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right now

Jun 30, 2012

Camp Finn draws to a close...

The last 2 days of "Camp Finn" consisted of, you guessed it - the beach.  When you live at the beach it is what it is LOL.

Day 4, headed to the Chesapeake Bay side of things...

What, me - photographing dune grass?  I have a thing for dune grass.

Ok, never mind - this one is the ocean!  Bay, ocean... whatever - it's all a blur this week.

Perfectly camouflaged 

After-dinner shell hunting

Pelicans... my favorite!

Day 5... we had to get out very early since temps were forecasted for 105º

Waiting for my ship to come in :)

In the afternoon it was difficult to entertain with the heat.  I really wanted to take advantage of the summer clearance (already?) sales to get some shorts for the boys so I decided to escape the heat by going to the mall.  The MALL.  I go there about once every 18 months, I hate it - but apparently Finn hates it more.  About 30 minutes into our trip to Old Navy Finn announces "This is the worst day of Camp Finn so far"!

After sitting around the rest of the afternoon we decided we'd go out to dinner, with Loch gone it's cheaper LOL!

We took Finn out for Mexican, and he had his first taste of Churros.  Finn's day brightened up significantly.

After leaving the restaurant at about 6:30 the thermometer still was pegged at 100º, shooting down our plans to kayak at sunset, but that didn't deter the hubs, who took a quick paddle out near the house to get some photos of the sunset.  He missed it by just a couple of minutes, but got some great evening shots anyway.

Camp Finn 2012 is over, and Loch will be home this evening full of stories and dirty laundry and hopefully pictures, so stay tuned for one more camp post!

(I also harvested several perfect Brandywines last night!)


  1. Pelicans are my favorite, too. We get the brown ones. We do the cheaper dinner out thing -- with a lot of kids, it's the only way to go. Looks like a good time was had by all, but I don't know how you deal with the heat.

  2. Cripes---I want to attend Camp Finn---that looks way more fun than mowing and weeding.

  3. Sounds like Camp Finn was a success - as long as you forget about the mall I guess. :-) I don't like going to the mall either, every once in a while I do have to make a sacrifice for the girls though...

  4. were you perhaps at "Old Navy" for there $1.00 flip flop day?tell Finn not to turn his direction from that ice cream too long,just saying....

  5. Glad the churros were enough to pull Finn out of the "worst day of Camp Finn ever". Are you taking anyone else for Camp Finn next year? ;) Like, um...blog readers? ;)

  6. Great pics! I love dune grass also but only in my dreams. I've always fantasized about spending a summer in a beach cottage (very isolated) looking out on dune grass, sand and the water with my hubby and about a thousand books.

  7. Nice photos, we got hit with high winds over at the mountains last night, hope you guys missed all of that. Hot again today but it is summer after all.

  8. Beautiful pictures. So jealous, you get to garden & go to the beach. That is my dream environment!

  9. Brandywines! I am soooo envious. I love your pictures of the beach. It's so nice that you got time alone with Finn. Can't wait to hear the adventures of Loch!