right now

right now

Feb 15, 2010

A quick update...

I haven't posted in 5 days and it's due to this!

(removing old tub)
and this!

Yes, it's that bad! New subfloor needed, but my shower arrived today, those are pieces of it in the back.

Unfortunately, it's already 8 pm and I still have to sketch out my cabinet layout since I am leaving at 6 am for IKEA in D.C. to get all my cabinets and faucet, lights, etc. I get to go by myself so I will actually get accomplished what I set out to do without whiny kids! I have been waiting for the weather to hold out, but can't wait any longer, hubby will have the floor and toilet installed tomorrow and will be ready for the cabinets. We have rain here, but I hear they will get snow there, but hopefully the roads will be ok. I-95 should be fine and I drive a Subaru, but what worries me are all the Florida plates up and down the interstate, lol! Kind of like Seattle people fear the AZ plates in the rain :)!

I have had a request from Mama Pea of A Homegrown Journal for an update on my "learning to knit" progress. Remember, you asked for it (cringe!)

What is it? It's a "needle case"!!

With my type A/OCD personality, I figured I simply could not learn to knit without proper organization. My husband thinks I'm crazy...

And speaking of crazy, how cool is it that my husband is learning to crochet?! It's not that foreign to him since he is a whiz with nautical knotwork, making hammocks, etc, so he is progressing quicker than I.

Pillow hubby crocheted

Dogs taking ownership of pillow. Marley likes it when he is out to sea, I think it's like her "woobie", smells like her daddy's hands! Dumb little Sprocket doesn't care about anything other than Marley being next to her, she's her "mommy".

Story about husband's fascination with knotwork: During our "honeymoon", we stayed at a cabin near a lake in Western Virginia. There was a communal dock everyone at the resort could tie up at. One evening, we walked down to the dock to check on our kayak and watch the sun set, and he bent down next to each cleat on that dock and tidied up and properly "flemished" everyones guy lines and coiled them neatly on the dock. I wish now I would have taken a picture of it, and better yet, seen the other peoples' faces the next morning when they went down to the dock!

I still need to go take car seats out of my car and make room for IKEA stuff, but just wanted to let you all know... I'm still here, and reading your blogs is my only sanity every morning as I step over tools, flooring, plywood, and all that has invaded my home over the last week!


  1. Your knitted needle holder/organizer is so cool. Leave it to you to make something lined and complicated!

    Ummm, what are you doing for a toilet these days?

  2. Hey, you're doing great on your knitting! That needle case almost makes me want to take it up myself. OK, maybe not, but it sure looks nice.

    I wish I could update my bathrooms to look like yours, pre-remodel! Mine are harvest gold, for heaven's sake! Anything white would be modern enough for me.

    Drive safely, and watch out for those Florida snow birds.

  3. LOL, my kids share the master bedroom, and there is a bathroom in there that we can use! We remodeled that one last year, maybe I will post a pic of it in the next few days, the new one will probably look similar to it.

  4. God God, that's more than just knitted, that's fantastic! You did the lining and everything.

    That and it looks like you're getting a big girl bathroom without a tub!! Really!!!

    My father's redoing their bathroom (cica 1975) and we had first dibs on the old you-can-flush-small-children-down-me toilet for when we finish the basement.

    Have a safe trip!

  5. Ribbit, if you could see my knitting up close, you would chuckle, it is full of holes (they kind that are not supposed to be there!). Big Girl Shower, Yes!!

  6. Glad to hear everything is going well there. Your knitting looks fantastic! The only knitting project I every completed (I've started several) was a scarf in 9th grade. I'm still wearing it! But looking at your success, I am inspired to try knitting again. Or maybe I should just try to finish one of my many unfinished projects ... I wish I had a bit of OCD in me, instead of just the opposite!

  7. Jo, I think what has saved my sanity is that I have only knitted pretty easy things, rectangles! Even the scarf I did a few weeks ago, I stopped when it got long enough to go around my neck, put a button on it (a FAKE button with a snap behind it LOL)and called it a "neck gaiter". I am many moons away from trying anything so crazy as a sweater or egads...SOCKS! I have a new respect for sock knitters. But even though it is slow going, it is relaxing and shopping for yarn and learning about the different fibers and animals is much more fun for me than the actual knitting process!

  8. I'm glad your bathroom is coming along...! Funny note: I went to high school in Greenbelt, and I was in a clarinet choir with some other people. We were hired to play for an hour or so at the Ikea when it opened. They paid well, but I had graduated and moved before the cheque cashed and we divied it up.


    Also--wicked awesome! I wish my tension was like your hubby's. I always crochet too tightly. It's a problem. I agree with Mama Pea--your case is very cool!

  9. Holy cow, that needle case is awesome! Big holes or not.
    Be safe driving to Ikea. Can't wait to see the bathroom when it's all done. You have such cool taste, so I'm sure it's gonna look great.

  10. Holy heck! It looks like you are deep inside the remodeling trenches at the moment. I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

    Those knitting projects look great! The yarn work looks nice and even.

  11. I really like your knitting organizer, it's gorgeous!

    Have a safe trip, I hope everything is in stock for you you crazy woman!! ;)

  12. Lol, I must laugh because I can count all the times I take a shower in a year on one hand. I am a bath girl through and through. To all the sales people/contractors that said I wouldn't use my big old air jet bathtub, BITE ME! I say who needs a shower when you can take a bath? (Hee-hee)

  13. Have you checked out the Knit Picks' interchangeable needle sets? Oh, dearie me. . . you will fall in love. And have you signed up for Ravelry yet? The crochet looks lovely too.

    The bathroom is like a dream come true for me. . . some day! I bet our floor is like a sponge.

    Nowhere to go with knitting but down the rabbit hole. There's always more to learn, which makes me very happy, even while it feels a tad frustrating. Enjoy!

  14. That Needle Case is so pretty! Nice yarn color!

  15. Stefaneener, I have seen the Knit Picks needles, but haven't checked them out thoroughly. I am on Ravelry, just as of last week. I am "modhousewife"! Yes, our subfloor was baaaaad! Donna, thanks! and thanks for stopping by!