right now

right now

Sep 16, 2010

Too much running around...

I've been in a big of a blog-block lately. I don't seem to have much to write about, or time to do it! I think it's just temporary, since the past week here has been consumed with after school activities, party planning, doing things for the squadron's family support group, Dr. appts, and just random busyness everywhere I turn. I'm hoping things look up this weekend and I can start to play catch-up in the garden, where I WANT to be!

On Tuesday, after the city showed up early and removed the neighbor's trash, I decided that was a cue that my day was going to be great, so I went down to my favorite coffee shop at the oceanfront (that I can now get into since the tourists are gone) and started the day with an iced Black Widow (yum!) and headed back home to get to work.

I was able to finish weeding the whole fenceline that day without looking at their trash! Bonus the neighbor 2 yards over was using a portable sawmill and the breeze was carrying that awesome fresh cut lumber scent right over to where I was sitting on my little garden-scooter!

Neighbor cutting lumber

In the afternoon I got my entire lawn mowed and weed-whacked, and then proceeded to do the neighbor's as well. By then I had gotten a little dehydrated (it was 90 again!) and started getting a headache so I spent the rest of the afternoon guzzling water. I think I overdid it a bit and spent yesterday with sore muscles and feeling tired. Was still a good feeling to get some yard work done that I can actually "see results" from.

I was also able to pick a few apples from the colonnade trees, as some were starting to fall....

Crimson Spire - Colonnade Apple Tree

They don't look great, but next year I will be more vigilant with spraying. I consider myself lucky that I got any with the intense heat we had this summer. We don't even have apple orchards in our part of the state since they really don't grow here. These were planted in the ground this year, and I'm so glad I did since if I would have left them in their containers this summer they surely would have perished.

Today we had very good news - Loch's hearing is fine! We were told about 2 months ago that he had zero hearing in his right ear and that's had me worried since. This morning we finally had our scheduled audiology and ENT workup at the Children's Hospital in Norfolk where he aced every one of the hearing tests with 100% accuracy and his middle ear fluid and drum movement is looking good. It's possible that the diagnosis was incorrect at his regular practictioner or her equipment wasn't functioning right, but either way, we're good! He had his adenoids out at 1 and tonsils at age 4 so he's really comfortable with the hospital and did great even though they were long tests. We are very lucky to have CHKD right here where we live.

That's all I've got, and tomorrow will be unproductive due to a long quarterly update meeting for the Master Gardeners.... I really NEED uninterrupted time so I can get my garden chores done, hoping for this weekend!


  1. Ugh. What a whole lot of worry caused by that incorrect(?) first hearing test of Loch's! But so glad to hear all is truly A-OK with his hearing now.

    Even though you say you still have a lot to do in the yard/garden, it seems like you've got a good start on fall. I'm ending my week of R&R I gave myself but am still feeling a little lacking in the energy department. Could it be because I HAVEN'T been pushing myself in the garden and such? Arrrrgh. Can't seem to win. :o)

  2. So glad to hear the hearing test was aced, sorry about the un-needed worry before hand though.

    Nice apple harvest, we savored are 'one and only', it was so crisp and juicy!

  3. Sounds like you've already gotten a lot of yard work done. And there's still more?

    Glad that the hearing test went well. Cheers~

  4. Glad that Loch's hearing is fine!! That's wonderful news. Nice apple harvest. I put colonnade apple tree as one of my must gets for next year!

  5. Woohoo! Fantastic for the boy. I even love it that you're having time to get some R and R in with the iced coffee....what's in that BW coffee, BTW?

  6. That's good news about Loch!

    Ya know, sewing can be inspirational! But you could settle for the needles!

  7. Same thing happened to Alicyn. At 1-1/2, she wasn't talking. Her pediatrician did the hearing test and said she was hearing impaired, no drum movement in her ears. When checked by a specialist, there was no problem. Now, at nearly two, she is talking just a bit. She can repeat single words, like "I" "love" "you", then puts them together as "uh nah nah". Smart as a whip to the point of being OCD, but her speech has us stumped.

  8. @ everyone - you know, my "garden" chores are actually done, seedlings and seed are in - what's bothering me is the rest of the perennial garden aka gravel garden aka entertaining area, it's kind of a mess and I'm having a party next Sat, eeek!

    Ribbit, don't freak out and remember that I drink espresso from wake up until about 10 pm so I'm used to it but here it comes: a Black Widow is 6 shots of espresso plus Iced Kona Coffee over Coffee Ice Cubes.... I wouldn't recommend it unless you knew it wouldn't make you ill (I saw someone who wasn't used to this level of espresso vomit it once LOL)! It's a divine drink for those of us that have already surpassed the gateway drugs and don't use funny syrups :)

    Gran, certainly don't worry about Alicyn yet - Loch didn't say his first word even until he was 2 - now I can't shut him up, he is the gifted class and reads at a 6th grade level so the speech thing has proven to not be as worrisome as we had thought. He is super-social, very talkative and uses "adult words" - I'm thinking since he spent so long listening to us instead of talking LOL....

  9. p.s. Gran, my mother always told us "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all..." - is it possible Loch couldn't think of anything nice to say to us until he was 3? LOL

  10. So happy to hear about Loch's hearing! It must be such a relief. We are pretty certain that Jonathan is blind in one eye but we won't know to what extent exactly until he is old enough to tell us.

    It's not easy being a parent sometimes. You always want your child to have the perfect life.

  11. That is some wonderful news about Loch!

    Don't worry about bloggin' right now, take some time for yourself and enjoy the days. :)

  12. Great news on Loch's hearing.

    You sure have been working hard again. You were smart to wait to plant...the lettuce I planted from the co-op is bolting from this crazy weather. But my trusty seeds will save the day. It is always a gamble. I have found that the plants go real fast at the co-op and if I don't grab them early, they are gone in a flash. What's a girl to do.

  13. That is very good news about Loch's hearing!

    It sounds as though you have been pretty busy. Sometimes, getting back to the blog is easier than other times, but you have been remarkably steady through all the busy times. Thanks for sharing!