right now

right now

Sep 7, 2010

What now???!

First Day of School Today!

Started off with breakfast courtesy of Ms. Gina's eggs at the kids' request!

Finn's first day of Kindergarten, Loch going into 2nd Grade

Dogs always go to see them off

My neighbor is always there in her robe LOL

Here's Finn in the bus window waving...

Sorry hubby had to miss it, but at least the pics are up 5 minutes after the fact so he can see them... modern communication is so awesome!

So for the first time in almost 8 years, I am alone this morning. Sad? Not a chance!


  1. Hahahaha! You and me both, Erin! 'Twas many long years ago that I found myself home alone for the first time but I, too, wasn't sad. And neither was my daughter who thought going to school was the greatest thing since sliced bread! I was a good mom (I think) but I sure did prize my "off duty" time!!!

  2. Looks like a great start to the first day, glad you are not sad. Enjoy your day!!

  3. WOOHOO! Enjoy it girlfriend! You deserve some quiet time.

  4. I WANT to enjoy it.... but.... the heating/cooling guy is STILL HERE doing the seasonal check on the systems, he needs to go away, I don't have much time left before 2:30 LOL

  5. YAY! First day of school! and What? you planned for the seasonal check TODAY? crazy!

  6. A woman unleashed! Look out East Coasters! Enjoy!

  7. Ah, to be able to go to the bathroom by yourself without rushing, having someone passing you notes under the door or sit on your lap or patting your leg offering advice. I'm envious.

  8. Oh this went WAY too fast - they're due back in 20 minutes! But I did manage to get to the library and have time to peruse the "big girl" books!
    I'm sure they will be little motormouths when they get back, can't wait to hear all about it! Haven't even set foot in the garden today, I was in shock, plus it's 90º out there and I don't do 90º anymore, it's September!

  9. HaHaHa... you got me! I was starting to feel sorry for you being all alone before reading last 2 sentences.
    Love that the dogs are there to see them off--too cute.

    Guess they're back home now and excitedly relaying their day.
    Hope it was a fun day for all.


  10. Hahahaha. I love the neighbor in the bathrobe. Hopefully she wasn't barefoot as well.

    I know I'll be really sad when Jonathan steps foot on the school bus for the first time.

    I hope you had so relaxing alone time yesterday.