right now

right now

Aug 7, 2010

Caffeine Rush

I got so much accomplished today! My "BFF" is having a BBQ tonight and I had self-imposed a deadline of 2:00 to get my kitchen cleared of all to-do items as well as mow the lawn, I did it! My one-woman show would never have happened if my kids hadn't been so cooperative, I consider myself very lucky! I kind of felt like Ma Ingalls sending her kids out to play with badgers in the crick, but whatever, they were safe and within earshot. I usually never let them go outside without me (we have a sex offender that works across the street, lovely, huh?) but it was a lovely 83 degrees and they played Lincoln Logs on the deck in the backyard almost all day. Does that mean payback will come tomorrow LOL?

0600: First shot of espresso...made garlic pepper dill pickles! I used my crushed dried chipotles from last year so this batch will be screamin' hot

0715: Child wakes up (probably from the vinegar smell LOL) and is overly excited about our newest vegetable to make it's debut, Yard Long Beans! These were so fun to grow and look like they will be beautiful in stir fry, my favorite winter dish for all our frozen harvest. I think we will always grow these from here on out.

0800: Sliced every pepper that dared cross my path and froze. Check this one out, is it a pepper or an ultrasound picture LOL?

0830: An iced latte, made all the berries and grapes that were in the fridge into juice and froze

0855: Watch with amazement at this little weird creature that hitched a ride in on the oregano:

0900: Decided to actually remember to dry some herbs and peppers this year, harvested and hung oregano and a few fish hot peppers and watched the kids fold my laundry - yep, you read it right! I was in shock so I had another shot of espresso

0915: Decided to clear my fridge of those damn watermelons. Can't bring myself to throw them away so I froze chunks to put into smoothies later.

0945: Decided to try EG's idea and feed watermelon to the dog.

Update: I forgot about Sprocket and the watermelon until the kids yelled "she ate it ALL"! I ran in to see that she did indeed eat it ALL, even the rind... I'm sure we will have a mess on our hands later...

1000: Made potato salad to take to the BBQ tonight

1100: Found every random tomato I could to make sauce before they spoil on my counter, still not enough so I made stewed tomatoes, 1 pint for the freezer

1200: Trip to the garden to make sure nothing else was left that I could possibly clear out (except the jalapenos of course, they are ALWAYS there!)

-saw that my Climbing Malabar Spinach had bolted in the heat, pretty little flowers though

-Noted that the Orange Wellington tomatoes that fell over during the storm are indeed dead. Drooping more with every passing hour. This is very bothersome since there are a couple of dozen green full size tomatoes on there that I was planning on saucing. Pizza Boy will not be happy about this. My Romas are my last hope I think.

1245: Mowed the lawn. I cheated a bit. It is so thick and damp from all the rain we have been having I didn't bag it ( I should have because it is too much mulch!), I just put it on the highest setting and zoomed around it quickly, 90 minutes is quick in my yard! It's still thick, damp and yucky but now it's thick, damp, yucky and all one length!

1415: Enjoyed a popsicle in the sandbox with the kids, then inside for another iced latte.

1445: Added the bleu cheese into my potato salad

1500: I asked the kids to pick up their mess and they actually did it (I'm sure this is because they are eager to go to the BBQ too since my BFF's 2 boys are their BFFs too!

1600: Ran everyone through the showers, clean clothes, yay! Kids were nice enough to let me blog, I think they have figured out their Type A mom is way more pleasant to be around when I have a clear head and counters.

We're off to the BBQ, and some much needed adult conversation time! I can truly relax now that I won't be accosted by random vegetables when I walk back in the door tonight. Although I am sure to be attacked by BFF's vegetables, but that's okay since I don't have to take them home with me! As long as she doesn't stuff any of that godawful Kolhrabi in my car. She loves that stuff, blech LOL! I think it's not the right time of year for it, so I should be safe!

One might think I was on crack today, but from what I understand crackheads bounce off the walls without getting anything done!

Now, where's my adult beverage?!...


  1. That potato salad looks great! They will be happy to see you coming, no doubt! Hope you enjoyed your adult beverage.

    My dogs eat watermelon rind all the time, and it has never come back up; hoping you have the same experience.

  2. Is that cute thing maybe an inchworm?

    Have a well deserved good time at the BBQ!

  3. Erin, you are indeed one crazy, crazy woman! A wonderful, wacky, super-organized, energetic, hysterically funny, beautiful person.

    (I'm going to start ingesting more caffeine.)

  4. Yummy, yummy looking potato sallad! You are one crazy amazing woman! I hope you enjoy your adult conversation and have one awesome beverage! Maybe a long island ice tea to continue your caffiene rush? ;)

  5. I agree with Granny. That hitchhiker is an inchworm. There's lots of them on my parent's trees in NJ. They turn into tiny moths.

  6. I enjoyed the video of sprocket with the watermelon. :-)

  7. You've been busy indeed. Me, I was in and out of consciousness all day. Who knew it was possible to get sick in August...not me.

  8. What a great productive day! Can you get your kids to rub on mine to behave nicely while I'm out there tomorrow planting my broccoli and cabbage? I'd appreciate any vibes you can send my way. ;)

  9. Gran and meemsnyc, in inchworm! I thought about that but I have never seen one before so I didn't know, the way it moved reminded me of the cartoon inchworms I have seen LOL

    Kelly & E.G., I guess you are on to something! I got home last night, no Sprocket messes anywhere and she was bursting with puppy energy bouncing off the walls! Now I know where the extra watermelon can go!

    Mama Pea, caffeine works great for me, but I'm an espresso girl every day, I wouldn't recommend that quantity for those "early on in their addiction" LOL

    Patty, the potato salad was good, I didn't have any onion on hand so I sauteed a bunch of shallots I had from the garden and it was still good! It has red potatoes, bacon, bleu cheese (or sometimes feta or goat), onions, fresh thyme, sea salt, pepper and the dressing is balsamic, olive oil and a little wine with whatever spices I think it needs. It usually comes out a little different every time. Some people serve it warm but I like it chilled and marinating all day. My friend had some awesome fresh lemon-vodka slushie concoction in the freezer, that was yummy!

    Ribbit, I'm not sure where that good behavior came from, and I'm sure they will exact their revenge today!

    Thomas, sorry to hear you are sick, I hate that in the summer! Make sure Marc & Jonathan wait on you hand and foot, you are the Garden Provider, you know! Maybe even the first day you are not sick? You can moan and groan on a deck chair while you watch them battle bugs in the garden :) Hope you feel better soon!

  10. oh yeah, there's garlic in that dressing too! Maybe I'll do a post someday on the recipe!

  11. That picture of your son with the long beans is so cute! Whew, you're one busy woman - I hope you enjoyed the BBQ!

  12. I must admit I'm not a fan of watermelon either, in fact the only way I will eat any melon that has a "watermelon" flavor is when it is saturated with Strawberry or Watermelon wine. Just cut in half, pour liquid over, let soak, and repeat as desired. Finish off with a nice glass of same wine.

  13. chickens love watermelon too. Have tried to trick them and sneak in some squash and cucumbers one day but nope! They only want the sweet stuff. Haahaa. Smart birdies. Also just started some of the maximillian sunflowers from seed...hopefully they will bloom for next year, looking forward to your photos on their flowers and what you think of them :)

  14. I think I need your recipe for your pickles. They look delicious!!!

    What a very accomplished day. It is always nice to have the kids cooperate.

  15. LOL - It took me 3 sessions to get through this post because it WORE ME OUT just reading it! What a great day!

  16. Thyme2Garden, it was much needed fun!

    Valerie, now that kind of watermelon I could handle!

    BackBay, your girlz would love my yard then, all those unwanted melons LOL! I will be sure to post the Maximillian flowers, I'm looking forward to them since they bloom when it's cool outside!

    Frugal, I will post the link to the recipe I loosely go by!

    Melissa, sorry, consider it exercise LOL

  17. Oh, I don't know. I'm not really Type A but I'm super high energy. . . but I can't even do caffeine. It makes me so insane I can't sit still. Did you know that many women begin doing meth to do housework? Ha! Pikers.

    Those pickles look good.

  18. Stefaneener, I would be the worst addict ever, I hate losing control over my actions and such LOL!

  19. Wow, you really get a lot done! Everything looks great. I haven't offered any watermelon to our dogs, because the #2 son likes it so much, there's never any just sitting around.