right now

right now

Nov 8, 2010

Life in Neuroticville

Time for my weekend wrap-up! Nothing really blog-worthy, as you will see, but thanks for hanging in there anyway!

I apologize for not replying to all the helpful sewing comments I received on those posts, but the reason is that I was "sew busy" (haha) putting into action all your advice that I kind of got caught up in it all!

I spent Friday night cleaning my machine. No kidding, I really did open that bottle of Jack Daniels and pour myself a cocktail while cleaning the heck out of it. It's never been cleaned in 19 years and it's also never been covered! That may be my first project, a sewing machine cover. My kids were in bed and it was really nice and quiet in here, streaming a radio show over the internet and then followed by an hour of 40's big band music that made the whole project feel kind of homesteader-ish.

The next day things got interesting. I was cleaning out my purse and came across one of the coupons for a craft store here for 50% off, Saturday only! I really needed that grid ruler and they are a bit pricey so I told the kids to hurry and we ran out the door to go buy it at about 4 p.m. - we got it alright...

Half off made it 9.99! Feeling very happy, we drove back home.
As we walked in the front door my son says "mom, you aren't going to like this..."

Sprocket, who shall be referred to as "Charlie's dog" from here on out, had torn up the sock I was working on! She pulled out all 4 bamboo needles and they were in bits all over the couch and floor. I had been in such a rush to leave and save some $$ that I had left the knitting on the coffee table!

Bamboo Needles: $13.99


Here's a reminder of our furry family members...

This is Marley, the good dog, MY dog!

and this is Sprocket... hubby's dog!
BAD, BAD DOGGIE... see she's even on the couch while Marley was being her usual well-behaved self.

To top that off, Thing 1 comes home from school today with the below library book and starts in with "can we get a Border Collie, pleeeeeze?"

Yeah, I'll get right on that. Just what this little urban homestead needs, another herding dog with no sheep to herd! To be fair, our choice of pets tends to fit right in with our personalities, OCD, Type A, and neurotic! Funny how that works out...

I spent the whole day cleaning house yesterday, not really the "moving out" kind, but things that really need to be done so they won't weigh on my mind. Cleaned windows, plantation shutters, under the stove and fridge, that type of thing. Hubby will also be happy to know that I have converted the bed back to a bed LOL. Pretty much the day after he left, I put the wide side of the bed up against the wall and arranged all the pillows day-bed style instead, giving me an extra 12 square feet - you laugh....

Organized a sewing area for myself.

Still knitting.

Garlic still not planted.

I meant to plant that darn garlic today, but woke up to 38º and thought, nope! First it rained for a week straight, now we have 30 mph north winds on top of the cold temps moving in! As soon as it gets in the 50's again this week I'll do it. Yes, I'm a northern gal - I do actually enjoy winter, I just don't particularly like digging my hands into 38º cold wet soil in the shade and can't-catch-your-breath wind! I prefer a hike or sledding or watching it from the window!

Wow, a lot of rambling for a not so exciting weekend! Truth is, I'm enjoying the break. Just because I can garden 3 seasons doesn't necessarily mean I always want to!

I end on a sad note. Two of my blogging friends lost furry loved ones recently. Jill from A Berry Good Life-Farm Girl lost their doggy friend Allie, and Chicken Mama of Tales of Chicken Mama, Lady Homesteader (Mama Pea's daughter) lost her beloved homestead cat Annie Blue just today to an incident with wildlife. Take a moment to include them in your thoughts this evening. I know most of us are also pet lovers and have probably been there a time or two, it never gets easier.


  1. Love your rambling posts. Make me feel like I know what's going on in your neck o' the woods!

    Did Marley chew the sock along with the needles? We've been really lucky with our Zoey. After she passed out of the puppy-I-chew-any-and-everything stage, she's never bothered one thing.

    I think we may have your weather. Up to 50 today. I was out and about and everyone was commenting that it felt like spring. And here it is November 8th! Not normal at all. Should we be aware of bad things to come??

    Thanks for putting the note in about Annie Blue. I visited Jill's blog and cried all the way through her tribute to Allie. You're right. It never gets any easier.

  2. I am good at rambling, just ask my dogs and kids - with no adult conversation to be had in this house it can get pretty bad! It was Sprocket who got the sock, but no, she didn't eat the sock! The stitch loops were still sticking up all around it! Maybe it's a good thing I'm such a tight knitter. She prefers hard things like Legos, coffee tables, that sort of thing LOL. Losing a pet is so hard, I've already had to do it 3 times as an adult. One of the hazards of preferring to adopt older dogs.

    Are you watching Dancing with the Stars tonight? I rarely watch it but I am now because I have actually developed a fondness for Bristol Palin after seeing her on "Ellen", she was funny and pretty well spoken, considering what a mess her life was last year :)

  3. Sorry to read about the sock and the bamboo needles. :( I'm like that with coupons too. I am known to be a coupon lady. Hey, if I can save a few bucks, I will.

  4. Oh no! I can't believe your dog did that! Oops...HIS dog! That stinks! But I am very glad you got such a good deal on your ruler, you needed it!

    The problem with dogs are their faces. When they look like yours do, it's hard to stay mad at them.

    Glad you got your machine all fixed up and ready to roll!

  5. I should have asked for a tutorial on cleaning the sewing machine......eeek...I've never done ANYTHING to mine, except sew with it....Oh - and break off the piece that holds the spool of thread and replace it with a nail. that might be part of the problem with my tension?

  6. Many apologies for getting the dogs mixed up. (And sorry I could ever even think you could do such a thing, Marley.)

    I did watch DWTS tonight. (That's when I get my ironing done every week!) Since Bristol Palin has never performed in any way before an audience or had any experience dancing such as they have to do, I gotta say she's doing pretty well. She does seem to be a really nice girl.

  7. I love your rambling posts too!
    Poor Sprocket-obviously in the DOG HOUSE (haha).
    And your "not so much so" cleaning constitutes spring cleaning in some homes. You're a very funny gal, and I always smile reading your posts and comments on other sites.
    Have a great week, Erin!

  8. Oh no, poor sock & needles. I think a third dog is just what you need!! ;)

  9. APG, I still can't figure out Sprocket's "looks" LOL, she's dog-like I suppose!

    Melissa, you had me laughing at the thought of the nail holding the spool, that is SO something I would do and not even think twice!

    Sue, I guess it is that type of thing, with hubby coming home soon (anything less than 3 months away is soon!) it's just like getting ready for another season!

    Kelly, LOL! A round of Border Collies for EVERYONE!

    Stevie, hello! I thought the kids were cute with that turkey too, although I wasn't comfortable with how close hubby let them get, but that's men for you!

  10. meemsnyc, I'm not a crazy coupon lady for groceries and stuff, but anything crafty or book store I've found there is no reason ever to pay full price if there's a chain store near you, every time you check out you get a 40-50% off coupon, and extra ones on the internet!

  11. Haha...Sprocket sounds like our Maggie who likes to steal food and sleep on the couch when we're not at home.

    I bought a sowing machine earlier this year but it's still sitting in the box. The motivation learn how to sow has been escaping me lately.

  12. Sorry about the needles. The culprit in my house is the cat. He loves to chew on the tips of my needles if I leaves them poking out of my knitting basket. Fortunately I can just sand them a bit and they are good as new. A dog sure can do some damage....but they are so cute.

  13. I cringe just reading about those bamboo needles! As well as the sock that was torn up! Those things don't knit themselves! Sorry to hear about it!