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right now

May 3, 2010

kinderGARDENS Week 3: Seed Selection & Planting!

On this 3rd week of the kinderGARDENS Contest, my kids chose their seeds for the "Green Roof" project and planted them. We also constructed a trellis over the top of the fort for the plants to grab on to (mommy helped with this job!).

Here's what went on this past weekend:

Kids picked climbing plants from my stash. They chose 2 types of Nasturtium, Malabar Spinach, Snake Gourds, Pole Beans and 2 types of miniature pumpkins (I had to talk them out Jack o-Lantern's for obvious weight issues!), I think we may have to reinforce the trellising as the season goes on depending on how many pumpkins and gourds the vines are carrying, but I promised the kids they could grow what they wanted, grrrr!!

Getting ready to plant

They also planted a couple of my Amaranth seedlings on my suggestion that they might look cool spilling red flowers over the non-climbing side of the planter box. "Oh, cool! Like a waterfall of BLOOD" was the reply I got... some day I will get used to the way boys' minds work!

Watering the seeds - the lugging of a watering can up to the top of the fort wasn't taken into consideration at the planning stage, LOL!

We used some roll fencing for the plants to begin their ascent up the roof!

Now we wait... watch Week 4 for a germination update!

It has been fun checking out everyone else's blogs, I showed my oldest how to get to the sidebar to check out the other kids' projects, he loves it! My youngest asked if he could stay home from school and "watch the plants grow". Hmmm, is that like watching paint dry? I think he better go to school, LOL!

Our Previous Week kinderGarden Updates:

For a link to everyone participating and their updates, link here to visit The Inadvertent Gardener and page down to the participants' update buttons. Fun stuff! And thanks Kim, for profiling my blog there, it's nice to know that others can relate to me - as a blogger sometimes I feel like maybe I'm just off in space talking to myself, LOL!


  1. This is looking great - what a wonderful project!! And those boys are so silly - "Cool, Blood!" As you know, I will never understand how their little brains work either. Thank goodness for our husbands!

  2. I love it! I'm sure your little guys are great helpers around the garden.

    Will you eat the amaranth or just grow it for color? I have some seeds too but at this point, I've run out of gardening space.

  3. This is becoming such a cool project! Can hardly wait to see the next installment.

    Your boys are sure going to grow up knowing what gardening is all about. Makes me wish we had all had such a good start!

  4. I totally get the 'blood' comment from your boys. Mine would have said the same thing. Or at least thought it!

  5. Hehehehe. Laughing over the subtle comments to the boys on what to grow. It's hard being OCD and letting others do what they want. ;)

  6. I think it will definitely test my patience, Dani! It will be fun to see them care for their project when it is 100 degrees and humid out! Thomas, I am just going to go for the color with the Amaranth this year since I think I already bit off more than I can chew in the garden this year, but it will be nice to see it develop and then maybe I will research it this winter.

  7. ROFL...I love the blood comment. And no you may never get over what boys come up with, after 24 years mine still shock the crap out of me sometimes, lol!

    Your project just looks wonderful...tell your little guys that they are doing awesome! Kim

  8. Uh, do boys ever completely get over comments like that? My DH certainly never has, nor has my 30+ son!
    But the "Green Roof" looks great. Hope it works out as well as they imagined it!

  9. Love it! Talk about energy envy -- you go girl!