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Sep 10, 2010

kinderGARDENS Week 22 - Butterflies!

Inadvertent Farmer

I'll be honest, we didn't do much this week at all in the garden. Last weekend involved cleaning up after Hurricane Earl and Tuesday was the 1st day of school here so we have been busy trying to get a productive schedule together that includes homework, music, swimming, dinner, playtime and reading time - whew! Still haven't quite figured it out yet!

I did give the camera to Loch last night and asked him to go take a picture of my broccoli seedlings in the garden. He got sidetracked however and I never got my broccoli picture but he did get this:
Black Swallowtail - this is the main variety we have here, and they are huge!

We are hoping to be in the garden all weekend, we are going to try and replant their rooftop container with lettuces now that it has cooled off and we'll see if they do a little better. We will be checking "the peanut box" this week also and hope to have a harvest to show for next week. I really hope there's peanuts in there because the kids have their hearts set on making peanut butter!

One more thing that you MUST do - gather your kids around the computer and hop over to friend Kelly's blog "How My Garden Grows" and watch her video - she caught a Monarch butterfly emerging from it's cocoon and it is amazing! We all try so hard to give them a habitat, see the cocoons, caterpillars, etc, but rarely is someone there when the big event happens, so thank you, Kelly! Plus, it's just darn cute listening to her kids in the background :)

Head over to The Inadvertent Farmer to see what the other kinderGARDENS participants were up to this week!


  1. Saw the video a yesterday and you are right, it's really neat, but like you I enjoyed the kids talking in the background more. Sure hope you get accomplished all you have planned for the weekend in the garden. You have a couple of great helpers there and I so hope they find peanuts too!

  2. Loch did pretty good on the butterfly photo! Must go to check out the video now. Happy KinderGardening.

  3. Thanks for the video link! What a super homeschool science activity for us!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, we had another one emerge today- but we of coarse missed it. :)

    You have a little photographer there, I am loving his butterfly. Best of luck settling into the new school routine!

  5. What a beautiful photo he got! Super link, Matthew loved watching the butterfly come out again and again.

  6. I had to crop/enlarge it, but it did turn out good! He said he had his pick, there were 5 butterflies on the flowers!

    Patty, that would be a great activity for the kids, and fun for you too!

    My kids know how to go to the link too, they keep watching it!