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right now

Jul 20, 2010

It really is "must-see TV"!

Maybe some of you caught the broadcast Sunday evening of
Dateline: "America Now: Children of the Harvest".

If not, I highly recommend watching it. They follow the life of a migrant family over a year's time and focus on the migrant children workers in America's fields. Yes, it may be a bit of a downer at times, you will feel outrage, but also hope and and an interesting new view on some controversial topics. At one point during the show, you are watching the migrant family hand weeding a large field with hoes when one comments in broken English "no weeds for us here, no work, see? Roundup here" as he points to the unnatural looking beautiful weedless rows of sugar beets in a Minnesota field. At one point you see a crop duster flying overhead little children.

This is another must-see program, and in the same way that Food, Inc shook us, it's yet another perspective on the state of our agricultural industry.

You can link to Dateline NBC and watch the video here

(There was another Dateline: Children of the Harvest special that aired in 1998 that you can see here, there is a bit of a follow up in the above new show about what happened to those children now that they are adults. Haven't seen the first one yet but I intend to watch it this week!)