right now

right now

Aug 25, 2010

All strung out

The peppers, that is!

This is day 3 of a migraine for me, so I will keep the writing to a minimum tonight (can you believe it?) and substitute photos for my running commentary on life in general! You're welcome :)

Been blanching lots of beans again, one of my favorite freezer-fillers!

Muddled through the pain yesterday to rip out tomatoes, the Fish Hot peppers and mini-bells. The rest will have to wait for another day. I love the empty spaces, oh - the possibilities!

I finally spotted some moonflower blossoms this evening... usually they just look like someone T.P.'d my garden in the morning, all scattered on the ground!


Still a few sunflowers in bloom

Remember my "shade corn"?

Now I have "sun corn"! I took the hint and it looks like the second crop is going to produce.

Look below - do you see it???

Here's a close-up!

Just sitting there bouncing on a sunflower and munching seeds

I really, really hope the headache goes away by morning since I feel as though I have wasted a perfectly gorgeous day today - it was 75ยบ, can you believe it? Tomorrow back to 90 but nice again for the weekend and I am so happy I can finally see "September" on the 7-day forecast! I've already tried caffeine, asprin, ibuprofen and all the standard stuff over the past couple of days so I'm going to hit the wine tonight - I know you aren't supposed to drink alcohol with a headache but I'm giving it a try anyways! It's one of those cyclical hormonal migraines some of you may be familiar with, oh the joys of being 40 :)


  1. Neck rolls, chiropractor, yoga, gunshot to the head?

    I'd try the first three if I were you! Hope you are feeling better, Erin!


  2. What!? No alcohol for a headache? Red wine always GIVES me a headache, so if I already have one, why not enjoy the wine!

    Nice bird!

  3. So sorry to hear about the migraine. My son and I sympathize with you completely! Migraines are something straight from the pit of hell. How awfully awful...We're wishing you well!

  4. 1st I adore your little birdie, and congrats on getting such a great picture of him.
    2nd wine always makes my migraines worse. My very last ditch effort that always works is a shot of whiskey and a dark room.
    You can try tying your headache. Just wrap a bandana around your head kind of tightly. I had a migraine once for 3 months straight. The dr thought that I had a brain tumor, but thankfully I didn't.

  5. Erin, I just love love LOVE your strings of peppers. What kind are those yellow (beige?) and brown ones on the second string? So sorry to hear about your migraine. As long as you know that the wine isn't going to make your migraine worse, I guess you might as well enjoy the wine, like Ribbit said. Although, the few times that I've had really bad headaches (I'm not sure that I would call them migraines, and those in the know tell me that I would KNOW if I was having one) all I wanted to do was crawl up and die, or at least hide under my blankets. Thanks for staying productive and sharing your lovely photos with us! You're definitely an inspiration!

  6. Oh you poor thing. If those sunflowers can't help, then it's just a dark room, I think.

    My hormonal swings only showed up when I turned 40, but not headaches, thank goodness. Oh well, 30+ years I had it pretty good.

  7. Not a head achy person, myself, but I can sit here and feel sorry for you if that will help. If I were with you, I'd give you a good facial massage. But I'm not, and I must get to bed because I have mistyped every other word here, and it's going to take like forever to correct them all. I think I'm getting a headache. Hugs and get better.

  8. So sorry about the headache! For me, the third day is usually the last, so I am hoping that you will be better in the morning. Not sure if it will work this way for you, but as I approached (then passed) my 50th birthday, the migraines became a lot less frequent. Something to look forward to?

    Thanks for the photo update!

  9. Such great pictures--love all the colorful peppers and sunflowers.
    Sorry about your migraines. I've been on meds for years to control them, yet I still manage a few break-throughs a couple times a year. Then, it's a dark room and lots of sleep for a few days. Hope you feel better soon!

  10. ApplePieGal, I wish those would work, and even though I have tried them sadly nothing helps. It's peri-menopausal stuff, hormones! I have been having them for 5 months now and it's like clockwork, so at least I can schedule events around them!

    Ribbit, I had half a glass of wine, and it started letting up! To be fair, I was at the end of my 3-day headache schedule anyways :)

    Patty & Kimmi, I feel for you! I never had anything but the occasional stress headache until this year, I can't imagine having suffered through them for so long.

    Thyme, I always wondered what they were like too - until I got one - it is true that "you'll know it" when you have one, since mine are hormonal, I'm hoping they disappear again after a few years of this!

    Stefaneener, it's just one big party after age 40 isn't it LOL

    Gran, ooooh facial massage! That's one of the few things that take my mind off it, rubbing my jaw seems to help, although anywhere else and I cringe!

    agwh, yes, the 3rd day is a charm! I woke up this morning feeling much better although it's 90 out today and now I'm upset I spent such a beautiful day yesterday hiding out.

    Sue, I have found that it eases up a bit in the dark. Sorry you suffer them, too.

    Today is a new day though, sun is shining, birds are chirping, and all that stuff :)

  11. Almost forgot, Thyme2Garden - the yellowish/brownish peppers are habaneros! I started them off in the dehydrator but soon figured out that I would probably melt my dehydrator keeping it on that long so I strung them up! I'm thinking I will mix them all together and grind them in the little food processor to make some type of pepper mix - but the biggest reason for hanging them is AVOIDANCE! It gives me a few more weeks before having to deal with them :)

  12. Oh, I can relate to the headache thing...I have at least 3-4 per week. Hope you get rid of it soon!

  13. I hope you are feeling better Erin!!

  14. It may soothe the migraine when you plunge the forearms into cold water for a while, when you feel it coming.

    Nice Blog btw, greetz from Vienna.

  15. anonymous, thanks for visiting! I will try that tip next time - I'll try anything!

  16. Sorry for the headache. I always get whenever I get to think of problems and some suggest to me that you just need to relaxed yourself and take away all the worries on your mind. It is a bit effective but whenever I have migraine I always tot hat then go to my garden to inhale fresh air. Looking at my garden is really refreshing and I think your garden also makes you feel the same. So why don’t you try to sit and relaxed or even sleep at your garden.

  17. Having a migraine is really a big problem especially when all of your plants are not in good condition. When ever I have migraine I always take a sleep and eat fresh fruits in my garden. That is really effective for me. By the way all of your sun flowers are really lovely. I have just planted sun flower and I hope that it will look like yours.