right now

right now

Aug 24, 2010

Looking back, my problem started when...

In light of my jalapeno issues, and the fact that some have suggested an intervention for me, I decided to look back at last year and see if I do indeed have a problem.

You be the judge:

Get It Together, Girl! - Sep 2009

I still have the scar on my torso from this day!

Apparently at one point during early summer I was sane enough to post a jalapeno canning tutorial - in June! No wonder I sounded more sane than the September post. The tutorial was done with 2 lbs of peppers, the other post was done with a 13 lb harvest, and I was getting that much every week.

To my defense, I did cut the number of my plants down this year from 9 to 6 - obviously still too many!
Stockpots full? Really?
I can't believe I didn't remember this weekly event - I must have blocked it from memory due to PTSD - maybe I can alert the seed companies to refuse my jalapeno seed order next year.

I don't grow zucchini, so I guess this is my penance...


  1. Oh my!! That's a lot of peppers! What do you do with all those? wow!!

  2. I ordered jalapeno seeds the other day for the first time ever.
    I thought it was awesome seeing how crazy well yours did!

  3. Yup. Seems like you pay in peppers where I did in zucchini. I'm going to have to move my peppers to where they get more light. Yours are fantastic looking in comparison.

  4. I laughed out loud thinking of alerting the seed companies to refuse to send you jalapeno seeds! Either that or some of us will have to make a point of sneaking into your garden under the cover of night next season and absconding with any pepper plants you put in. This has got to be stopped before someone gets hurt. (More than you did last year!)

  5. That's pretty funny. I think we gardeners learn -- we just learn more slowly than other people. Outside today, I was thinking, "Yes, two sungold plants really is too many. I knew it last year. . ." But I planted two anyhow. Sheesh.

  6. You are preaching to the choir.


  7. LOL! I was going to cut back this year on hot peppers. I was originally planning three jalapenos, one cayenne and two each of the other 4 varieties I planted- a easy dozen plants. Then my husband intervened- the WRONG WAY!! We ended up planting 20 plants! We've now got more hot peppers than I can cope with!! Sadly, the sweet bells have been a total bust. I picked the one and only pepper the 5 plants had managed to produce. And it wasn't even very good.
    Maybe next year I'll get the peppers under control- I'll just have to not ask his opinion!! Then to work on the tomatoes......

  8. Girl, you are just too funny. Afraid I am in the same boat this year. Hubby got crazy with peppers and I do not know what I am going to do with them all. Your post gives me ideas. Started drying some too. Perhaps we need to begin a Peppers Anonymous group. Just say, "Hi, I'm Erin and I am a pepperholic..."

  9. It's an obsession disorder that we all must have! I keep a Garden Journal of to do's and not to do's for the next year...does it matter? Heck no! We still can't get it right! Well at least all your peppers keep things spiced up a bit!

  10. Yes, I really need to get a list together of lessons learned while it is still fresh in my mind. Funny how the pretty catalogs arrive in January and I seem to forget all the insanity of the previous year!

  11. Ok Erin, say it with me: "Three jalapeno pepper plants next year", "three jalapeno plants next year", Three jalapeno plants next year."

  12. First time here. I love your blog.
    at least the peppers make a pretty picture.

    My thanks and prayers go out to your husband and to you.

  13. I think I'd rather have the overload of zucchini!

  14. Those peppers look wonderful. I lost your blog address during "the change" I am happy to have found you again.

  15. I have a few silly questions (disclaimer: I've never canned anything before).
    When you can tomatoes, where do you store it and how long does it last in storage?
    If I tried canning, do I have to worry about botulinum toxin?

    The photos of your peppers have convinced me to try growing jalapenos in the very near future.

    Off to read the jalapeno canning tutorial.
    Thanks in advance.


  16. I'm going to need more pepper plants next year also. More peppers, but now I know 6 or 9 would be too many!

  17. Kelly, THREE - remember I agreed!

    Hi Cindy, thanks for visiting! Thank you for the kind thoughts, they are greatly appreciated.

    The author, yes at least you can make bread out of zucchini - oooh, maybe I should try jalapeno bread - it will be like my jalapeno cornbread only MORE SO LOL!

    Hi Karl! Thanks for returning, that has happened to me before.

    Hi Anna & Kimmi, thanks for stopping by! Anna, honestly if we were to stop and think too much about botulism and such, nothing would ever get preserved lol, I just follow the timing in a canning book, keep a clean work area, and remember that I grew up eating this stuff and never croaked LOL.... just get yourself a trusted easy basic book like the Ball Book of canning and start there - you can opt for a pressure canner which is more $ but will give you even further piece of mind. Kimmi, I have had others say that my pepper plants produce waaaay more than what gives in other areas of the country, so you never know until you try, good luck!