right now

right now

Mar 14, 2011

I'm still here!

Don't give up on me yet!  I've been so busy the past few days, it seems like the list of things I want/need to get done before spring descends upon my garden is never ending, anyone know of a place where I can get an intern for FREE?!  Ok, I'll cross that one off my list as un-doable.

I'm still painting every day... good news is that the whole house is painted except the nightmare kitchen job, bad news is that there is stuff everywhere, I've been working for days now on tossing things and rearranging, I hope to have photos of a finished room or two and an update tomorrow.

We stayed home all weekend, me working on the kids' room and hubby brewing two batches of homebrew.  When we finally ventured out yesterday, I was almost knocked flat by the display our local trees are putting on now, the dogwoods and pear trees are blooming, along with several of the older cherry trees.  I should have been overjoyed but instead felt this urgency to get home and get all these indoor projects done!

Front of the school

I almost forgot I needed to repot my seedlings!  I was doing this until late Saturday evening - notice how the tomatoes on the right are in danger if I don't get my butt in gear?!

Every year, the concept of "72 cell tray" doesn't seem to register with me.  I happily sow all the cells and feel confident in my large supply of peat pots, plastic containers and other vessels for repotting...DUH!  Halfway through the process I had to run to the base exchange for more pots!  It's always an emergency, I don't guess there is ever a time when I will remember how quickly the real estate needed morphs from one tray to the repotting of 4-5!  I did have plenty of pots last year, however many were for the Master Gardener Plant Sale, meaning I don't get my pots back - note to self!


They are finally repotted deeper and into larger pots, and are safely back under the lights.

It's becoming more and more difficult keeping pizza boy (hubby) away from my little basil plants!

We went out to eat one evening since I had no energy left by dinnertime, and I just had to post the kids' meals - I love it when restaurants make decent kid's meals!

Spotted this week at the kitchen table....

He's 8 going on 40!

I'm supposed to be framing photos for the wall today and rehanging stuff on the wall... instead I got out my sewing machine and am making the kids pajamas!  I was at a good stopping point with the house paint and really needed a day to "connect" with my new hobby!  This is the first time I have ever used a paper pattern so I'm kind of stressing out over it and I'm sure I'll be up all night doing it.  Hopefully the upside is getting that "first time" out of the way so I'll be a bit more confident next time!


  1. There are times when I would swear that seedlings multiply about 50 times for every seed you plant! Each time repotting is needed, you end up with a gazillion more pots!

    Your started basil looks better than anything I've ever grown in my garden. No wonder your hubby is drooling over it.

    Please post pictures of the new jammies when they're done. Two gold stars to you for taking time out to get some sewing in.

    Oh yeah. Don't forget to take enough time to smell the dogwoods!

  2. How many of you are there again? Honestly, I was exhausted just reading this post! Your seedlings look fabulous and how glorious to see trees in bloom - it gives me hope.

  3. Beautiful trees! I had to giggle when I saw the picture of your little guy! I like the morning hair that goes along with it!

  4. Erin, you have GOT to be freakin' KIDDING ME! Blooming trees????? That's just . . . not even NICE!

    Btw, I love what L's reading! ;) Next time I want to understand the local politics, I'm calling HIM! :)

  5. I been checking more often then I care to admit for an update. I think I may have a problem. :) Nice basil!!

  6. Ahem, I HAVE been checking. We picked up a new family member today, and it must be going to my head.

  7. Trees, blooming? Crazy. Your plants are looking great! I had the same re-potting issue this weekend. I just used red plastic cups with holes poked in the bottom!

    And that kid is so cute. He looks so grown up sitting there reading the paper!

  8. I bet you've been busy! Awww spring has sprung in your town. Looks like we may be a few weeks behind you.

    Your seedlings look amazing especially that basil. Basil always dies in our yard, I think it's too hot for it here in the summer. Even in the shade it's hot. I may try basil again cause it's just so good.

    Nothing cuter than a kid who reads the paper!

  9. I'm with Granny -- I need a nap, too! I started repainting our house last LAST Christmas (as in 2009) and I STILL have to finish the part over the stairs. Maybe I should put down the knitting and pick up the paint brush? Nah... :)
    I love, love your seedlings! It's not time for that yet, but soon! And the blossoms -- bring on spring! Your basil looks so pretty... I'm trying some cinnamon and lime basil this year. I l-o-v-e basil! Thanks for checking in. (And as if we'd give up on you...)

  10. Mama Pea, I needed to sew :)... I finished the jammies just now and they are HUGE LOL, they are camo so he will look like a 3.5 ft tall 200 lb tree hehehe, but I'll post a pic tomorrow so everyone can get a laugh! Hubby is already stocking up on his allergy stuff, the house and cars will be lime green with pollen before long.

    Susan, ha! YOU are the one who's so busy AND you have time to cook!

    Megan, yep he was eating his morning Cheerios! He gets them all by himself now (yay!) but when I walked in and he was just sitting there it was pretty funny :)

    Gran, If I had my way I'd nap during the day and stay up all night since that's how my body has been working lately, but I don't think I'd get much parenting done that way LOL

  11. Chicken Mama, he always beats me to the paper! He's very fond of the "Conservation Tales"!

    Kelly, exciting! Is it a neurotic DOG?! You probably already blogged and I haven't even read blogs yet today, ooops!

    Kaytee, if only he could do chores like a grownup!

    Sparkless, nope the heat isn't the issue, the hotter the better for basil! Mine goes in full sun all day, 98ยบ and humid! Maybe just try a different variety?

    Fiona, LOL, remember I only have 4 rooms to paint, and I feel so BAD when I don't blog but when it's 9 pm and my back is killing me all I want to do is plop down on the couch :)

  12. Intern, yes where do we get a couple of those. There has got to be a way!

  13. Your house is going to look wonderful once you are finished!! The seedlings are looking good girl!!

    I just love that pic of your son reading the paper....priceless!!

  14. Hey Erin, what type of soil do you start your seedlings in?

  15. Unbelievable how many things you are working on and getting done. I'm wore out just reading about it.
    Your seedlings are looking really good. Isn't it fun watching them grow? I love checking on mine...
    That last picture is adorable!

  16. Jane, you REALLY need an intern! I'd be okay with your rejects :)

    Robin, thank you, it seems never-ending but I have a deadline for the house of "whenever it's time to sow outside" LOL

    Dani, I just use seed starting mix, whatever's cheap for starting them, and when I repot I use potting soil cut with peat (until it's gone, I'm not buying that anymore) - and vemiculite. I haven't mixed "my own" since 2 years ago when I bought some stuff for the homemade mix and it was full of bugs!

    Anke, I can't wait until they can go outside during the day so I can take down the light contraption LOL, it takes up half the house!

  17. You've been busy! Tomato seedlings already??? That's awesome. Now you're getting me excited.

  18. Hi from the road-sorry I've been behind on blogs (including my own!) I can't get over how "compact" your basil is-it is GORGEOUS. So full and leafy for that size. How the heck did you manage that? Mine at that stage always have one scrawny leaf? Must you do EVERYTHING well??
    Glad your painting is almost done. Take some time to enjoy the spring---I imagine down there it doesn't last too long before it gets hot!

  19. Thomas, you have so many seedlings already you are putting me to shame!

    Sue, my basil sits an inch under a light and usually does well, but this year I think the big leaf difference is that I am growing a variety called "Lettuce Leaf Basil", so it's gonna get BIG!