right now

right now

Oct 12, 2010

my crack pipe is broken!

Oh yes, it's THAT serious! Some of you are familiar with my addiction. Well, my world stopped turning about 4 days ago when my espresso machine developed a serious leak that was preventing the water from entering the basket... i.e. NO ESPRESSO! I cannot afford to replace this machine! I have been drinking iced coffee the past few days and let me tell you, it's not the same - not even close. I am the whack job that drinks espresso pretty much 24/7. I think nothing of drinking a double shot latte at 11 pm. I decided to do what any self-respecting mama with limited funds would do: I fixed it myself! If you are really bored, you can visit this awesome tech post on the Breville! Yeah, I didn't think you were that bored LOL.

Household Emergency

I really don't know exactly what I did, but it involved tightening screws, shining flashlights, a wire brush and lots of vinegar.

The big moment!

Yay! Back in business!

For any of you considering an espresso machine purchase (the kind of machine that makes real espresso), I actually highly recommend this one. The Breville isn't cheap (several hundred), BUT - it's not digital, which means it can be fixed, customer service is awesome, and it's been pretty much unstoppable - I've had it 5 years already. I have had one problem a couple of years ago with the power cord, and Breville not only replaced the entire machine with a new one, it was delivered the same day UPS showed up to collect the old one. And I am NOT gentle on this thing, I pull about 12-15 shots a day and it is on for at least 14 hours a day. So there's my plug!

In other exciting news, I was able to go thrift store bargain hunting without my kids for the first time, and it was pretty lucrative today. Get ready for this: I got Patagonia and Columbia fleece jackets for the kids, the 89.00 Mountain Hard Wear fleece jacket I was coveting last year, and Banana Republic and Icelandic wool sweaters with original tags still on for hubby for a grand total altogether of $13.50!

I hit it on just the right day, winter clothing was 50% off plus my military discount = Sweet Bargain! I have been stressing all the winter clothing we need for our upcoming winter vacation but this has made things much easier. I think it helps that we are in VA, there's lots of winter things that have pretty much never been used! Now if I could just find tires for the Outback for 75% off LOL, those are seriously needed before we go too!

and oh, look at the time - I guess I forgot the garden again today!


  1. Oh thank goodness You fixed it. I was imagining the worst. What a deal at the goodwill! I need to go without the kids, myself.

  2. Oh my huband would give his right arm for an expresso machine! Glad to hear you fixed it.
    Awesome deals!

  3. Coffee. Clothes. What can I say? Desperate times call for desperate measures! Whether it be fixing your own espresso machine or scoring big on winter clothing, you are one resourceful woman!

  4. Oh, I see! We have a caffiene addiction in common too! OMG...if that happened to me I would be a raving lunatic also! I live on Dunkin' Donuts coffee and only whole bean as it goes into my Melitta Mill and Brew....yummmmm.

    My mom just ordered the Breville Pod machine and is so excited. It came with high marks also. If my Melitta ever busts, I will seriously consider that brand.

    Your crack pipe really got my attention! HA! Glad you can take more hits!

    Oh, and I did walk out to the garden today and quickly ran away! :)

    Sounds like you hit pay dirt at the thrift spot! Awesome!!! Gotta love a good deal! I seldom have to buy new b/c my in-laws always hands stuff down to me. And it doesn't ever bother me. I call them "Mini-Me" outfits when I look like them. Whatever!

    Hey MamaPea...did you note all the caffiene on the blogs today???? I think it's a sign!!!

  5. grrrr..I hate when stuff breaks! sooo glad you could fix it, wonder woman. nice. and tasty deals, too. now, I'm a coffee drinker - but what's so great about the espresso?

  6. You go girl! It's so nice to see someone not afraid to tear into something. I have a co-worker who (seriously) called the plumber because of a dripping faucet. He came and tightened the screw on the handle. OUCH.
    Great thrift finds! I'm so jealous.

  7. Okay, I don't feel nearly so guilty about the cup or two of tea I have nearly each day. :) Congrats on fixing the machine!

  8. I'd love to see my doctors face if I said I did that much espresso---she'd have a cow for sure.
    Lordy, woman, your blood pressure must be through the ceiling. But, I am glad you got it fixed....I sure do understand!

  9. Couldn't spend that much money on a "coffee" machine but I am sure I would be having to fix it if it broke down.
    Four jackets for $13.50 was a good deal. I do a lot of thrift store shopping myself though I can't say that I care what the brand name is, just pick what I like and what I think will last.

  10. Hey, Apple Pie Gal - Heck yes, everybody was talking about coffee! So much so that I had to go make myself a second latte of the day (something I rarely do) this afternoon. Tasted great!

    Now if I can just learn to thrive on 5 hours sleep a night like you and 12-15 shots of espresso a day like you, Erin, I'll be a new woman!!

    And Melissa - Some studies show that espresso has less caffeine than brewed coffee. I think I've read that it's something about the amount of time the water spends in the grounds. When brewing espresso, the water is forced through the grounds very quickly.

  11. Wow, Erin you are so handy! Nice job on fixing the espresso maker! And I love your score on the winter clothes. Nice!!

  12. Mama Pea, you are correct in that there is fewer mg of caffeine in espresso than coffee! This was an issue I deferred to my dr. on when I was pregnant, she okayed me to have a 2-shot latte every day LOL.

    It sounds like a lot of buzzing going on with me, but to be honest I only get a couple of sips of each iced latte I make - I'm a mom after all, so I make the drink, grab a sip and get sidetracked then come back and it's all watery so I dump it and make another! So it doesn't ALL go into my body!

    The machine actually saved us a lot of money considering that the average coffee drink at a shop is 4-5 bucks, do that even a couple of times a week and you see how fast that adds up, so averaged over the past 5 years of staying OUT of the coffee shop I'm coming out ahead!

    Melissa, the whole taste is different, creamier, more bittery-chocolatey, hard to describe but it's very different than coffee! I do love a cup of regular coffee too on occasion, but I just don't make it at the house anymore.

    Sue, I did have elevated BP a few years ago but instead of going on meds I decided to try to control it with walking on the treadmill a lot, use the Mediterranean diet often, and take a few supplements and glass of wine every night. I'm maintaining at about 119/69 without meds but I do check it with my machine at home every night so if I notice it getting bad again I will definitely cut out the caffeine LOL

  13. Oh man, you saved a bundle today what with fixing the machine (I so want one) and those great clothes. A productive day for you.

  14. How awesome that you fixed that machine yourself! You garden, raise kids, and fix electronics - are you super woman? :-)

  15. First time here, but you kept me entertained. I'm a follower!

  16. Hah! I hardly ever drink coffee, but now I have a serious hankerin'. Maybe I can find a Dunkin Doughnuts while I'm out later today...

    The transition from summer to fall and winter in the garden is tough. It isn't a surprise that so many of us gardeners need to step away for a little while to regroup!