines to be fastened and 5500+ sailors trying to line up by height to get off.  Just kidding, was checking to see if you were paying attention!  But they do disembark by rank, so we don't have to wait nearly as long as we did years ago!

Thanks to hubby snapping this pic onboard, you can see what goes on in the hangar bay onboard as they are also waiting, waiting, waiting…   Almost 6000 sailors… think about that for a second.  That's a big a$$ boat, that's what that is.

Fast forward to the good part!

I'm just glad nobody tripped and knocked out any teeth.

and everybody says "awwwww……"

I think this is Deployment #5 or 6 under our belt now, I stopped counting!  Roughly 36-40 months in total?  

and CUT!  …that's a wrap!


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    1. Darn - my fingers should be working by this time of the day. This post made me teary and I am not even related to you! How wonderful to have the family back together again - I bet the boys are over the moon. Not to mention the fact that you have an extra set of hands to help pack. You looked fabulous, by the way.... :)

  2. Did your man recognize all three of you? Lots of changes this time around! All of us here so hope the four of you stay on land together for the next three years!! Happy homecoming to you all!

  3. Aww, that must be the best feeling to be reunited! That's great that he has 3 years home with you all. Hooray!

    PS, love the dress!

  4. Your boys look so big hugging their dad! You look beautiful in your dress. I hope you all get to spend the next 3 years together and not have any surprise deployments. Homecoming always looks like so much fun but I know it's also stressful.

  5. What a great homecoming! I can only imagine how agonizingly long those deployments are. I'm so happy you're all back together!

  6. Thanks for sharing these pics Erin. I got tear-eyed. Military homecoming photos make me tear up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. SO happy for you that he is home.

  7. Just like to thank the Hubs, you, and the boys, for your service to our country. Thats right all of you serve, and we all thank you. Without the few like you the many will not stay free. Thanks again.

  8. Just checking on ya guys, hope all is well!