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right now

Mar 1, 2010


We had a birthday over the weekend - Lochlann turned "7"! And of course, with that came another one of my (in)famous cakes, lol! Yep, I am horrible at cake decorating and so I gave up after his 1st birthday and now anything that sprinkles stitck to qualifies as birthday cake in my house. Mom, you'll like this one: I even wiped the candles off to save for the next birthday!

A huge event transpired last Thursday afternoon: I KILLED CABLE TV!!! Some of you may remember me debating this last year, but I finally did it! I did it while the kids were at school and hubby was at work, so I figured I would get the blank stares when they all came home, but I was pleasantly surprised. Finnegan simply shrugged, walked into his room and got his video game out. When Loch got home an hour later he said "What happened to Sponge Bob?", and I told him that Sponge Bob was banned from TV because the government thought it was a horrible show. Whatever, it worked!

Finn not watching TV, although this is just as bad...

A video of my TV minus the cable box!

I was prepared to do battle with Cox Cable over the phone, but they were very pleasant. The fact that I increased my internet speed from them at the same time may have had something to do with it. I first started thinking seriously about this again 2 weeks ago when I checked out the prices and promos on satellite TV. I realized though, that I don't have to cancel cable and hook up satellite on the same day! So we are going to live this way for awhile and see how it goes. The past 5 days has been a breeze, though. The only thing I liked about the cable was the DVR, but so far I don't miss that, either. We have just been watching shows on HULU or on the network websites from the laptop. I've had Apple TV for a few years so maybe we will hack that so we can transmit HULU or similar right to the TV. In the meantime, we have about 17 channels, some are home shopping though. We do have all the major local networks in HD, along with several PBS channels from VA and NC, and there is still a PBS Kids channel for appropriate cartoons - all this comes just from an over-the-air HD antenna bought cheaply a few years ago. I found it amusing also that I found several websites and blogs that are devoted to cancelling cable and helping people "kick the addiction" LOL.

So that's one more check on the list of trying to live within our means and at the same time we are finding more time for hobbies and reading and not so concerned about the time on the clock that was always blinking at us, lol! Whatever will I do without Celebrity Rehab and The Bachelor? I'm KIDDING!

Back to the seedlings this afternoon, more to come on that tomorrow.


  1. Way to go! We did without cable for two years before moving. Now we have a computer hooked up to the TV and stream Netflix through it onto the TV. We can watch whatever videos are offered as "instant watch" (which most kids stuff is), with NO COMMERCIALS! Love it...

  2. Awesome job Erin! I like how we're all thinking more of living within our means. It's a good thing. :)

  3. Congratulations, Lochlann!

    Also, congratulations, Erin, for getting rid of cable! I have never had cable and gave up on TV altogether in 2001... I can't imagine doing all the volunteering and hobbies I do while also owning and watching a TV...!

    I do/did watch Battlestar Galactica and Heroes on the network sites, however, but that was mostly during periods that I needed a mental break (winter vacation, etc.).

    I wish you strength during your TV adjustment period!

    Also... It saves money for more plants. :D

  4. I

    You are my hero.

  5. Marc and I lived without cable for over 3 months last summer and I hardly noticed it. Somehow...it worked it's way into our home last fall...I blame football.

  6. I was so happy without tv. My sister watches the Bachelor on Hulu, I think. . .

  7. I forgot birthday wishes to Loch yesterday. :(

    Happy 7th buddy!

  8. Thanks for all the encouragement! I can't promise we'll stay this way, but I am hoping we'll get used to it. So far, so good, and from what I hear it only gets easier!

  9. Oh, good for you! I have been threatening to do that for months now. But we don't have a HD antenna so we would be with zero channels. I am a Tivo addict so that would be hard to give up...no TV = no Tivo.

  10. Erin, good for you! We are about to deep six our satellite tv... way too much money for a bunch of crap. When the grandchildren come, if we have to watch something, then we have videos. What happened to reading, games and family conversation and play. We never had a tv while growing up.

    Our Dakota Rose seed potatoes peeked through the potting soil the other day... now that is worth reporting and you won't see that on tv. lol