right now

right now

Oct 16, 2010

The reason for girls' nights...

The following are some conversations here that happened over the past 24 hours.

Conversation #1 "Who's on First?"

Finn: walks into kitchen announcing "Grandma is your MOMMY!"
Me: "EXACTLY!" (yay, he finally gets it!)
Finn: "But I thought you said she was my grandma"
Me: "she is, and she is my mommy, too"
Finn: "so whose kid is Grandpa's?"
Me: (sigh) this is getting old
Loch: yells from the other room "we are all a family, it doesn't matter whose kids is whose!" (me thinking wha? are we in West Virginia now?)

Finn: "If you are grandma's kid, why don't you live there?"

Conversation #2 "Why Ask Why?"

Me: (it's 10 am and they are playing Legos still in their jammies) "you boys go get dressed and brush your teeth now"
Finn: "WHY?"
Me: "Because I said so."
Loch: "Are we going somewhere?"
Me: "No."
Loch: "then howcome?"
Me: "because it's 10 am and you look lazy like that, now get dressed and ready"
Finn: "what are we getting ready for?"
Me: "ready for ANYTHING, now just go do it!"
Loch: "well, what might happen if we weren't ready?"
Me: "what if your uncle called and said 'hey, I'm in town come and get me' and we couldn't do it just because you weren't dressed yet?"
Loch: "I don't think so, isn't he over doing a war or something?"

So there ya go, this was only a 24 hour snippet! That's why we need more girls' nights! And lots more wine, one bottle is clearly not enough when dealing with these children LOL! Last night was very appreciated, even if we didn't get too much knitting done. I got about 10 rows done and watched L cast on and knit the same row about 10 times, but whatever, it was nice!

Other funny (to me) observations last night: we got home about 10 pm, which is a late night for the kids so I told them to go straight to their rooms and put warm jammies on because I'm NOT turning on the heat yet. I go in there to check on them and see Finn like this:

Is he putting jammies on or getting ready for the Iditarod?!

To put things in perspective, it's only getting down to the 50's at night and still mid-upper 60's during the day and the house temp is 66ยบ, this is my one month so shut down that heatpump and save some $$!

Left one of my knitting needles at L's house, ooops! That was just insurance that we have to go back soon and do it again. No gardening today, the wind is gusting about 45 mph out there so I am tackling the sewing machine today and the kids' Halloween costumes. Of course here I am procrastinating by blogging:)


  1. Yeah, I'm procrastinating by reading blogs. I've got a list a mile long but here I sit. sigh- I'd better get busy.

  2. Gosh I miss having kids around. They say the damndest things, don't they? What a hoot!

  3. LOL, this was so funny! Your kids are adorable.

  4. "Is he putting jammies on or getting ready for the Iditarod?" Lordy, I got a laugh out of that one! Your "heat" situation is a lot like ours these days. It's still too warm to "waste" wood by keeping a fire going all day. But uncomfortable chilly in the morning and sometimes at night. Last night hubby asked if I wanted a fire and I said no, that I was gonna be snuggled in bed soon and would be warm enough then. He sat down on the couch to read and five minutes later said, "I've GOT to have a fire. I'm freezing!" If he had gotten ready for bed and dressed like Loch, he would have been fine. ;o)

    I'm glad you're chronicling these gems your boys spew forth. This time passes all too quickly.

  5. Lol! We've had conversations about the grandparent vs parent status at our house over the summer. Thank goodness that's all settled now! I can't believe it's colder there, then it is here.

  6. My kids were amazed that I even had a mom when they figured out grandma was my mom and the other one was their dad's mom. I'm not sure where they thought I came from but I suspect they thought I was dropped on earth as a fully formed mom.
    Mom's need a night out every week!

  7. Hey now, don't be slammin' my WV family roots! ;0

  8. Sparkless, I think the kids think I "just fell of the turnip truck" this way LOL!

    Dani, never slammin' WV for real - it is BEAUTIFUL there, we even entertained moving there after the military for awhile except the economy is terrible there. I had just finished watching "Wrong Turn" the night before (WV up in the hills slasher flick) LOL I had WV on the brain! I actually have heard the same things said about other states like " " I won't say it because then E.G. will be all over me LOL!

  9. "Because I said so", that has to be the number one all time best and most heard statement from any parents mouth. Your kids are funny!

    So, did I read correctly that you are tackling the sewing machine today? Soooo how's it going??

  10. Apple Pie Gal, I did! I'll post tonight!

  11. Oh Erin, I read a few posts tonight, you are just so endearing, wish you were my neighbor. I am now 3 months without leaving the farm and so missing a woman's company, your blog helps so much. Peace

  12. Rose, I agree! Many times I hear that same sentiment about how great it would be if all us bloggers could live near each other, but you know with that much intelligence (LOL) all together we would take over the world!!!