right now

right now

May 9, 2011


Mondays always seem to be my catch-up post, and everything is always random on Monday... I'll need to think of a catchy phrase for this day of forgotten photo downloads!

The past few days of unrelated things going on around here:

The kids have me constantly making Jane's Gr@pe Nuts, they can't get enough of them!  This time we used some local honey for sweetener and I sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on top.  This is the first recipe I'm going to allow the kids to make from start to finish by themselves, with me supervising of course, but I think it may have to wait until school is out so they have enough time to do it.  If you haven't tried the recipe yet, what are you waiting for?!!!

The kids love crumbling the mixture before it goes in to start oven drying for the crunch...

The finished cereal:

Friday's thrift store find - loving this skirt and sweater... only $2!  My favorite colors and when I inevitably spill olive oil on it as I always do, I won't feel so bad.

Hubby's Subaru got a spa treatment, new catalytic converter and harmonic balancer.  Combined with the new timing belt and tires she got for her 105K birthday, I think she may be ready for another 100K...

Marley sat in the back seat while daddy worked on the car

Mother's Day was uneventful, it rained!  BUT... look at Finn below - I could hardly believe it, he swept for me!  Only a little bit, but I was in shock LOL.

Since it rained, we decided to take a trip out to the feed & seed store.  Although ours is a typical "city feed and seed" so it's very small, it's still better than any other type of store I could have found myself in.

Wishful thinking...

I hate having to tell them no when it comes to chickens, but we just aren't ready!  Now we are in a critical few months where we might find out if hubby's career path in the military is taking a different turn and so it's not a good time to be building coops and committing to anything property-wise.

All I needed was birdseed, but I got caught up trying on some new hats for the garden, and lucky for me the expensive ones didn't look very good on me, but the one marked $4.99 was just perfect!  Below is Finn doing his Minnie Pearl impersonation.  I'm not sure if I'll get it back from him!

Today I decided to take the day off from garden chores and sew after the regular morning house chores were done.  Yikes, it appears I have forgotten how!  I had no plan, couldn't even decide between making a dress, an apron, a purse or a quilt.  I forgot that I "needed a plan"!  After staring at a bag of scraps for 30 minutes, I just decided to wing it and make a couple of potholders.  The big blister on my hand last week let me know that these were needed greatly!  They came out kind of lame, but I admit I cut them without measuring and just slapped them together.  This little project didn't do much for my desire to sew something since I didn't have either a plan or the proper time to devote to a bigger project.  I'll just have to come to terms with the fact that sewing & spring/summer gardening don't really go together, I just don't have the time.

What is one thing you like to do that you find you don't have time for during garden season?


  1. One thing??? About 20 things is more like it---but that's why I live where winter is ENDLESS!
    I always look forward to your random "catch-up" posts.
    How about Miscellany Monday? That kinda covers it??

  2. Whenever I get grease on my clothes I put a little dawn dishwashing soap on the spot, roll up the clothing and put it in the dirty laundry to wait for washing. The grease usually comes out the first time, if not repeat. It even works for clothes that have already been through the dryer. This has saved so many clothes for me.

  3. I like "Miscellany Monday" too. I'd like more time to read but I really need to get more active so maybe more time to go for walks and hikes.
    I actually have lots of free time but not much energy to get things done. So instead of more time I'd like more energy.
    I think those pot holders look great.

  4. What's wrong with those pot holders? Nothing! I like the miscellaneous stuff, myself. It is nice to know that y'all are busy, too! Does this different career path for your hubby involve a move? Yowsers.

  5. In the summer I always wish for more time to cook. There is all that luscious food in the gardens and we're both hungry because of working harder physically but THERE'S NO COOK IN MY KITCHEN! I would love to prepare fantastic, new meals with all the fresh produce (hard to come by in Minnesota in the winter) but I just don't have the time.

    I put some of Jane's Grape Nuts in my yogurt last Saturday and it tasted soooo good.

    Your pot holders look great! But, you're right, no sense getting enthused about sewing now until next fall. Waaaahh!

    Love your catch up Mondays. I don't care what you call 'em, just keep 'em comin'.

  6. I want chickens so bad, I can't even tell you. Maybe one of these days I can convince my hubby that I just have to have them. I'm going to give those grape nuts a try. Now that I no longer have a job to go to :-( I have lots of time on my hands...

  7. One thing? Hmmmm...make some of Jane's Grape Nuts? The recipe has been on my desktop for what....2 or 3 weeks now.

    I'd vote for Miscellany Monday if only I could spell it.

  8. Sue, there is NEVER enough time LOL!

    Peggi, I will try it - there definitely will be a next time with me :)

    Sparkless, must be the time of year, I have struggled with energy this spring. I get spurts of it, but then lots of downtime between, I wish it could just be an even keel.

    Susan, thanks - but I had high hopes considering I told Marley I would make her a quilt for her dog bed, LOL she was looking at me like "mom, it's 6 inches square...." And no imminent move, but we are just exploring some options, more on that at a later date!

    Mama Pea, excellent point! I too, find that I'm so busy "putting away" produce in the summer sometimes I forget to leave some out for dinner along with the time to prepare it!

    Anke, I am sure you will find things to do with your time LOL, we always seem to fill the void with something. Hope the job situation works out, that's stressful - I'm already stressing it and we are years away from the end of his military career.

    Gran, you will love them! I try to surprise the kids with different things like honey or cinnamon in it, but it tastes fantastically good for you and it is!

  9. The poor dog couldn't figure out what was taking so long to go for a ride. My Dad used to have a dog that sat in his truck all day just in case. At the end of the day he took him for a ride around the block just so her got that ride in.

  10. I would say keeping the house clean. It goes by the wayside when the garden is going good.

  11. Wow! I think those pot holders look GREAT! Whatchoo talking about woman???

    Can not believe you were able to pass those peeps up! That had to hurt.

    Do your kids know Minnie Pearl or are we all dating ourselves?

  12. Jane, LOL that car's been sitting in the idle position for 3 months now, maybe now hubby will actually take her for a ride!

    Dani, my floors stay "yuk" during summer, I can't seem to keep beach and sandbox sand out of the house!

    APG, well thank you! Actually hubby called Finn that and I almost spit out my drink, I was so surprised he even knew who she was - he's a tad younger than I LOL