right now

right now

Mar 9, 2011

Out "walking the estate"...

I'm exhausted, and feel so overwhelmed..... so I went antique shopping today LOL.  Didn't buy anything except a little leather train case for $8 to use in my sewing area, but I really had NO business leaving this house today, there's so much to be done around here.

In lieu of anything truly productive going on, I'll just show you some photos I took this morning while "walking the estate"... doesn't that sound so much better than "picking up dog poop"?

I let my colder weather seedlings sit outside a spell, below are the artichokes.

Here's my broccoli seedlings, pathetic and leggy as they are... although I can tell that the "Piricicaba" broccoli are much larger and healthier looking than the "Purple Sprouting" broccoli.  Need to make a note of that for next year.

Yay!  The Forsythia bloomed - this is the first thing in the yard to bloom every year.

Below, the grass ( I use that term loosely) is turning green!  

I neglected to put in an order of garlic last fall, so I only planted what's below that I had from last year's harvest, but they are doing well.

Below, Iris is peeking up - I'm glad now that I got those perennials hacked back a few weeks ago.

PEAS!  (look closely)

I have no idea what this is, I'm not a bulb gal - I just had a bunch and let the kids dig them in a couple of years ago, I can tell you it's really short!


And what's this?  Did Charlie Sheen get an endorsement deal?  LOL  "Where Winners Eat"!
ah, no... flip the bag over and it's a photo of Michael Phelps :)

Forecast tonight - cold, windy and storms all night and tomorrow... looks like I'll be working inside!


  1. Ah, what a taste of spring time walking the estate grounds with you! So where is the picture of your leather train case you got for the sewing area? Good thing the weather is cooperating to keep you inside for a day or so. That will enable you to give us an update on the progress inside. Your seedlings look good. Even the "leggy" broccoli looks wonderful to us up here still under three feet of snow!

  2. Your artichokes look great! Maybe you should re-pot the broccoli in to plastic pots. I don't know about you, but I have not luck with those peat pots.

    Lucky you...peas coming up!! We are going to have nasty weather here too :(

  3. Loved the photos. Your season is quite a bit ahead of us.

  4. It sure looks like spring in your yard. Today we got slushy snow which covered up all the green again.

    It's good to take a break from all your work. It helps you bring new energy and perspective when you get back to it.

  5. That bulb looks like a hyacinth. I like "walking around the estate", I'm going to use that term with the hubs and see what he says. Haha Your parsley looks awesome! I have a hard time growing parsley for some reason. Weird, I know.

  6. Your seedlings? WINNER!

    Charlie Sheen, not so much. He's one messed up dude.

    Gee, you pick up your dog poop? I get my exercise by jumping over or skirting around the dog poop in my yard. Mr. Granny calls it my Puppy Poopy Dance. My dogs are full of **it.

  7. Walking the estate. I like that term. And your broccoli looks much better than mine- of course, mine is only just up.
    And dog poop patrol- that is what children are for, right?

  8. I agree, walking the estate sounds much better. I am trying to train my dogs to find the furthest corner of the property and go there, in between the myrtle trees. I'll let you know how that works out. And great pictures. I just now put some seeds in to start. I'm envious.

  9. If only the dogs could clean up after themselves.

  10. Love to see the green and growing things! I'm hoping the weather back home straightens around in the next week-I'm hoping to fire up the cold frames and get some greens going.
    Aren't Forsythia's great? That burst of yellow is soooooo welcome after the dullness of winter!

  11. Everything looks so nice and springy. We all need a trip to the antique store now and again. recharges the soul.

  12. I'm going to adopt that term "walking the estate" - it sound so much better than my usual "picking up landmines". Our yard is starting to really green up, too bad it's only the weeds and not the actual grass. :-( We might actually have to get the mower out this weekend before the weeds reach knee height...

  13. I am sure someone has already stated this, but jut in case: mystery bulb=hyacinth.

    The sheer volume of dog doo-doo in my yard is beyond gross. Now that the snow is melted it looks like we are poo farmers. Eeeee-ewe.

  14. Your "leggy" broccoli is way ahead of mine - I just got around to starting it last week! We'll have to do a Climate Comparison on that purple broccoli and see where it does best!

  15. walking the estate! Hah. Love it and will adopt it. The stupid deer keep eating my forsythia before they have a chance to bloom. Maybe this will be their year.

    My crocus bloomed today! But we are still so far behind you...by hyacinths have put the green on, but the blooms are just starting to poke through the soil.

    would love to see the train case, too!

  16. Catching up on things...my you have been so busy! I am looking at all your seedlings and they are amazing! You rock, Erin!

    And I love the antique machine and ring by the way!