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Oct 20, 2009

Twilight, Anyone?

Wow, I am really bad about blogging lately! You all have been on my mind, and I have been reading your blogs religiously, but I am ashamed to admit... I have been consumed with reading the 'Twilight' Saga! (you can let out a big collective groan now!) Up until 2 weeks ago, I was one of the people that made fun of adults reading teen literature! I was discussing with my neighbor and friend how much I miss getting lost in a good book and the subject of the 'Twilight Series' came up and the fact that she just finished them. Well, she's my age so I made fun of her but at the same time told her that I just couldn't find time lately to get to the library and stock up on some good fall reading. She then told me that I should give the saga a try, to which I responded that I didn't think I would like them, and I really prefer long reads that will take me more than an hour. "Hang on" she replied, and ran into her house and came back with a beautiful set of 4 thick hardcovers! Needless to say, I didn't realize teen literature had expanded to include more than a hundred pages, lol, and eagerly dove in! I have been reading since then whenever I get more than 5 minutes of a chance, and am now into the 4th and last book. I must admit, vampires are pretty cool guilty pleasure reads, and a little more gripping than my Master Gardener manual, although that's pretty gripping stuff too sometimes! So go ahead, let the comments roll on that one!

My Celosia is looking quite "Vampire-ish" and I hope it lasts until my party Saturday evening!

Other than reading and shuttling kids around, I have been busy doing general cleanup and the occasional bean picking. The bell peppers are now finished, and the beans are on their 3rd "pick" and looking good. We had our 1st light frost last night, it got down to 39 degrees, but up to 70 for the high and supposed to be 80 tomorrow! I am just so glad to see the sun after the last 5 days of gray, cold and rain. I know many of you were dealing with the same nor'easters that moved through my area so I won't complain too much.

I planted some garlic last week that was from last year's box of sets and it sprouted yesterday! I was pretty worried since they have been sitting in a cardboard box for the past year on my desk, but they popped their heads up during the cold rainy spell. They were the only residents of my garden that appreciated the dreary weather.

This is the last of the Bell Peppers, 3.5 lbs

Today's harvest of pole beans, 3.15 lbs was added to last week's pick of 2.14 lbs.

This should say something about my children's eating habits - I have a family of 4 yet these are my "serving size" bags! Pretty much just my husband & I and a few extras just in case the kids decide to surprise me one day. I have exhausted every possible means of bribing them, taking things away, point systems with rewards, even force feeding at one particularly awful "bad Mommy" moment! Any other ideas?

How very cool is THIS GUY?!! This photo was from my Master Gardener class last week on Entomology. Yes, he is as big as he looks compared to the other insects! Not a very focused picture though, took it with the iphone. I need to start bringing a real camera to school I think!

I never imagined I would have a second flush of toddlers in the Black Swallowtail Daycare! I was looking at my fennel the other day and there were at least 20 on there ranging in age from the 1st instar stage all the way to full-on caterpillar action! I have recently found a bunch more on the dill in my raised bed garden, but since that is the last of their food reserves out there I am leaving them to it, there is gobs of dill so they should leave all my other stuff alone.

The next few days will be spent doing fun stuff in anticipation of our Harvest Party Saturday. You know, the usual... flinging blood on tablecloths, stabbing scarecrows with knives, calculating how much booze needs to go into the bloody punch bowl... good times! I hope to get some pics when when we do our "trial run" Friday night, just in case The Ghostess with the Mostess has a little too much punch and forgets to take pics during the party, lol!


  1. Haha! Now its time for Harry Potter, I swear its a good read :) I had the same opinion of "teen" reading but loved Harry Potter and really enjoyed the Twilight series. Have fun at your harvest party, wish we could be there!!

  2. Great pictures, and your post was well worth the wait, i make soups and puree them with a hand blender for my picky eater, it is hard to put so much into a garden and have it discarded so casually by the ones we grew it for, i hear ya sista, glad to see you got into your class you are certainly a hardworking woman, peace

  3. I am certainly no prissy girl, but I would just DIE a thousand deaths if I came across that huge bug in my garden. Gross gross gross.

  4. Lauren, NOOOOO! I will have to draw the line at Harry Potter, lol! Ruralrose, I may try that again. At one point I snuck in pureed carrots into muffins and a few things like that, but I so wish they would eat their beautiful veggies "as is" - plus I wouldn't have to dirty up my blender, lol! Sue, all the bugs we saw were local to our area. I have only seen the one pictured once, and he was on my front patio. They are stunningly pretty and HUGE! I don't think I would want to be surprised by him while weeding, but I was fascinated by his size watching him mill around the concrete patio and eventually shuffled him into a bush so my dogs wouldn't think he was a new chew toy!

  5. The kids here at school, and several of the teachers, are engrossed in that storyline as well. Hey, whatever gets them reading, right?

  6. I'll have to check and see if the library has the twilight books in when we go later today. I'm always up for a good read. :)

    Can't wait to see all the awesome pics from the harvest party. Sounds like it's gonna be a blast!

  7. The Harry Potter books are actually better than the Twilight books - the writing is much better. The hallmark of good children's/young adult literature is that it's just as enjoyable for adults. If you dislike fantasy that's one thing, but don't cross off Harry Potter just because it's categorized as "children's literature."

  8. Good to have you back in the blogging mode again! Missed you.

    My daughter has zoomed through the Twilight series and liked it but I have no desire to do so. I avoid anything SciFi or "unreal." But, as they say, each to his own.

    I, too, am looking forward to your party pictures.

  9. I am just not into the fantasy bit, but I have never heard a complainte over the Twilight series.

    I hope you have great party, too funny the daycare is back!

  10. Hi, Erin -

    Mama Pea's daughter here.

    Ah, yes, the 'Twilight' series. The SAME thing happened with me. A girlfriend recommended them. I said, "No, no, I'm not into science fiction." She said that it wasn't like that. "C'mon, you HAVE to read them!" And she pushed the first one into my hand.

    She called me that night. "So??? How far are you???" I admitted that I'd taken the book more to appease her than anything. Did I really have any intention of opening it? It was a TEENY BOPPER's story, for heaven's sake!

    Yeah, well, long story short, I made the fatal error of opening the book and starting to read. Now, all four books have been RIPPED through, and I am a married 38-year old woman in love with Edward Cullen. How embarrassing.

    But, you know what's REALLY embarrassing? When you go buy the DVD at Target. As a 38-year old married woman who is now in love with Robert Pattinson and wonders why all men can't be like him*. I actually TOLD the check-out clerk, "My niece is just CRAZY about this phenomenon, but I dunno!!!" (Umm, yeah, I don't even have a niece.)

    * Oh, riiiiight, he's playing a ROLE! He's not REAL!

    So, yes, I get it.

    But I'll never admit it. ;)

    P.S. Those purplish bell peppers are GORGEOUS!
    P.P.S. My word verification is 'Nesse' . . . how coincidental is THAT?! (Only Twilighters will get this reference.)

  11. Dani, I would skip the library and head straight for the mom of a teen! They won't admit it unless you ask, but they are sure to have the books! Still not sure I would like Harry Potter though, I have a real dislike to anything "magical", although vampires are okay...weird... but maybe someday. Chicken Mama, hello and thanks for visiting! It appears that we are the same age, so we are in good "Twilight" company. I do have kids but I can't blame the books on them since they are boys age 6 & 4, lol! I am in luck with the DVD since my friend has already offered me her copy, although I don't want to watch it until I am all done with the last book. The movies always seem to disappoint the way I already had things "pictured"! Of course with the new movie coming out at Thanksgiving, I may just hitch onto the back of a gaggle of girls and pretend I'm a chaperone "forced" to go with them :)

  12. Oh my. Harry Potter is Shakespeare next to the Twilight series. Urgh.

    Have you read any Terry Pratchett? His young reader's Tiffany Aching series (The Wee Free Men, Hat Full of Sky, Wintersmith) are terrific truly, truly. Give them a shot!

    I hear you with the shuttling and business. Eaters? I don't know -- we try the "bites of your age" rule, and also tell them that you don't have to LOVE something to actually eat it -- it's just food and you don't want to grow into an adult who can't try new things. We also limit after-dinner eating to boiled eggs and carrots. That way, if they're hungry, they can eat, but they can't choose to skip the meal and have something more friendly.

    Anyhow, good luck.

  13. That celosia is gorgeous, I hope the party is as fun as it looks to be, and I don't have time to read a book right now ;-) I'm just rejoicing in the fact I have WIFI reception...at least for this moment!

  14. Make sure you read Midnight Sun too! It's only a draft, but absolutely fantastic. It's Edward's story from the Twilight book. You can download it from www.stepheniemeyer.com
    I love the Twilight books, but I have to agree that Harry Potter is in a class above and beyond.

  15. Just checkin' in on yah. Hope everything is ok. :)