right now

right now

Sep 22, 2010


Lucky Fish Story:

Got home from kids' swimming this evening, rushing around getting them ready for bed, hear yelling outside: "lochandfinnsmom, lochandfinnsmom!" (it's always all one word)

I debated not answering the door since the neighborhood kids don't appear to have any type of bedtime and are wild all evening, but you know the one time I didn't respond there would be stranger danger or some very real threat out there -

Answer the door and they are yelling for me to rescue some fish...


(re-enter the drama of next door neighbor hoarder moving out...)

I follow the kids to the house next door and what do we see at the top of the steps of the vacant house?

yep, that's some swampy water, yep there's fish in them waters, and yep, it's in the 90's here again! I bet that 4-5 inches of water heated up like a canning pot today! So I went to get my net and bucket and found 3 goldfish and 1 baby goldfish, of course I'm afraid I missed one but I can't see at all in there and I hope I got them all. They've been in there OVER A WEEK! And what's unbelievable is that they were probably living in that inside as well!

Well, damn, I guess I'll set another 4 plates at the dinner table, come on over to the homestead and let's get you some fresh clothes...

I think they are in shock in the bucket being able to see each other!

Lugged them back to my house and put them in the deck barrel-pond with my other 2 goldfish. I am sure mine aren't too happy about this, they are at least 4 years old and have lived year round out there and are supposed to be in their golden years and now have to contend with the "hoarder fish".

6 fish in a barrel pond is too many, but what could I do? Guess I'll be cleaning the pond more often, I'm such a sucker for this stuff :)

but wait, there's more....!

Lucky Mom

After all the fish drama, I was getting the kids in bed and went to plug in my cell phone and it wasn't in the side pocket of my purse...

total freak out!

I have NEVER lost, misplaced or broken a cell phone, ever, and my heart just sank. I know exactly where I left it, I started talking to one of the moms at swimming at the Y and I remember my purse being sideways on the chair and I knew it must have slipped out, I couldn't call it since it was dead - I called the YMCA and the guy at the desk says "I have it right here next to me, someone turned it in right after you left." We rushed back there with the kids in their jammies and I made it in time to thank the person who turned it in too! I have the oldest iphone and have had it for about 4 or more years and couldn't possibly afford to replace it so I almost cried to hear it was there. Just when I think humanity pretty much sucks most of the time I am inspired yet again - and what a great lesson it was for my kids to see my reaction to someone doing the right thing.

Wishing everyone luck tonight!


  1. You know why you got your cell phone back, don't you? Because you took the time to rescue those poor deserted fish next door! You send out good vibrations and like comes right back to you. It's guaranteed!

  2. Mama Pea, that thought occurred to me too, I made sure I told the kids about that little insight! Seeing good things happen right away sticks in their minds more than the whole abstract "karma" idea :)

  3. It's Karma, baby! Just think if you would have let those fish fry....or parboil or simmer or whatever would have happened.

    I completely understand. Our phones dial. No phone, no messaging and I know I got them before the boy was born six years ago. I went for an upgrade once mine finally bit the dust this summer and got laughed at by the cell phone man. Seems like we'd had the phones so long even our plan was non existant anymore. He got a good chuckle and when I went back to ask a question about this new, (#W&$ phone, he told me he'd gotten quite a chuckle over it all and had told all of his customers about it.

    I told him I deserved compensation for defamation of character or something and he gave me a car charger, so I signed him over the rights to my "story." I could have held out for a screen protector or two, but I was feeling generous. ;)

  4. Actually, the first generation iphone does have texting, internet, Facebook, I use the apps on it all night while knitting & watching tv, it lights up when i have a new email, I don't have to walk to the computer! Thing is, it's so old that I too, have a cheapo unlimited voice&data plan that doesn't exist anymore - so if I had to get a new phone they would make me upgrade and it would be twice the cost! It's an oldie but a goodie!

  5. Yes, that is most certainly a "Pay it Forward" event. Seen the movie? It's really good. You lived it today, Erin

  6. I was going to say you were being paid back for your kind gesture, and that it was Karma, but that darned Mama Pea and Ribbit both beat me to it. So "ditto" what they said.

  7. Don't hate the playa, Granny. Hate the game. ;)

  8. Those goldfish are so lucky!! I can't believe they didn't cook in that water.

    Glad you got your phone back too. :)

  9. Grrr...lost my first comment. Glad you and the fish had a lucky day!

  10. Don't you love it when all the neighborhood kids know who yell for in a goldfish emergency? You are such a good-hearted person, Erin. Those poor fish. I think that some people should go on a "list". That list would keep them from ever being able to get another living thing. I'm with all the rest on the karma thing.

  11. Thanks for demonstrating the good and evil sides of humanity all in one posting. Hahaha. People can be so cruel when it comes to their pets. At least make an effort to find them a new home before you abandon them!

  12. Good save on both accounts!

    (working my way up your posts now...:)