right now

right now

Feb 10, 2011

My quilting plans foiled again!

Woke up to this!  About 3-4 inches fell last night and early this morning.

I had plans to go to the quilt shop for some fabric after sending the kids off to school, but snow in Virginia Beach means.... school's cancelled!  My plans foiled yet again.

I had some other sewing I could have done, but with my 2 boys & their friend in the house itching to go outside and play, I resigned myself to the fact that my house was going to be a wet mess and decided to "live in the moment" as they say, and go outside with them.  One of the things I am trying to work on this year is not being so schedule/task oriented and to start trying to take things as they come and enjoy the little things, I know I've heard many times that when it's time to leave this life nobody ever says "I wish I'd had more time to pick up the house" LOL...

 Bonus:  when the boys have a friend over, they are actually much better behaved with no fighting, and happy kids = unstressed mom!  How cool is it that our new neighbor's son is in my son's kindergarden class and they are already good friends? - they'll have a nice time this summer being able to just head out the back door to play with a friend instead of me hovering over them in the front yard where I don't know all the neighborhood kids/or their parents.

 I think Loch needs E.G. to come visit and help him out with the structural engineering here!

Finn in the background showing his friend some winter footwear fun - I'm glad we forgot to leave these at mom's house over Christmas!

Meet Neptune, he's the neighbor dog - he fits in really well around here, now we have a whole "herd" of herding dogs!  I let them all inside this little house afterwards to have a biscuit and they were doing figure 8's with wet paws and snow filled nostrils and I was able to just laugh it off, see - I'm improving!

The thing I miss most about living up north: MUDROOMS - this is actually my bedroom!

Mama bought a round of hot chocolate, I think these guys will sleep well tonight, they played for hours!

Other news:  "Early Purple Sprouting" Broccoli wins the germination race!

Check out this trashy light setup - hubby hasn't been able to finish my "light thing" he's been constructing since he's working long hours and we don't have a garage so the weather has been holding him up.  But the seeds wait for no man... they needed lights this morning!  So I just rigged this in the meantime, luckily I only have this one flat right now, if it was tomato time I'd be in trouble.

Here's Loch just doing his Loch thing, I didn't ask LOL...  I walked by him and just said "hey Loch, why don't you go be a 7 year old for awhile?" he just scowled at me.   :)


  1. Oh, you'll be eating your words with Loch in 15 years when he's some rocket scientist/nobel prize winning genious! I think you can always see the adult in them and I think you have quite the little success right there.

  2. I love the static hat heads all slurping up the cocoa. Cute.

  3. Good for you, Erin! I know how hard it is to change gears when a snow day is called, but it looks like the boys had a great day! Hot chocolate tastes always better on snow days, I think...

  4. I love all that cute boy hat hair around the table - except for Finn, that is. He always has perfect hair! It is hard to just relax, isn't it? But so much better for you!

  5. Hehehe. I just love your boys!

  6. It looks like they had lots of fun! It's great that they have a new friend so close by.

  7. Oh wow that's a lot of snow for you guys. Looks like the kids had a blast though. Quilting will wait for another day.

    I can't believe your plants are up already!

  8. You got lovely snow to play in and we've been having temps so cold your nostrils freeze shut when you try to breathe outside! Ice and hard-packed old snow is what we have right now. (Fortunately, hot chocolate still tastes good!)

    Do you know how many mamas would give anything to have the "problems" you have with Loch?? ;o) I'm going on record right here and now to say that boy is going to accomplish great things in his lifetime!!

  9. Good for you for allowing yourself to kick back and have some fun. You're right, no one will ever wish they had more time for house work or dishes but will regret those missed moments with their children.

  10. We had another snow day today, too. Nadia was all better, we were ready to go back and we have another snow day... Oh well, at least the kids were feeling good again and were able to enjoy the snow and playing outside...

  11. Looks like tons of fun and good for you for just going with the flow!

  12. Oh, the boys looked like they had a great time!! "Little Einstein" got those genes from somebody!

  13. Sue, I hope you're right! I always feel badly thinking that he's not getting enough "kid time", but this is the way he likes it!

    Jane & Fiona, that cocoa was gone in less than a minute I think LOL!

    Susan, poor Finn - I'm going to have to let him grow up soon and let him get rid of the "bowl cut" hair :)

    Dani, meems, Sparkless - they had so much fun, I keep forgetting that having an extra kid around actually means that although they are making a huge mess, they are also having fun & staying out of my hair!

    Mama Pea, I've seen your temps and BRRRR! This was perfect for them to play in today, about 32-35º. I admit that I am very lucky with Loch, no behavior issues (unlike his brother LOL) and he's smart as a whip but I fear he will "outgrow" his parents soon and we'll bore him! I know great things are in store for him, I just worry about him getting through the bullying/mean kids stage in the interim, sadly the very qualities that make him so special are what also can be a big "target" sign on his back. He surprises me on a daily basis with what he can handle, though.

    Judy, I WILL get to the fabric store tomorrow though :)

    Anke, glad Nadia is feeling better, that's got to be the worst - calling a snow day and being too sick to enjoy it.

    Ruth, it's hard for me to let go of the steering wheel I'll admit... baby steps....!

    Robin, it's got to be their grandma - my mom is one smart woman! It skips a generation LOL

  14. I finally asked Loch what he was doing while I was blogging earlier, he said he's "graphing broccoli development".... :)

  15. I guess we're not the only ones getting snow...though I'm sure yours will be gone waaaay before ours.

    How did they get those blocks of snow so perfect? EG would be proud.

  16. Thomas, there are "ice block makers" available! They are cheap plastic rectangles with handles on them you pack with snow and build with - you should be able to get them at somewhere like W@lmart or a hardware store, anywhere that sells sleds - you & Jonathan could make a sweet snow fort before it all melts :)

  17. We got a little of that too, but just a dusting this time. I imagine the boys were in heaven with all that. Writing about snow one minute and then the seedling the next, how cool is that?