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right now

Dec 13, 2010

I'm SNOW excited... & a Holiday Message...

This has been going on since this morning, no signs of stopping yet!  To the people who don't believe in climate change, I say "hmmmpf"!  Used to be we would go 5-6 years without seeing so much as a flake, but for the past 3 years, we have had accumulation - but this is the first year it has happened this early.

I always love seeing the winter garden photos other bloggers post, I finally have some of my own to share!

This is a Dwarf Burning Bush (Euonymus) - I use that term loosely since my "dwarf" is 7 feet high by about 10 feet wide/

I had hope for some of my garden.... we had temps in the 20's at night that killed a lot, but then yesterday it was in the upper 50's so I thought I might be able to get rid of the outer limp leaves and go on, but today has sealed the fate of the fall garden.

Above are the peas, sadly they were still covered with blossoms.
Below, Cauliflower & Broccoli Beds.  I did manage to get a bit of broccoli harvested and eat many salads from the bed of greens before weather took its toll.

Frantic knitting... yes indeed that is FOUR different projects going at once.  Thankfully, this seems to be the only area of my life I suffer from ADD in, who knew?  And yes, that was an active decision by myself to bring the entire bottle of wine out, you never know...

This photo bears repeating in light of today's festive weather:

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to share our family's "perfect Christmas song" for this year.  I've been doing this military life for over 20 years now (not even counting my childhood as a Navy brat), and even I turn to a sobbing mess when listening to this!  We are very lucky in that hubby IS sailing home for Christmas, but I hope you can listen and watch the entire thing and keep those who won't be home and their families with an empty seat at the holiday table in your thoughts this year.  You probably all know someone, either a family member, friend, or just someone's family "down the street" who could use your good wishes and love this Christmas.  My brother is among them, he will be spending Christmas in a cold, mountainous place half a world away - we are thinking of you and will drink some extra holiday cheer in your honor!  Hope we get to hear from you over the holiday, we miss you, we love you very much, and are so proud of you.


  1. That song was wonderful!
    And you have GORGEOUS snow pictures!!
    But when you go north you will have even more.
    We are heading to my brother's in Colorado for a few days. So we can compare snowy pics :)

  2. Look at that snow! And people STILL don't believe in Global Climate Change!

    You are so strong to deal with having loved ones gone, especially for the holidays. I hope your husband makes it home safe and sound and that your brother does too, whenever he gets the chance.

  3. Wonderful!! I know you're loving that snow, even though I'm sure it's going to do in a LOT of plants.
    Your photos are great-enjoy the day!

  4. Jill, thanks! I splurged on another memory card to ensure that I WILL come home with some northern photos!

    Kaytee, hubby's on the home stretch now he has left the combat area so I think we can breathe easier now.

    APG, I warned ya!!!

    Sue, the garden is officially kaput, I can't say I'm unhappy, I was growing resentful of it LOL

  5. Okay, so I only cried for 4 minutes of the video.

    Poor, poor peas that never made it. (Promise me you won't put in another planting of "just a few things" before you leave on vacation.)

    Regarding your knitting projects, I don't know whether to advise you to drink more wine, or stop drinking the wine.

    Your header photo is GORGEOUS.

  6. It's incredible how much snow you got! Wow! It's hard to believe! It hasn't snowed here yet, but it's coming I'm sure.

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new header photo. And the pictures of the snowy garden. And the bottle of vino. Climate change is not negotiable, it is the reasons behind everyone likes to fight over, right? The planet is always changing, that is the one guarantee (besides death and takes). :) Off to listen to your song, if I dare cry in my coffee this morning.

  8. I love your snow pictures. Does the wine help with the knitting cause I think I need some then.

    Global warming has changed the weather patterns and we'll see more weird weather along with an average warming of temps.

    Sheesh why'd you want to make me cry?! We always send off packages to our Canadian military boys for Christmas and wish everyone who is serving their country a safe and happy Christmas.

  9. The broccoli will last through the winter here in Virginia. I had a few plants last year after the snows we had and I got 6 pounds of broccoli from them. All I had to do was leave them alone, and every warm day, they grew a little until they were big enough to harvest.

    The cold weather here is really nothing new. My In-Laws have pictures from the 40's and 50's era when the Elizabeth river between Norfolk and Portsmouth was frozen so thick, people drove their cars over to downtown Norfolk on the ice. I can't believe they did that on a tidal river, but seeing is believing.

  10. Meemsnyc, it really is pretty strange! And more for tomorrow forecast!

    Kelly, I've even heard people say there isn't such a thing as climate change, guess they've been hiding in the house for awhile LOL

    Sparkless, wine doesn't help LOL... just puts me to sleep!

    Veggie PAK, hello! Good to know about the broccoli, mine last year didn't make it but I am growing a different variety this year so there may still be hope. I have lived here for over 20 years now and I don't remember it being this cold this early or snow, only the occasional flurry! That's crazy about driving on the ice, since it's brackish, LOL, you wouldn't catch me out there "testing it out" I'll leave that to others. Back home even in MN there are always people losing their cars into the lakes or rivers because they don't consider the current, it may be 30 below, but that current will keep ice thin! Good to see another gardener in my area, I'll have to check out your blog today!