right now

right now

Nov 10, 2010

In case you were wondering if I've gone completely insane...

I'll just go ahead and confirm it for you!


What do you mean it's not even Thanksgiving yet?

even the moose gets a glass ball!

I did stop short of a tree though, it's not that they aren't even available yet, but more that it's a little more fuss than I want since we won't be here for Christmas!

I did however hang tree-like material from the kitchen ceiling LOL!

When you have a husband who has been deployed for the better part of the whole year, it's easy to get carried away with anticipation!

The dogs however, were unimpressed...

Finished 2 pair of socks.

The above pair were supposed to be for hubby. I keep trying to loosen up my knitting - I've used larger needles, tried to drink wine to relax, all to no avail. Doesn't matter what I do, I get ladies' size 6 socks! At this rate I will be the one with the warmest feet this winter!

Finnegan's new woolies:

His feet are so darn cute!

The below lazy dinner is brought to you by: a mom obsessed with knitting socks!

"sssssshhhhhh! wait 'til I finish this round!"

I get to start fresh tonight trying to knit a pair for hubby, the lady at the yarn store suggested valium might do the trick to loosen up those stitches - but I'm afraid I'll end up with a scarf!

WAY too cold, gray & windy again today to garden...


  1. My SIL just announced she put up her Christmas decorations this week and I thought she'd lost her grip. Now you!! What's going on this year? I've barely gotten my Thanksgiving ones out/up!

    Finn's feet are so darn cute! Those very words were in my mind even before I read your caption. Love the beige ones you've knit for yourself. I mean your hubby. But turned out to be yours. So where are Loch's first pair? How 'bout doggie booties for your trip north this winter? Hahaha.

    We going to get a simple supper here, too, tonight. Your grilled cheese sandwiches look so darn good I wish I could rip 'em off the monitor.

  2. I love that you decorated! My Aunt has her outside stuff up already and I am wanting to put my tree up NOW!

    Your socks are super cute! And Finn's are even cuter! Valium, that should do the trick and who doesn't need a good neck scarf any way???

    Must be the night for simple suppers...you wouldn't believe the slop I fed my husband tonight!

  3. I'll DO the Christmas tunes, but NOT the decorations ..........yet!

    You are doing a terrific job on the socks. Aside from the sizing issue......
    Perhaps some lessons from Mama Pea????

  4. Hysterical! I am feeling the vibe, too. I was at Hobby Lobby over the weekend, and typically would have turned away from the Christmas aisles, but instead found myself strangely drawn to them. BUT, hard and fast rule here: DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING. Grilled cheese *nom*

  5. I couldn't stop laughing about this post. Hahahahaha I love the holiday decorations. Looks awesome! And not too early! My sister-in-law told me she got a Christmas card in the mail the day after Halloween. I was like, what the??? I love the socks! Very nice!

  6. Erin, a nice glass of wine sounds better. Great looking socks! my knitting is limited to scarves and shawls; maybe I could learn to do socks in my spare time. ;)

  7. I love your rustic decorations Erin! We use tons of Ponderosa pine cones to decorate and my daughter found an deer antler just like the one in your first picture. Very pretty!
    I've given up on my hat for now and am turning to doing another scarf. I may make it into a little purse though since that won't be difficult to do. Your socks are lovely. Funny how you can't get them to knit up in a bigger size. You must need lots of warm socks.

  8. Sue, I don't think Ms. Erin needs any lessons from me. Have you noticed how FAST she's gone from just teaching herself to knit to fairly advanced patterns and projects?? Geesh, give that girl some knitting needles and stand back. Someone could get hurt!

  9. I love it that you've found something so perfect for you! I used to crochet, but I haven't done it in years. So....since you're so adept at them, you taking orders for women's size 6?

  10. Mama Pea, whoa! Ha ha, it appears that I can only do socks! I have yet to knit a hat in the round LOL! I'm not sure what's going on, but it appears the holidays are coming faster this year. At first I thought it was just our squadron families that were all excited to start decorating, but then I keep seeing that bloggers all over the country are already breaking out the Xmas music! And, I still have my scarecrow and pumpkins outside LOL but it's another holiday inside - I drew the line at putting out the grapevine reindeer and lights in the front yard so early :)

    APG, valium, can you imagine LOL? I wouldn't get a thing done, I wouldn't have even gotten to the yarn store :)

    Sue, I'd take knitting lessons from Mama Pea any day, but what I really would like from her is a tour of her sewing room :)

    Melissa, Hobby Lobby! I'm jealous, I heard about that place and looked it up and saw that they only exist out west, but wow they are huge

    meemsnyc, I am a total sap when it comes to holiday decorating!

    Di, I agree, wine is much safer - I am responsible for little ones after all, but just wait until their daddy gets home hahaha

    Sparkless, actually everything you see on my bookshelves is up year round, I just dress them up a bit for the holiday. I struggled for a long time to reconcile my love of the north woods cabin life with my obsession with modern scandinavian design so I just wing it and call my style "Mod Cabin" LOL

    Mama Pea, my husband would have to agree that someone could get hurt... so much so that he packed his seabag and left 6 months ago LOL!

  11. See, that's why I use circs - far fewer pointy-ends, so it's harder to hurt someone!

    I admit, I work a bit backward when it comes to knitting. I find a yarn/needle size combo that makes a fabric that I like (which for socks is usually pretty firm!), then I look for a project that matches that gauge, or I design my own. I have more patience with this method than with knitting multiple gauge swatches with the same yarn trying to match someone else.

    Fortunately DH doesn't care if his socks have fancy patterns on them - that's just for my own entertainment! If I can't find something I can make work with the yarn I have, he gets plain-vanilla. Just as well, because they keep accidentally ending up in the wash :(

  12. Your socks turned out really nice. I love, love, love knitted socks in the winter. Hubby won't wear them, but the girls and I love them.
    Wait till I finish this round sounds very, very familiar...
    Your Christmas decorations are so pretty, I really like the garland you hung in the kitchen. Maybe I'll climb up into the attic this weekend and get our gazillion boxes down...

  13. Yup, I seem to remember something about your husband fearing that you were going to stab him in the thigh with a knitting needle while sitting on the couch one night. However, I do not think that's the reason he left on his extended "vacation!"

  14. hahahahah We did grilled cheese at my house last night too. With some tomato soup.
    I needed quilting time. :-D