right now

right now

Apr 28, 2011

Sick of me cooking yet?

Me too!  I had intended to get some photos of the garden today, but Mother Nature isn't cooperating.  Speaking of, holy heck what is UP with those storms that ran through part of our country yesterday?  I hope you all fared well, and if you were in the path, chime in and say all is well, please.  I know I'm getting antsy waiting for Alabama blogger E.G. to pop up in my Reader and say everything is okay there.

The line of storms is just a couple of hours east of us now, so far nothing but massive winds here, if it was cold outside the whistling wind I can hear outside would remind me of Laura Ingalls!  No cold, though - it was 82ยบ at 10 a.m., with winds in excess of 45-50 mph.  We are under a tornado "watch" right now, #271 according to the NWS LOL...nothing really expected to develop here though until after 3 pm.  

With a lack of garden progress photos today, looks like it's going to be food again...

Last night's harvest:  Olympia spinach, Tango and Bronze Mignonette lettuces, Mizuna, Mache, scallions and a few pansies to dress it all up.  Annie's Granny and her harvest post reminded me to start weighing my harvests for this year, so I'll have to update my sidebar today.

Dinner Salad

My 1st loaf of whole wheat sourdough bread!  My starter is now about 12 days old, it turned out really well, and I can't wait to get better at fine tuning the baking to my oven.

I made the kids eat some salad before they were allowed to have bread.  One thing I have found to work a bit:  the "Salad Spritzers"... Finn calls it his "salad shooting gun" and it works for him, but Loch remains unconvinced.  Once these are empty I plan to foil them even further by filling them with my homemade dill and herb vinegars :)

This morning at 6 a.m. hubby says "oh, the guys have a potluck today"... today?????  Luckily I already had lots of chickpeas soaking overnight, I have yet to get that amount thing down, but due to my poor estimation I figured out that I had enough for a huge batch of hummus and I would make pitas again and just drive it all over to him when it was done.

No kidding, it made about a quart LOL!  This time I used up some of the oven dried tomatoes, and roasted garlic with the tahini and lemon juice & salt.  It turned out really well, and I'm anxious to get some fresh peppers out of the garden to roast and put in there as well.
The smell of roasted garlic at 7 am is interesting...

On to the pitas...

- then the phone rings... it's hubby stating that for the 2nd week in a row, the guys at work forgot to bring their stuff in, so the potluck was put off until next week.  Really?  LOL I bet they all tried that 6 am "I forgot" excuse at home with their wives and they all got laughed at!  

So now we are set for the whole weekend... we have a massive amount of hummus to eat, looks like I'm not cooking!  I have no problem with hummus, pitas and salad every night this weekend, so I can get some outside work done instead of cooking!


  1. If I didn't weigh my lettuce, my poundage for 2011 would still be zilch. It looks like lettuce only for quite a while, with this cold spring.

    Your bread looks wonderful! I need some of that to eat with the ham we're having every day now. We've done ham about 10 different ways since Easter, and I'm not giving up on it until the last bone is boiled. That would be today, with beans. Too bad I didn't have a potluck to attend ;-)

  2. I'll be over for some "dip". Great looking harvest!

  3. I laughed so hard that none of the guys can get it together to have a pot luck. Men! This is a horrible weather year. Unbelievable. My heart goes out to all those who lost family. Hope you pull through the other side OK. I will be thinking of you.

  4. Oh, yum! There is no such thing as too much hummus!! Kids are funny creatures - it's great that Finn will at least try things. Lovely harvest, you lucky girl, you.

  5. Gran, my harvest is pretty pathetic right now too, in the ounces LOL!
    Nartaya, hi! I do have plenty to share :)
    Jane, can you imagine their potluck? Hubby said last time there was wings that were ordered take out and a box of Chips Ahoy LOL.... LAME! I was all set to make hubby look good and it fell through!
    Susan, Finn has his moments, but he's more responsive to bribes than Loch:)

    Update: just got the robo-call that all after school events are cancelled and we are now approaching warning status with the weather, should be a fun drive to music lessons tonight with all the crazy people texting while driving in 50 mph winds...

  6. Okay, you have tortured most of us sufficiently with your luscious first garden greens, homemade bread (I'm almost ready to get in the car and drive all the way cross country for some of that whole wheat sourdough bread) and hummus!

    Methinks it would take a unique group of guys to come up with a satisfactory potluck without the cooperation of wives or significant others! Especially when they can't even remember to mention it until the morning of. For Pete's sake!

    Please take care with the nasty weather . . . and keep us updated. Stay safe.

  7. Why didn't the guys just get out and buy some food instead of expecting their wives to cook stuff or better yet cook it themselves? Okay I'm expecting too much from men, I know.

    I hope you stay safe from all that horrible weather.

    Won't homemade salad dressings plug up the spray bottles? You'd have to strain all the herbs out of it first before putting it in the spray bottle.

  8. Everything looks extra yummy!

    Guys! Ryan and I have a couple we are very good friends with. They have a lake house and they generously host some weekends. For the girls weekend, we meal plan and prepare for weeks: with yummy salads, appetizers, entrees and desserts. The guys weekend: They stop at Subway and the grocery on the drive down. Subs, beer and chips. DONE!

    Are the pitas hard to make? I think my computer must have smell a vision - because they smell great, too!

  9. Hope you are weathering the storms well. It just breaks my heart to look at all that devastation. We had a tornado go through here 5 years ago, only a few blocks from our old house. Talk about scary.
    I'm hoping that if it doesn't rain any more- or at least not much- maybe I can get into the garden to plant peas and onions early next week.
    I'm in the middle of a 6 day stretch of the paid job so I probably won't get your package off until mid next week.

  10. Congrats on the sourdough, Erin! Before you know it, it will be 12 years old.

    Hopefully the storm missed you completely!

  11. Guys and THEIR ideas---I'd like to see them have ANYTHING for a potluck without the women.
    Well, at least you get the weekend off from cooking.
    Your weather down there always sounds so "scary". We just have GLOOM and SNOW. I think I'll stick with that!

  12. Your lettuces look great. Mine are still at the "just one or two leaves from each plant" stage of harvesting, and they weigh so little that I'm not sure the scale would notice they were on there. We weighed last night's radishes: 4 ounces.

    Your cooking binge has been wonderful to follow. I finally have a day off, and I'm about to go start some bread dough . . .