right now

right now

Jul 19, 2010

It must be genetic...

Here's my kids' plates after they ate dinner and left the table...

(they know nothing about my distaste of canteloupe)!
I had such high hopes...

I googled "why do i hate canteloupe"? this evening and this is what came up...

read this blog I found... funny stuff! I warn those who might be offended by some profanity in the author's post, but this is hilarious!

one of my favorite quotes:

"It’s like cantaloupe is the nerd of the fruits. It doesn’t look particularly good. It’s sort of got this 80s stucco look to it, and it comes in a few pastel colors. In fact, I think cantaloupes are stuck in the 80s. They need the What Not to Wear crew to get in on this sh*t and fix them up."



  1. Oh gosh, we love cantaloupe! Well, except for my son...Congratulations on the harvest!

  2. No cantaloupe? How about other melons?

  3. So sorry. I feel that way about honeydew, cushaw, etc. I do like cantaloupe, though. A few in our family loathe them, though. I wish I could grow them like that!

  4. EG, thanks! I know I am lucky to be able to live where I can grow melons, so I will keep on searching!

    Dani, I have high hopes for the Sugar Baby Bush watermelons that should be ripening any day now.

    Stefaneener, it's funny how people either love them or hate them!

  5. That's funny! My son won't eat it either. I hated all melons until I was grown up. I like cantaloupe but still really don't like the others. Maybe the 80's stucco and What to Wear to fix this sh*t will help me finaally fall asleep tonight!