right now

right now

Jan 12, 2010

Happenings in Planet Random

Some random photos of what's been going on around the homestead while I have been busy doing my seed order and now getting files cleaned out for tax-time. I admit I have been neglecting some things around here such as laundry, learning to knit, blogging, but I have gotten a few projects started around here (cleaning closets, planning the garden) and have been making lists of "to do" items that need "doing" before spring! It's a little too early to start my seeds, but no doubt that will provide some good garden-related posts soon enough. Until then, my ramblings about miscellaneous stuff will have to suffice!

Brandywine Tomato in the kids' room has blossoms and we are actively pollinating!

My ficus bonsai had scale so that was lots of fun getting rid of that. Maybe it came from outside since that is my only houseplant that summers on the deck. I used an organic oil spray twice over the course of ten days and it seems to have done the trick.

Remember these? Loch got this for Christmas and he is having a hard time getting it away from me. I forgot how much I liked these when I was little. Potholders, anyone?! Now I will have to find one of those latchhook rug kits, I remember doing those too... maybe it will get my confidence up for knitting!

Sprocket is very happy with the new blankie Sailor/Husband crocheted for her, he has since made a hat and is now working on learning to knit a scarf. I still know nothing!

Pond is frozen. The goldfish are still alive, dormant at the bottom. Nature is amazing, this will be their 3rd hot summer and cold winter in the unheated whiskey barrel!

How did I go so long without this tool???!!!! Stirrup hoe for Christmas, and it was warm enough to use it! I weeded a whole backyard length of border beds that were choked with weeds and grass in just a couple of hours. I am sure my husband loved telling people he got " a hoe" for Christmas. No, his wife isn't that generous :)

Sad time... my husband and I built this kid kitchen together about 5 years ago and the kids loved it, but they are getting older and it is taking up a lot of space, so I sold it on Craigslist, sad but it went to a little 2 year old girl for Christmas, so I know it will be appreciated.

Cooking these days is involving a whole lot of comforting, hot foods! This is Wild Boar with Stewed Heirloom Tomatoes, spinach and herbs & penne from the freezer w/Homebrewed Ale - the garden is still giving!

Couldn't resist adding this photo of my niece, can you tell she's a Minnesota baby?!

I realize that this post is a rambling collection of completely unrelated thoughts and photos. Don't you feel sorry for my family? They have to live with this...


  1. I've always wondered what happens to pond fish during the winter. They can't be up to much down there at the bottom of the barrel. Are the tubes in for a special reason?

  2. I'm with ya girl... the stirrup hoe is a miracle from God! ;)

  3. Thomas, the "tubes" are bamboo poles :) purely decorative backdrop for the lilies in summer!

  4. 1 - Tomato blossoms in January? You have succeeded in making all of us here in MN sick. They would freeze IN our houses.

    2 - From now on I am sending all my sick house plants to you for rehabilitation.

    3 - Ooooh, I remember my pot holder loom! I made and inflicted pot holders on EVERYONE for months.

    4 - Sprocket's new crocheted blankie looks a lot like Sprocket's new KNITTED blankie, no?

    5 - Girl, you must raise some tough goldfish!

    6 - A "hoe" for Christmas! Ho, ho, ho. And you did, did, did. (Great tool!)

    7 - Regarding the UNBELIEVABLE kid kitchen you and hubby built, when we get around to remodeling our kitchen this summer, would you please come do it for us?

    8 - That meal you pictured would go for about $45 dollars a plate at a nice restaurant.

    9 - I was dressed just like that Minnesota baby when I went out this morning. 'Cept she's much cuter!

    Very enjoyable post.

  5. Jamie, I know huh? LOVE that HO :) thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. MamaPea, not so fast, my experience with houseplants is limited at best, lol! To me it was the most boring part of MG classes! I think I would be more into them if I had more than 900 sq ft! It's hard to bring plants into the mix with the 4 of us, 2 dogs, and only 1 southern facing window! Yes, I have a feeling it will be garish potholders for Christmas gifts next year. Sprocket's everything looks the same, I can't wait until my hubby runs out of that horrid cheap yarn! He made a hat now and insists on wearing that ugly thing everywhere - he says I'm jealous LOL

  7. I think we need to see a picture of your hubby wearing that hat he made for himself. How 'bout it??

  8. That kitchen is awesome!! I am very impressed, I can see why it was hard to part with.

    I can't wait to see your first tomato. And, I am glad you couldn't see the face I made when I read 'Wild Boar'. What am I, 5?

  9. I wanna a hoe like that! ;)

    Elizabeth's kitchen is gonna be up for grabs soon too. Kinda makes me sad in that mommy way...

  10. Oh, Kelly... you need to brush up on your meats! this one is an environmental bonus as it helps preserve the environment and helps small farmers by harvesting it. Feral pig (it is sometimes called) tastes superior to the domestic pig and is far healthier! Reading for a rainy day!

  11. Love it!!! And to think, the hoe comes with stirrups....very entertaining.