right now

right now

Mar 30, 2010

Video Tutorial from a 6 year old

Today was spent working, and working, and working! I used the rainy morning to repot some seedlings, although now I am officially out of space under lights in here and so they must start going outside this week! No "failure to launch" here, they need to get out! It's almost 8 pm and I still have a list a mile long of stuff I need to get done before Friday, but can't seem to get more than an hour's worth of work done at a time thanks to preschool driving, waiting for the school bus, back and forth to swimming lessons, etc! I think hubby is due back before the week is through, so it would be nice to have everything done so we can enjoy the weekend, but who am I kidding? Anyways, he needs to do some chores... I view his times out to sea as a vacation - no screaming kids, nobody but himself and some jets to worry about, LOL! I often think of how fun it would be for someone to have an intervention for me and send me off to a drug rehab place somewhere nice. Think about it - wouldn't it be great considering I'm NOT an addict? Just me to worry about, hang out in the lounge reading books all day, go to therapy and be entertained by other people's drama? Or even an inpatient at a psych facility while sane? As long as I have books and a window, it sounds lovely!

In reality, I know that I do get more done than the average Jane, but it just seems so overwhelming at times. Tomorrow I get to do my big grocery trip, which will eat away a few hours, but I guess I should just look at the bright side that my youngest will be in preschool so I can go shopping with no kids, I might not know how to act!

Photos from today:
Seedling Paw Prints... I told you they were staging a takeover! I found it amusing after I put the flats away the mud prints leftover from watering looked like animal tracks.

Tomatoes getting bigger

Finn getting creative since the cable got shut off!

Lochlann, who just turned the big "7", will read anything he can get his hands on. I have to take the books out of his room at night so he will go to bed. He still hides some from me! He can usually be found reading strange things ranging from how to tie knots to a book on menopause (no kidding, lol!) He is completely fascinated by all things having to do with nature, green building, or the human body. Here's what I walked into this evening, enjoy the tutorial!


  1. Duh, Mom! Cut worms are a PEST!

    Oh, and I'm gonna go see if our local garden center (ha, like we have one) carries 'BTC, Appendix A'. Sounds like it might be useful.

    (Thanks for the glimpse into your wonderful life!)

  2. What a smart little guy he is! An excellent reader for only 7 years old.

    Finn looks quite handsome in his costume. It's funny how creative kids can be when they don't have TV to distract them.

  3. What a fantastic reader! And so helpful, too. Now you can keep your eye on that mystery bug and have the boy fetch you the book and read it to you while you assess the situation!

  4. You have a budding scientist on your hands! I totally get the "vacation hospitalization" thing. Only in my fantasies, I'm in a coma. Just for a little bit. . .

  5. What precious little boys! I love Finn's costume and Lock is an excellent reader. I wish Caleb would hop on that train, but he's fighting reading tooth and nail right now. I'll just have to be patient.

    Funny that you mention a getaway. I'll be celebrating the first anniversary of my last birthday this fall and I told my husband that all I want is a few days in seclusion, away from the house (and yes, my family too - such a bad mommy!). Preferrably at a spa in the middle of nowhere. I might need a psychiatric evaluation more than I need a massage or two, but I think I'll enjoy the massages more!

  6. Kids that read are so great! All 3 of mine took after Momma and love to read. 3 out of 4 grandsons love to read, as well. The other has learning problems, or I'm sure he would, too.

    Love the costume! TV really does suck up your time and deaden your brain...oh, gotta go, it's time for my show...

  7. I keep threatening to send myself to a hotel for the night....so I can use the bathroom, eat a meal, and talk on the phone in peace.

    I have been in a psych ward (as staff) and the place scared me, I 'll be honest with you....freakiest stuff I have ever seen, and LOTS of violent elderly.... I would take my crazy house any day!

    "Appendix A", too cute....I have some great old A&P books I should send you for the little man. Those tomatoes are sizing up nicely.

  8. I love how the little one is trying to get the camera's (and Mom's, of course) attention.

    The costume and the reading are both great! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love it! Your son knows more about bad bugs than I do!

    Your tomatoes are looking mighty good Erin. I'm absolutely out of light space myself. These tomato plants sure take up a lot of room. Time to face the big bad outside world.